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Oral Steroid Cycles For Cutting, Mass and Bulking

Oral Steroid Cycles for Cutting, Mass and Bulking

Looking for good oral steroids on the market? For over 50 years, Anabolic steroids have established a reputation with helping athletes seek the height of their physique and performance. It was initially popularized Olympic athletes from Russia.

Today, these steroids have earned a few negative reports due to misunderstanding, making it illegal in the United States to take without a prescription from a medical practitioner. However, they are still effectively and widely used by athletes throughout the world.

Several famous celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hulk Hogan, and Sylvester Stalone have revealed that they have successfully built their image through the use of steroids.

Most Effective Oral Steroid Cycle:

One of the major results of Anabolic steroids is to form lean muscle and aid the athletes to stretch out the effects of their training past the point of exercise and diet. These type of steroids are synthetic and are produced in a laboratory. They are structured after naturally produced male hormones such as testosterone.

Several Pharmaceutical companies began manufacturing Anabolic steroids in the 1960s. Now, steroids have become more and more popular and were made legal, proving to be amazingly effective in treating muscle weakening associated with arthritis, cancer, AIDS and other debilitating conditions.

Since it was first introduced, numerous athletes have been paying quite a bit of attention to the extraordinary effects of steroids. Come 1954, Olympians and weightlifters were administering these drugs. Shortly after, the variance of opinion started pursuing these compounds, especially as German manufacturers began selling a Dianabol, which is a type of oral anabolic steroid.

Anabolic steroids can be purchased online at:

  • Oral medications consumable in the form or liquid or pill;
  • Transdermal steroids that either comes in a patch form or is applied directly to the skin;
  • Injectable steroids which are administered through the use of a needle and syringe.

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Each one of these steroids has unique benefits, although all of them give the effect straight into your muscles.

The simplest way to begin is by orally taking the drug. Perhaps the most suitable oral steroid for beginners is those containing several mild compounds such as testosterone. This medication is produced naturally in the human body and is tolerated by both women and men. Testosterone is considered the most suitable oral steroid for building strength.

Most Suitable Anabolic Steroids Cycle:

Anabolic Steroids CyclePowerful Anabolic steroids are highly effective. In order to add safety in the equation, athletes would take them in on or off cycles which enables the body to begin producing hormones naturally and also to recover. Anabolic steroids either slows down or stops the natural production cycle of testosterone. Therefore, you must always build on a testosterone-based cycle. Truth is, the most suitable oral steroid best for cutting is said to be testosterone.

Maximizing your cycle could include Anavar, Dianabol or Winstrol, which are some of the most common, recommended compounds for athletes. Whether you are male or female, you should keep your on cycles short, as these compounds can cause liver damage. Side effects can occur with all medications, from aspirin to steroids.

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Most Suitable Oral Steroid For Beginners

Most Suitable Oral Steroid For Beginners

A cycle for beginners would need to incorporate the mixture of two or more steroids utilized over a shorter period of time. Be aware of possible side effects that may occur. It is crucial that you make time to seek knowledge and understand both the benefits and risks so as to produce your desired effects while avoiding putting yourself in danger.

Testosterone is also considered the most suitable oral steroid in achieving lean body mass. Testosterone also helps produce muscle and strength rapidly. The oral steroid best for bulking, especially for the beginners, is none other than Dianabol. However, you must always be cautious in using Dianabol just as with any other steroid. Long-term may result in liver damage.

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The Most Suitable Oral Steroid For Size:

The Most Suitable Oral Steroid For Size

Perhaps the most suitable oral steroid on building up size is Winstrol. It builds the muscle steadily over time. One thing that makes Winstrol a favorite among athletes is that it does not affect water retention. Furthermore, Winstrol is considered as the steroid that’s best for bulking, and building hard, lean muscles.

Meanwhile, Anadrol is often used by athletes and is considered the most suitable oral steroids for building size. Stacking the anabolic steroids as mentioned above with other steroids or supplements is recommended to further enhance the result of the cycle.

Normally, athletes run these anabolic steroids for a 12-week long cycle, slowly stacking up to a certain peak, then they would cycle back lowering the dosage. A usual eight-week long cutting cycle may include:

A very Advanced Cycle – not Recommended for Beginners, could Include:

  • Week 16 – OFF
  • Weeks 17-25, PCT
  • Aromasin, 25 mg, weeks 1-12

The examples mentioned above may not always be appropriate as the type and dosage of anabolic steroid rely greatly on your genetic makeup as well as body type and its unique reaction to these compounds. Your response relies on your physical state, so it best to take time in the beginning and carefully monitor your body’s reaction to these drugs.

Oral Steroid Used For Post-Cycle Therapy:


As you successfully complete your very first cycle of anabolic steroid, it is important to allow yourself, especially your body to take the time to restart its hormone production cycle naturally. Post-cycle therapy (PCT) is as equally important as cutting the proper compound and mixing it with exercise and diet to produce your desired physique.

With PCT, you run compounds essential for your body to jump-start a natural production of testosterone. 25 mg Clomid is an example of an oral steroid that can help you jump-start this process.

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Most Suitable Oral Steroid:

Most Suitable Oral Steroid

Hundreds of existing oral anabolic steroids are available in the market today. These steroids, when properly used, are very effective powerful, with little side effects that are very manageable. For beginners, it is crucial to make sure you do your research and go slow with your beginning cycle so you can get used to these potent compounds and discover the best mixture of supplements, exercise, and diet to produce the effects you want to see.

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