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Generic Name: Testosterone Nicotinate
Other names: Test Nic Bolforton, is testosterone nicotinate consisting nicotinic acid ester. This acid is more known as niacin that works as the cholesterol and triglyceride lowering agent. Bolfortan is also termed as Test Nic. The administration of Bolfortan can discard the necessity for a steroid injection.

Drug Type:

Bolfortan, or testosterone nicotinate, using the real nicotinic acid ester, the slow-working, long ester mixed with it a significant deal at this later. The Nicotinic acid is developed referred as niacin, an actual triglyceride, and cholesterol reducing member of the B vitamin group.

Bolfortan is also referred to as the Test Nic. Just like all types of an androgen testosterone, it contains an androgenic and anabolic ratio of 1: 1, particularly 100: 100, exactly like anabolic or muscle building, as it is androgenic, impacting the male sex characteristics.

Because of this perfectly, even ratio, the testosterone becomes the standard, the actual point by which other different anabolic steroids with their respective component will end up to become measured.


With Bolfortan:

  • Muscle mass is  enhanced
  • Damaged muscle cells are repaired
  • It increases the general muscular stamina and endurance
  • Better recovery after training sessions
  • Development of the general appearance of muscles
  • Causes a great deal of fat loss
  • For bodybuilding and athletic purposes, testosterone prompts substantial growth around the body shape and size, largely due to its capability to develop several muscle tissue fibers. The androgens, like testosterone, will protect the muscle tissue from catabolic or muscle wasting glucocorticoid, the body’s hormones, through inhibiting the ability to bring messages to the muscle tissue cells that will release the stored protein.
  • In addition, testosterone will signal the muscle cells to keep more contractile protein, termed as actin and myosin, to effectively counter the specific glucocorticoid, the body’s hormones, opposing the release of protein message. Also, testosterone contains the exact capability to increase erythropoiesis or the production of red blood cells within the kidneys, even to a higher red blood cell (RBC) count will strengthen the fortitude through enhanced oxygenated blood. This specific presence of more RBCs was shown to further advance the recovery from some strenuous physical activities.
  • It can also become the base of a cycle of one or even more different other drugs, which is typically called the stack. Realistically, each cycle must have testosterone because of the fact that it’s important to stabilize several bodily factors while on steroid usage that limits or possible to totally shut down the all-natural production of testosterone.  Go over the important details because it is very important to always remember all these, since even a lot of steroid-dependent cyclists have also experienced some complications which are sexual in nature or otherwise, as the result of the lack of testosterone. A novice dosage of testosterone, for example, someone in the first or maybe a second cycle of AAS, will get in a 250-500 mg every full week range. But it may not be advisable for an individual to have much lesser than the 400 mg of testosterone each cycle, a beginner, or maybe not, because its results will be dosage dependent. This is accurate to say, the more for an individual to make use of this, the best results to have.


  • Bolfortan may be used to times a week,  to keep the level of blood serum much above a baseline.
  • Bolfortan should be injected strictly under the guidance of a doctor.
  • This injection should be administered in a slower manner to prevent skin eruption and redness and skin. A slight pain may be experienced during this injection.

Side Effects on The Body:

  • High blood pressure
  • Increases the size of the testicles
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Water retention
  • Gynecomastia

These side effects are the results of the process of aromatase and its effect is purely estrogenic.

Adverse Effects: (no info)


  • The injection should not be administered without the instruction and supervision of a doctor
  • Do not consume any injection without a proper prescription.

Mechanism of Work:

Testosterone is commonly used by sports athletes and fitness enthusiasts, mainly due to its very effective enhancement of strength and muscle building, inexpensive, always available and fat lowering androgen.

Just as all testosterone have esters, the exact enanthate ester, the long one, was manufactured to increase the specific time release of the duration of the testosterone thus lowering the rate of injections for the hormone therapy patients allowing the monthly shots.

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The specific propionate ester, the short one,  needs more frequent every day or probably per several another day dosage. Relying on the released speed of an ester being given, the weightlifters may increase or reduce the doses and the frequency of shots that will best accommodate some specific components of specific esters to maintain the level of blood concentrations.

Hybrid ester combines like Onmadren, Sustanon and others, are exactly perfectly given frequently earlier within the cycle, as in a short ester, to gain through a short esters quick results, and also less frequently later, as in the long ester,  immediately once the long esters already accumulated within the bloodstream, or kicked around.

Through keeping even levels of testosterone blood serum you can also more effectively stave off a lot of the negative side effects associated with high and low alternating concentrations of blood serum.

Considerably more particularly, the specific nicotinic ester, the same with enanthate, was made to increase a time released duration of the testosterone thus, lowering the exact frequency of the injections for hormone therapy patients allowing for the monthly shots. The weightlifters usually lower the doses and increase the frequency, injecting it two times per week to keep the level of blood concentrations.

This method will work for a great deal and more efficiently stave off many of these side effects largely associated with high and low alternating concentrations of blood serum. Bolfortan users must inject two times per week like some other long esters, which is definitely often enough that will help maintain levels of  blood serum well above the baseline with this drug.

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