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  • Active ingredient: Quinbolone
  • Trade Name: Anabolicum Vister
  • Usual Dosages: 80 - 120 mg per day
  • Detection Time: NA (estimated 4-5 months)
  • Pros: No Side Effects, No liver toxicity.
  • Cons: Very Weak

Quinbolone is a moderate type of boldenone. From a chemical perspective, it is similar with Boldenone, except that the enol quinbolone has included a 17 – panthenol cycle while the boldenone has included undecylenate ester. The enol plays the role of increasing the oral Providencia. It is the same with landiolol, which is also given orally. Therefore, the Anabolicum Vister, if given in sufficient dosage and regularly, can have the same effects as equipoise: muscle fine increase with estrogenic and androgenic activities is lessened.

The steroid, however, is no longer available. It was used to be in the size of the 10mg pill. The only place where it was sold was in Italy. Anabolicum Vister is also flavored but not in a very large measure. Compared with the testosterone, it is flavored only by half.

The tendency of contracting the adverse Anabolicum side effects of estrogenic nature is more likely compared to the case of nandrolone, however, it is more often compared to testosterone.  If ever such side effects arise, give a small dosage of tamoxifen. In large dosage, A number of Anabolicum side effects may also appear in large dosage including excessive hair growth on the face and body oily skin and acne.

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Anabolicum Vister Uses:

Quinbolone was initially developed in 1962 when there was a serious concern about hepatotoxicity orally administered c-17 alpha alkylated type steroids. The idea was to make a non-toxic substitute for substances like methandrostenolone and methyltestosterone. In this aspect, it was quite sufficient; though, it must be noted, not totally perfect.

History of Anabolicum Vister:

Anabolicum Vister, an oral anabolic steroid, was made in the 1970's by Parke Davis Company. The product was sold only in Italy, and never had commercial success in other countries. The active substance is Quinbolone, an oral type of the anabolic steroid Boldenone.

As such, it is chemically similar to a veterinary steroid Equipoise, but, in this case, Boldenone base has 17beta cyclopentenyl (enol) ether included rather than Undecylenate ester. The ether functions are very the same with an ester, but, intensifying the fat solubility of the compound and protecting it from metabolism. While etherified Boldenone was created as an injectable drug, the similarly structured ether was utilized as a means to increase the oral bioavailability of the hormone.

The structure of the steroid is the same with the Testosterone product Andriol (Testosterone Undecanoate), an encapsulated, oil dissolved steroid for oral administration. This type of steroid is not very efficient, but with the frequent dosage, a firm blood hormone level may be achieved with both of the compounds nonetheless.

The effects would be characteristic of that reported with Equipoise. Androgenic adverse reactions are not very significant when Boldenone is taken in moderate dosage, except in sensitive individuals. Anabolicum Vister will therefore not cause problems in terms of estrogenic adverse reactions, and gynecomastia will not be a huge concern for its user.

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The hormone Boldenone is able to convert to estradiol in the body, but it seems to do so with a relatively low affinity (about half that of testosterone). So while mild water retention is sometimes recorded with the steroid it will usually be associated to a more ambitious dosing pattern. The removal of the product from the black market was unnoticeable because some athletes considered this steroid as too mild.

Even if taken in high dosage, muscle mass increase will usually be very slight. Clearly, this was not simply an alternative to injecting Equipoise, due to the low bioavailability of its compound. Used in combination with other steroids, it might have found to have strong benefit as an anabolic, but the money could have been better spent on more cost-effective items.

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Men who experimented with this compound found a dosage of 80-120 mg (8-12 capsules) per day needed for any significant result. It would obviously not have much use in a bulking cycle, but the additional weak effect may be acceptable during cutting cycles.

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Women who were curious about steroid use may have found it ideal to experiment with though, finding marked muscle growth and minimum adverse reactions on 30-40 mg (3-4 capsules) every day. With the discontinuance of the production, women are still left with the orals Winstrol, Oxandrolone or Primobolan.

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Anabolicum Vister was packaged in both capsules and oral drops. The capsules were not packaged in strips but covered in a glass screw top bottle like the one with Andriol. The bottle was additionally packaged in a box that included an Italian Drug ID sticker. Anabolicum Vister is no longer being produced and sold in Italy and in the black market as well.

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Positive Effects of Anabolicum Vister on The Body:

With Anabolicum Sister:

  • Restoration of damaged cells is aided
  • AR promotion is carried out.
  • Fat loss is applicable.
  • Red blood cells are developed at a rapid rate.
  • Stamina and endurance are also improved.
  • Strength and recovery are also carried out.
  • Liver toxicity is lessened.
  • Increase in digestive power functions.

Side Effects of Anabolicum Vister on The Body:

The common Anabolicum side effects are:

Aromatase process may happen which may lead to estrogenic effects.

How to Use Anabolicum Sister?

Due to the active presence of quinbolone, users have to divide the measurements of the medication at any rate to a few sessions. This is to give enough of the compound to remain active in the activities of the client for most of the day. More continuous use, however, will provide much more steady levels. Taking it in parts for at least 2 or 3 times per day is recommended.

Expert Tips / Precautions:

  • The use of these drugs under a physical fitness trainer’s guidance is advisable.
  • Consulting a medical practitioner is also needed
  • A professional doctor must be strictly consulted before using the steroid supplements.
  • Use the adequate infusion equipment for the medical supplements.
  • Follow the dosage schedule properly.

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