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Is Running A Single Steroid Cycle Bad For Health




Over the time there always comes a moment when the idea taking steroids just for one time is very appealing. You may have various reasons for this: want to increase muscle mass, strength faster or just want to get a handsome looking in a fast way. But the main reason that pulls away from this thought is the side effects steroids use may have on your health. It is a quite justified fear since long-term or improper use of steroids proved to have devastating results in the human body. But about a single steroid cycle?

A once use of steroids has few chances to damage your health if you do it properly. That’s why before streaming ahead, make sure you answered some of the most important questions and assessed the real situation. Know what are your expectations from cycle you are about to run, which type of steroid you are going to use, where you buy it from and for how long you are planning to take it in order to achieve noticeable gains.

Assess your overall health situation, and in special liver and heart functions. Oral steroids put a big stress on the liver so if you already have some liver problems it could be better to abandon the idea of cycling at all. The rough truth is that single steroid cycle do not cause liver issues, it just worsen it in case they already exist. The same is available for baldness. You have to be a healthy person and if so running a one-time steroid cycle would not be risky for you at all. In all other cases, just give it. It really may end up bad for you.

Dietary Habits

Bad drinking and eating habits, smoking have to be desolated. As long as you eat fast food and drink alcohol you can not expect to gain muscle mass or to cut fat effectively. Regardless of your goals, none of them can be achieved if you are not organized well enough as to throw away these vices.

Before running your first steroid cycle make sure you have enough money to buy the entire course. The same goes for  drugs required for PCT. If you are short of money and can not afford the whole list of drugs and supplements is better do not begin it all. Saving on PCT drugs for a single steroid cycle is not a good idea at all since namely, these medications help your body to restore previous functions and preserve the muscle gains made over the cycle.

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If you are a healthy person and take care of all the aspects mentioned above than a single use steroid cycle will only benefit you. You may not experience any side effects at all. In case they occur (like acne or testicular shrinkage) you can take control of them by simply lowering the dosage or changing the steroid.

After the first Steroid Cycle Always comes the Second one:

The real risk of a single steroid cycle is that you find harder not to run another one. Promising yourself that you steaming just for one time is easy before you get to the finish. Once you are there and notice the great gains you made over the cycle it becomes difficult not to want to grow further.

Here have to be added that after cycling is normal to lose up to 15% of made gains. Going higher than this threshold means that there were some mistakes in PCT or in running the steroid cycle itself. As a novice, this should not be a problem. But once you advance in steroid use, you lose more gains when getting off.

Most athletes are impressed by their look when on cycling. They believe that they will stay this way when are off too. Unfortunately, this is not so, you should accept that there will be some loss of muscle mass. Few people can really stop after their first use, while the big number of them become regular steroid users.

Oral or Injectable Steroids for Single Steroid Cycle

Types of
Based on your goals and your health condition you can choose to go with oral or an injectable steroid. Orals are less risky, easy to use but if you have liver problems is better to avoid them. Dianabol, Winstrol, Oxandrolone are the most common oral steroids largely used by most of the bodybuilders on their first experience. And not only. Throughout the use of orals is recommended to keep a close eye on liver enzymes level. The good side is that any side effect caused by steroids use disappear once you stop taking them. But along with it, you lose the muscle you gained too.

Injectables have to be taken for a long time but are recognized as being more effective. The main drawback is that you will have to take injections. Those who fear needles it can be a good reason to choose oral steroids. Testosterone is widely used and recommended for the novice with a bold accent on PCT.

Nolvadex or Clomid is a must if you want to help your body restore its own natural production once the cycle is finished. The same importance has anti-estrogens such as Arimidex. It keeps estrogen level under control keeping you free of unwanted side effects.


To answer the question if running a single steroid cycle is bad for health. No, it is not, as long as you do it properly and are aware of what you take. What really have to warn you is that you will find difficult to stop after your first use. You might also want to go for another cycle after a while. This is what really has to concern you.

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