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Anabolic Steroids

What Happens to Your Body if You Overdose Anabolic Steroids?




Can You Overdose Anabolic Steroids?

        Talking about the steroids, there are two main kinds: anabolic and corticosteroids. Some doctors prescribe the latter for many reasons like an allergic reaction, asthma, and swelling. They are useful if used rightly.

          Anabolic steroids have less medical uses. They are usually prescribed only for issues such as delayed puberty. The most question about both steroids is, can you take an overdose?

What Happens If You Overdose?

         A simple answer to this is yes – you can take an overdose of both steroids. But, an overdose may seem different depending on if you are using corticosteroids or anabolic. The overdose of anabolic steroids isn’t what you usually think of overdosing a drug.

         A large amount of bodybuilders uses a large dose for enhancing their performance. However, a lot of athletes say it with surety that an unusual gigantic dose of anabolic steroids (like 1000 to 2000 mg per week) isn't linked with a boosted effectiveness.

They admit the same result can be attained with adequate dosage though you may get a sizeable muscular volume than the volume which can be achieved with an accepted healthy amount. But, such an overdose can’t commensurate with fluid and fats of your body.

    Here is a lamentable verdict: experiencing more money wasting and side effects with overdose. Presently, the prices of steroids are way too high to afford an overdose. Moreover, there are a lot of problems which are associated with an overdose of anabolic steroids. Let’s dig into these problems.

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Anabolic Steroid Overdose

         While searching for the answer to your question, “Can you overdose anabolic steroids”? You probably get exhausted and won’t be able to find research directing towards incapability of overdose. Speaking strictly, this isn’t a fact. It is possible 100% to overdose the anabolic steroids. But, the symptoms of overdose are a lot variant as compared to what you may have expected from the drugs like meth or cocaine.

         Anabolic steroids are lab-made analogs of the testosterone and can function similar to these hormones in your body. While you can take an instant overdose of corticosteroids, more often an overdose of anabolic steroids manifests differently. These steroids are usually linked with an acute overdose (the one which occurs in a single sitting).

         If you want to overdose the anabolic steroids, you are needed to use them for a longer duration of time. Instead of taking a fast overdose, you may suffer from a chronic overdose. Rather overdose of anabolic steroids causes an accumulation of the adverse side effects on your body with the time (in case of chronic overdose). Widespread use of anabolic steroids can cause a dangerous set of problems.

Few of the highly adverse side effects which result from this overdose are:

  • Liver damage
  • Delusions
  • Kidney damage
  • Aggression
  • Enlarged heart
  • High blood pressure
  • Irritability
  • Mood swings
  • High cholesterol levels (especially in young people)
  • Stunted growth (in young people)
  • Changes in your body hair, fertility (for both men and women), and breast tissues.
  • Damage to your kidneys, heart, and liver may comprise of cancer. Unfortunately, this can result in fatally.

        Other than these fatal effects, the overdose of anabolic steroids can result in sex-related problems for both males and females, including:

  • Males may get developed breasts, experience infertility, baldness shrink testicles, and a high risk of prostate cancer.
  • Females may develop a male like baldness, facial hair, enlargement of the clitoris, irregular menstruation cycles, and loud voice.

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Can an Overdose of the Anabolic Steroids Causes Muscle Damage?

      An additional amount of the anabolic steroids (more than 2 grams of the testosterone per week) can result in the detriment of your muscles as well as induction of so-called rhabdomyolysis. This occurs due to androgen receptors, which are hyperstimulated with androgen and anabolic molecules.

       Few favorable theoretical aspects of this label faction do exist. A replacement of the affected fibers takes place — hyperplasia gets activated (although user won’t experience an instantaneous muscular volume enlargement and strength gaining an indication of growth). But the negative aftereffects, like swelling and weakness of muscles, muscular necrosis and, rarely enough, and diseases of kidneys can be life-threatening. For avoiding the muscle fiber damage, never use an excessively large dose of the hormonal medicines.

What to do in case of steroid overdose?

         The first and foremost thing to do if a person is experiencing an overdose of anabolic steroid is to get the medical help. If anyone around you or you are having steroid overdose of this kind, call emergency right away and control it instantly for finding out what should be done further. Faster you call the crisis; more are the chances of getting survived.

      If a person is overdoing anabolic steroids with a slow pace, the substance abuse treatment by a professional can be the best choice for survival and health.

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         In the case of chronic steroid overdose, it may not look like other medical emergency cases. However, it eventually results in severe problems of user’s physical and mental health. If any of the people have been using an overdose of anabolic steroids and is experiencing a chronic overdose, he may not need a medical emergency. But, depending upon the severity of the potential mental and physical consequences, the professional consultancy and medical treatment must be provided.

         If any person around has taken a lot of medication, be sure that he/she gets a medical help as early as possible. Call the ambulance instantly for contributing to the survival of that person.

Prevention of Steroids Overdose

It is essential to prevent overdose before it gets too late.

          One of the best methods of preventing steroid overdose is to use the drugs only, which are prescribed by the doctor in the quantity which has been told. Or, you can avoid the steroids intake wholly if you can’t use them for any of the medical reason.

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          Once you start taking the steroids, pay close attention towards your body’s signals and symptoms.

Treatment for overdose and its addiction

          If you have been developed an anabolic steroid overdose already, you can get some help now.

      If you are prescribed to use anabolic steroids, the best method to avoid its overdose is to use the medication only as per the guidelines of your physician — report for any dangerous side effects and concerns that you feel. Using steroids out of a professional medical guide can cause many health-related severe problems.

           Following are some ways to treat the steroids overdose and its addiction:

Substance abuse treatment:

      Once you start taking the anabolic steroids, your health may get damaged severely with time. For avoiding the development of any of the dangerous problems, prevent the use of any of the anabolic steroids. If you feel unable to stop the intake of anabolic steroids, think of using substance abuse treatment.

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         Treating your overdose abuse can help learn how to handle your compulsions for using the damaging substance and can address any of the mental health problems that are probably contributing towards the usage of drugs like body dysmorphic disorder. This structured treatment can also help in dealing with the withdrawal symptoms, which may get hard to be handled alone. This treatment program has a structure which helps in suppressing the symptoms like:

  • Exhaustion
  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness
  • Less sex drive
  • Lowered appetite
  • Depression
  • Suicidal Ideation

       These can be very problematic, especially when the user is handling with the significant mood swings, due to the steroids overdose. Another main risk factor is suicide during recover from steroids abuse.

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Steroid Abuse Treatment:

        Few treatment procedures can help to restore the steroid users for hormonal imbalance by using hormone therapy. This can help in reducing or reversing the adverse side effects for long term addiction.

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       Steroid abuse treatment helps a person in understanding the reason of why he started abusing a particular drug for the first time. This treatment helps in determining the coping methods of when a person faces temptation for using the steroids. Knowing the underlying reasons for this abuse can serve as a central part of the recovery process. And professional treatment can aid a person in finding better methods of addressing the underlying problems without causing a turn back towards the drugs.

Rehab To Treat Steroid Dependency

       When you’re ready to take steps towards sobriety, the first step is to undergo medical detox. Here, you’ll be able to rid your body of any illicit substances in your system. Throughout the process, you’ll break your physical steroid dependency with the help of medical professionals and, if necessary, medication.

     Once you’ve completed a detox program, you will need rehabilitation to break your psychological dependence. A quality men’s rehab program will include dual diagnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy, and, many times, experiential treatment methods as well.

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          We have the resources to help you find the right facility for you. Reach out to us today.

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