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  • Chemical Composition: Nandrolone Base + Cypionate Ester
  • MolecularWeight 274.4022
  • Formula: C18 H26 O2
  • MeltingPoint: 122-124C
  • Manufacturer: Multiple
  • EffectiveDose(Men): 200-400mg/week(2mg/lbofBodyweight)
  • EffectiveDose(Women): 50-100mg/week
  • Anabolic/AndrogenicRatio: 125:37

Anabolic DN, which is also called Nandrolone Cypionate, is a potent drug that promotes mass and a great number of people will want to take this for that reason alone. It is prescribed mostly for muscle-enhancement; it is highly recommended for people who are trying to get a better physique. Anabolic DN is a moderate nandrolone; carboxylic acid ester is combined to 17-beta hydroxyl cluster. Esterified steroids are considered not extreme like the steroids and maintained steadily after the infusion has started. Anabolic DN helps in increasing the nandrolone and remains in that condition for two weeks.

Description of Anabolic DN

Nandrolonecypionate is a form of injectable anabolic steroidnandrolone. This ester gives a method of hormone release which is nearly identical to testosterone cypionate, with the high levels of medication being monitored approximately for 24 up to 48 hours after the administration, and largely hormone release maintained for several weeks. In a case like this, the functioning hormone is nandrolone, a fairly strong anabolic steroid that carries mild androgenic and estrogenic properties.

The product is basically similar in its general effect on Deca-Durabolin® (nandrolonedecanoate), inducing significant increase in strength and muscle mass, which is supported with a low level of adverse reaction.

The only difference is, nandrolonecypionate appears to be a fast-acting compound to a few users. In a different way, there is actually no apparent difference between these two compounds; nandrolonedecanoate may be replaced by nandrolonecypionate in almost all cycles.

History of this Drug

Nandrolonecypionate was developed in the 1960’s when it was initially retailed for a short time for human consumption only. It was then under the brand names of Sterocrinolo, Nortestrionate, Anabo, and Depo-Nortestonate. But the productions did not continue; apparently, there was a period when the drug was only available for veterinary medicine purpose.

The most remarkable appearance came from Jurox of Australia, which sold a 50 mg/mL version of a drug called Dynabol 50. Jurox included nandrolonecypionate as a component of an anabolic steroid mix called Nandrabolin. The two products, nonetheless, were cancelled in 2001, when Jurox phased out the said steroid line.

This was done as a response to some media criticisms about the heavy veterinary exporting from Mexico to Australia that has largely encouraged the black market of America. The cancelled Jurox products were immediately brought to SYD Group in Australia, with an assurance that these products will not be completely removed from the industry.

The products were eventually revived in the market in 2002, under the brand names of Anabolic NA and Anabolic DN. These new names were made in reference to the former Jurox trademarks, an effort to keep some of its original market for the new products. SYD Group has also launched a high-dose version of Anabolic DN directly to the veterinary drug market of Mexico; however the product has long been withdrawn.

The product was banned after the U.S. DEA filed charges against the company, with the allegations of conspiracy to illegally export the Mexican steroids to the U.S.A. At present, the Anabolic NA and Anabolic DN products are still available in the Australian veterinary drug market, but strict controls were made to limit the diversion for those off-label use.

Nandrolone is also popular for improved collagen synthesis and increased bone mineral content. For these reasons, studies about Nandrolone show the use of a very low dosage is considered low enough to promote muscle growth. In a different study of four HIV+ patients, it was observed that the doses of Nandrolone, 200mgs on week 1, 400 on week 2 and 600mgs for weeks 3-12, did not bring any side effects in total or LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, or insulin sensitivity. Moreover, there was a decrease of HDL cholesterol (8-10 points) in those groups. In addition, in the studies with HIV+ subjects, Anabolic DN, Nandrolone help in the improvement of immune functions.

Side-Effects of Anabolic DN on Body:

With Anabolic DN:

  • Anaemia may be lessened by the improvement of RBC count.
  • Improves the endurance and the stamina factors of the body by pushing oxygenated blood through it.
  • Athletes can train better and stronger because of the enhanced stress-bearing ability.
  • AR protein concentrations will be improved.
  • Fat may be lost at an effective rate.
  • Helps in calming joint pains and strengthens them as well
  • Repair of damaged muscle cells is also facilitated.
  • Decrease in under skin fat tissue may be carried out.

Adverse Effects on the body:

The usual adverse effects are:

  • Acne
  • Insomnia
  • diarrhoea
  • Irritation in bladder
  • Nausea
  • Impotency
  • Gynecomastia
  • High cholesterol
  • Testicular Atrophy – increase in the size of the testicles

Most of these are because of the aromatase process where the effects are mostly estrogenic.

How to use Anabolic DN

Because of its thickness, Agovirin Depot is suggested to be used with a thick-needled infusion.  23 or 25 gauge needles would be recommended. In addition to this, the mixture has to be intramuscularly firm. This is to avoid redness and pain on the skin. But, a little pain may be felt amid the infusion.

Expert Tips / Precautions:

  • These medications must not to be taken without the supervision of a physical wellness coach at a nearby wellness center or websites.
  • A professional medical practitioner must be consulted for this reason in order to be on the safer side.
  • Women must avoid the use of these medications.
  • Proper prescription is necessary for these.
  • Professional assistance while infusing is highly advisable.

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