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Aphrodisiac For Women With Sexual Problems – The Ultimate Testosterone Booster




Nowadays more than 40% of women complain about sexual problems, most common of it being decreased desire for sex. That's where Aphrodisiac for women comes in. Many years ago this problem was not even taken into consideration, while men’s sexual issues have been analyzed far earlier. Not too many time ago, in 1998 on the pharmaceutical market was introduced Viagra considered effective in treating male erectile dysfunction. It causes a strong gender discrimination: if aging men can use Viagra to treat their impotence, why aging women have not a specific drug as well?!

This was a turning point toward studying and looking for solutions for women which present abnormal sexual functionality. Since Viagra proved to be so effective in men, it began to be administered to women too. This was a real fiasco. The drug with such good effects on men was totally ineffective for women and cause them serious side effects.

Much earlier, in ‘30 years, there was a term as “frigidity” meat to describe female sexual problems, and mostly low libido. Especially male doctors tend to say that this a women problem characterized by the incapacity to live up with wife responsibilities. It was believed that it has an emotional cause like the disinterest of the husband.

Importance of Aphrodisiac for women

Over time, the many research done on this subject found that female sexual problems may be induced by both emotional and biological factors. The relation with your husband or the male in your life is indeed tremendously important for a good sex life. The greater, interesting, appealing it is the fewer chances for women to experience low libido. On the other hand, stress, fatigue and your biological clock play a decisive role in your sexual life.

In most cases, sexual dysfunction in women occurs during pre or menopausal stage of your life. However, there is a huge number of young women who claim the same problem in sexual life. We all perceive testosterone as a male hormone, and its presence in our body is associated with virilization. The truth behind this is that testosterone is a hormone present in both female and male body, with simple difference that women need in a much lower degree. But you can always boost with Aphrodisiac for women. 

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How it Works

What is really important for us is not testosterone itself, but the effects it has on estrogen level. This hormone, called estradiol, has a great importance for women as its responsible for fertility and of women good looking. A high level of estrogen is always associated with a radiant looking and good libido. Every time the testosterone hormone in women decreases, the estrogen level goes down too, causing you to feel less attractive and in worst cases affecting your reproductive functions.

Food and Drug Administration institutions must approve all drugs. All that women use are off-labeled testosterone drugs which proved to be efficient. Testosterone was firstly synthesized in 1935, and right from the beginning was noticed the good effects it has on sexual stimulation in women. But because of chastity, it has taken more than 50 years to accept testosterone as a female aphrodisiac and encourage its use for treating sexual problems.

Which form of Testosterone is Best to use as an Aphrodisiac?

If you are about to choose testosterone as a stimulant, make sure you have tried all known medication methods. A bottle of wine, a good movie or anything else that may relax you. Why so? Because testosterone use, like any other drug in this world, may cause you unwanted side effects. About will talk a bit later.

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The best and safe to use is transdermal testosterone. It comes as a patch to apply on the skin in such zones as back, stomach, thighs, or upper arms. Testosterone patch will not cure your diseases, it just helps to keep a control of it. Transdermal testosterone is ideal for young women who experience seasonal sexual problems. Those who reach menopause need a more detailed treatment where the use of oral or injectable testosterone is desired.

You should apply testosterone patches for 24 hours and the best is to put on the skin in the morning. Please note that the use or patch testosterone has not to be discontinued once the symptoms disappear. They will re-emerge in just a few days the drug use was abandoned. Wear them all the time even when bathing, training or having sex.

Intrinsa patch and LibiGel are two of the most marketed testosterone drug for female use. Despite there are no studies to prove their harmlessness for a long time, they continue to a be a popular choice for women looking to boost their libido.

Testosterone Adverse Effects: 

Side Effects

The most common side effects claimed by women who used testosterone is hirsutism (abnormal growth of hair on women face and body) and acne. It also changes the lipid level causing an increase in “bad” cholesterol and “lowering” the good one. Very rare are cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis. In worst cases, testosterone use in women can cause breast cancer.

Take Preventive Measures With Aphrodisiac for Women Early

To avoid all these effects is essential to visit your physician before getting involved in testosterone use. He is the right person to asses your necessity for a testosterone treatment and assigns to you the proper dosage. Overuse for the prolonged period of time can have devastating effects on women body.

In short, testosterone can really improve your estrogen level and help you return to a normal sexual functionality. For young women, the testosterone patch is an easy and efficient method to struggle with low testosterone. Women who experience sharply drop of testosterone level because of menopause require a more detailed treatment with oral or injectable testosterone.

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Just remember, to stay safe during its use make sure you take the right dosage and don’t make your cure treatment longer than your physician advised you. The good side is that all the time side effects disappear once the testosterone use is discontinued.


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