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Anatropin Generic Name: Stenbolone (as Acetate)
Brand: Anatrofin (o.c.) (Mex) 100 mg/ml
Effective dose: 50-100 mg daily to every other day injections
Available Doses: 25, 50 and 100 mg/ml amps

In 1963 Syntex first marketed Stenbolone acetate. However, despite its substantial popularity, it has been discontinued for almost 15 years. It’s somehow strange that most popular steroids tend to disappear around that particular time.

Previously, Syntex also marketed oxymetholone. However, it needs high doses of oxymetholone and causes problems with excessive gyno, bloating, and liver toxicity due to its poor androgenic properties.

To improve this complication, Stenbolone was formulated by Syntex. The drug was mistakenly termed injectable Anadrol by many users. However, this steroid is as different as day and night (common mistakes were made with Anavar and Searle’s Never.) Now you have a question what is Anatropin used for?

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Anatropin Characteristics: 

Stenbolone is closely similar to the steroid Primobolan or methenolone, and the only difference is that instead of a 1-methyl group, it has a 2-methyl group. There is a difference between discrete mesterolone (Proviron) and drostanolone (Masteron). Regarding characteristics, it has few changes, and one can even assume that stenbolone has the same effects as methenolone. It has a 5-alpha reduced version of boldenone as it contains a 5-alpha-structure. It means that stenbolone does not aromatize when you use it with estrogen and does not cause gynecomastia (development of breast tissue in men) and bloating problems during water retention.

This characteristic of stenbolone had solved the first problem; however, simultaneously, the 1, 2-double bonds linked in its structure made the steroid-less androgenic compared to a 5-alpha-reduced steroid. If you compare to boldenone which is half androgenic as testosterone, stenbolone is also half androgenic as Dihydrotestosterone, another version of testosterone that is 5-alpha-reduced.

This supports the fact that it does not cause any androgenic problems to users to some great extent as it does not cause estrogenic problems at all. This means that users could worry less about prostate hypertrophy, acne, hair loss, and the deepening of the voice that he or she would have with testosterone.

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Maybe now, you are curious about the difference between stenbolone and Primobolan or methenolone; well, actually, there isn’t one. The only one acting to increase oral activity is the 1-methyl group, but since there is no oral form of stenbolone sold in the market, that point is mediocre. This means that the 1-methyl group has no real purpose to any injectable form of Primobolan or methenolone, therefore they are the same.

In some presumptions, the addition of a 2-methyl group on stenbolone can be similar to that of drostanolone to improve stability and androgenic binding and protect the 3-keto group. However, the alternation or the changes are considered useless.

The major reason why stenbolone and methenolone have decreased their androgenic activity is the 1,2-double bond, however, the same double bond can also keep it from being deactivated by 3a-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase enzyme which is most likely the same as Dihydrotestosterone (drostanolone is 2-methyl-DHT) case. This fact concludes that a 2-monthly change is minimal at best.

When it comes to characteristics, there isn’t any difference between injectable stenbolone and methenolone. The only relevance is that stenbolone is exclusively made as acetate ester similar to injectable methenolone which is only made as enanthate ester.

This means that upon users’ methenolone injection, it can stay alive longer and once a week injection could suffice for appropriate impact or action. Whilst, stenbolone’s acetate ester can last for two days only at best and must be injected regularly for effective results. Which are why, many users prefer methenolone enanthate to stenbolone acetate.

Shorter ester is usually used for longer before their competition time and it needs less time only to clear the urine and the blood. By the time drug testing became popular, stenbolone disappeared from the market and this was the oddest fact ever. Stenbolone was mainly used as a base compound during cutting cycles because it is non-aromatizing and mild. To athletes’ stenbolone is an effective anti-catabolic that allows them to maintain their mass while keeping a hardcore diet.

This type of steroid made a good match with other known steroids like trenbolone(Finaplix, during its time Parabolan was still available in the market) and stanozolol (Winstrol) that served the same purpose or advantage.

When one user uses Nandrolone (Laurabolin, Deca-Durabolin) during their mass phase cycle, most likely they also use methenolone and stenbolone during cutting phases. With its mild nature and non-aromatizing characteristics, many female users prefer to use stenbolone steroids.

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Proper Anatropin Stacking and Use: 

Since stenbolone is a non-aromatizing injectable, typically, male users use around 50 mg daily and around 350 mg for the whole week. To some extent, strong competitors went as high as 100mg/ml amps stenbolone injection daily, totaling 700 mg in one week.

This steroid is rarely used alone and is always accompanied by other non-aromatizing or mild compounds in the cutting cycle, such as stanozolol (Stromba/Winstrol) and oxandrolone (Anavar) at 30 to 50 mg daily. Furthermore, an individual can gain mass by using stenbolone as a base steroid for methandrostenolone (Dianabol), testosterone, and oxymetholone (Anadrol).

Commonly, athletes prefer Primobolan depot, a longer-acting compound, for gaining mass effectively, and it is more convenient since stenbolone is now extinct while Primobolan is still made. It has been proven and tested that use of stenbolone is very minimal. Because of its incapability to develop estrogen, no anti-estrogens are needed.

Stenbolone is a controllable androgen and very mild because of its short ester, and there are no real precautions to expect. When the product gives you the problem, all you have to do is simply stop using it. Also, the use of Clomid or Nolvadex during post-cycle in a short period is required but must be used limitedly. For the longest cycle like 10 weeks or more, the user may consider longer Nolvadex or Clomid therapy and or using HCG to bring testosterone back to normal faster.

To Women:

injecting 25-50 mg every other day of stenbolone will suffice for
good results. Female users are always advised to consider using anti-androgen
steroid like spironolactone to prevent virilizing symptoms.

What are the Primary Ingredients of Anatropin?

The very main ingredients of Anatropin are zinc and D3 which effectively keeps testosterone at their optimum levels. According to the manufacturer, “companies are still trying to push Tribulus-based products, while human research suggests they do not affect androgen levels in men”, which is why most testosterone boosters contain no Anatropin.

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The Mechanism of Work:

“It is time for you to reign supreme over estrogen and support optimal testosterone levels” according to the manufacturer. Anatropin is best known as “blockbuster hormonal support innovation”, which sounds impressive and amazing to a novice.

However, for users who have more experience with different steroids and supplements for bodybuilding, specifically testosterone-boosting supplements, you’ll know that there’s more of “hot air” out there. According to manufacturers, this type of product can effectively enhance and boost the levels of your testosterone while controlling estrogen and, at the same time, suppressing it. 

Gaspari was the one who made Anatropin products and according to them, it is used as “cutting edge science” to provide and help you with effective results which can be seen and felt either looking in front of the mirror or playing in the field. The formulation was brought up in accordance with its “real scientific evidence and real clinical research for real people”; however, there was no advance elaboration in this matter.

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