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Cytadren is strong and frequently referred to as Aromatase inhibitor or AI. This is the same with Arimidex or Anastrozole and Femara or Letrozole in terms of their capacity. This product is an inhibitor as well of the synthesis of adrenocortical that is said to largely lower the level of cortisol in the body. Cytadren is officially called aminoglutethimide. It was initially sold in the market during the 1960’s as an anticonvulsant while in 1967 as an AI under the name of Cytadren with Ciba as its manufacturer.

This makes the product among the oldest type of AI on the market and remains among the strongest to date.  Yet in 1966, its purpose was taken out as an anticonvulsant and would then remain an AI that is used as a form of treatment for breast cancer and Cushing’s syndrome because of the cortisol inhibition characteristics. Cytadren is a popular choice for performance enhancing athletes specifically the bodybuilders for many years, though it has been rarely taken in recent years.

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A number of people find this product to be too strong. Although it provides amazing results, the strain that it puts on the body appears to be too much. While a lot of bodybuilders favor Arimidex, Cytadren seems to be unpopular for those with high-level hardcore. Cortisol’s inhibition, that has been inhibited by the use of an anabolic steroid, reaches a significant level, especially if partnered with a powerful antiestrogenic activity to determine the kinds of result that this could offer.hat Are The Characteristics and Functions Of Cytadren?

Cytadren has some particular characteristics and functions and traits.

Its compound has the ability to keep cholesterol from being converted to pregnenolone. The conversion leads to glucocorticoids production like the cortisol, the mineralocorticoids, androgens, and estrogens.

It prohibits the process of aromatase by preventing an aromatase enzyme. This enzyme causes the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

These functions provide therapeutic benefits and to some extent, provide benefits to performance, yet the prevention of aromatase is the most essential in the performance program.

Through the inhibition of glucocorticoid, mainly the cortisol, the protein synthesis will likely to be enhanced. This will bring a positive and powerful effect in guarding the body against catabolism. This is specifically the reason why Cytadren is being used for the treatment of Cushing’s syndrome, a state where there is too much production of cortisol in the body.

A bodybuilder who is taking Cytadren must determine that there is a powerful change from anabolic to the catabolic impact that favors the catabolic, yet it is going to take a greatly large dosage of Cytadren to do this. Without a doubt, this product’s significant characteristic lies in the prevention of aromatase for its ability to lower the levels of estrogen by around 92%. This could be useful to patients with breast cancer since it takes advantage of the estrogen hormone.

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It could also be useful to those who are taking a steroid since a lot of steroids prompts the buildup of estrogen, which in turn may result to the usual side effects related with the use of anabolic steroid. This protection is given by Cytadren extends to the protection from progestin that also develops side effects related to estrogen.

What are the Side Effects of Cytadren?

There are a lot of potential side effects when using Cytadren which eventually become the reason for being unpopular among athletes of performance enhancement. The common side effects include:

·         Extreme fatigue

●       Fever

●       Dizziness

●       Nausea

●       Rash

●       High blood pressure

●       Vomiting

●       Joint Pain

●       High Cholesterol

●       Thyroid Dysfunction (high doses)

●       Insomnia

Although some of these side effects are usually related to high dosage, remember that high doses can lead to the worsening condition of rash and fatigue. Severe side effects like depression and jaundice may also happen or some modifications if the complete blood cell count. These effects are usually related to the long-term use of the product and jaundice as well. Symptoms such as virilization are more likely for women who are taking the compound.

The potential side effects will be heavier than the benefits it could give. If this is being considered as a medication for antiestrogen, there are also other anti-estrogens, which can give the similar protection with no strong trait. Cortisol suppression, because of the energy it may cause, is not worthy of the risk, given the idea that anabolic steroids have already restraint glucocorticoids as well as the needed high dosage of Cytadren.

How is Cytadren Administered?

For the cortisol suppression as well as treatment of Cushing’s syndrome, a dosage of 1,000 mg once a day is normal and may be increased up to 2,000 mg once a day. A combination with 20 to 30 mg of hydrocortisone in order to prevent the increase in ACTH is considered not normal.

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For athletes, a dosage of 1,000 mg for a couple of days will be suitable, followed by a couple of days without any intake to be easily handled.  An additional hydrocortisone is not necessary if this process is followed. But for best results in the capacity of an athlete for a temporary daily use, ten days could lead to a bodybuilding competition. When not in bodybuilding, athletes should avoid this product because of the required energy.

In the fight against estrogenic activity caused by anabolic steroid use, take 125mg to 250mg every other day in a solid Cytadren dosage. Some may require a daily dosage, but must only require such dosage for a short duration. If a total of 250mg dose once a  day is required, the user may choose to adjust the steroid supplementation. For estrogen inhibition in patients with breast cancer, the full Cytadren dosage will be identified on the basis of the patient by patient.

Cytadren Availability


Cytadren is actually not a highly accessible compound. It could be found at any pharmacy, but in a few selected countries only as well as among the more costly compounds in its kind which is not usually found in a black market. It could cost $2 to $3 per tablet on a black market and more expensive in pharmacies.

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With products of anti-estrogens, a number of these compounds can now be made by research chemical laboratories or RCL’s. These RCL’s produce these products in the liquid form. These products are sold legally by RCL’s. Otherwise, a medical prescription is needed in order to purchase the product.

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