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Agovirin Depot

Substance: testosterone isobutyrate
Pharmacotherapeutic group:  hormone – androgen.
Active ingredient: Testosterone izobutirada
Trade name: Agovirin Depot

What I the Agovirin Depot? What are its effects on the body?

The testosterone Isobutyrate is the steroid preparation that capable to inject and includes Isobutyrate ester in a center water. The Testosterone Isobutyrate frequently equivalent weighs up to testosterone suspension amongst bodybuilders, though these two are normally found as water-based deferment and the reaction of the to these two products are definitely not the same. Being able to elevate the fast retaining of the muscle strengths, testosterone is preferred as injectable testosterone and mainly control each two weeks, it is slower to lose while the testosterone suspension is act fasts it needs to vaccinate it each several days.

Effects on the body:

  • With the Agovirin Depot: the nitrogen retention upsurges muscles that allow protein to keep in the muscles and because of this, big size of muscle mass is attained.
  • The anabolic hormones like growth hormones and the IGF-1 are valuable in developing the muscles.
  • Aids the harmed muscle cells.
  • Androgen receptor associates the procedures and helps to lose the fats.
  • Protects the muscles as of glucocorticoid hormones.
  • It upsurges RBC invention in the muscles.
  • Upsurges the energy.
  • Upsurges sensual strength.
  • Well Upsurge of strength

Agovirin Doses

Agovirin is specially invented closely to attend muscles in the inoculation part and loose gradually, though for the significance of utilizing 21 needle devices to vaccinate that be able to cause so much pain at the inoculation part. The advantage of Agovirin is durable therefore a reduced inoculation every day, on the other hand, an average extent of a needle is possibly used but should be done gradually. The suggested amount is 200-400mg each week intended for 6-12 week rotation in the bodybuilding and bigger amount of it turn out to be painful because Agovirin losses’ not directly into the blood path, but it rests in muscles that vaccinated as well as gradually pressed up in the stages of testosterone. Every 2-3 days, consumers are able to split up the inoculation and the lesser dosage as well as controls the numerous spots of the body.

How Supplied:

The testosterone Isobutyrate suspension is being able to purchase on the drugstore in the Slovak Republic as the Agovirin Depot. In mixed water-based solution, it includes 25mg/ml of a steroid, 2ml wrap up ampules. The Testosterone Isobutyrate has a low of capability to dissolve, when the ampule left to sit the steroid can be easily be seen the division of water-based. The medicine will back in a suspension after a rapid wobble of it and so that the reserved amount must coherent all the time.

Expert Tips/ precautions:

  • The medicine should not be consumed in a supervision of your coach or instructor.
  • Before consuming it, must consult it first with your doctor or in some experts that you know.
  • The drug is not for women.
  • Do not take or drink the medicament without its order or order from doctors.
  • During the inoculation of the steroid, ensure that you have the advice of the experts.

Side Effects (Estrogenic):

The testosterone is a weighed up as a modest estrogenic steroid and is aromatized freely in the body  hormone and the enzyme aromatized is the accountable for the breakdown of the testosterone. Upsurge water retention, the body fat, and a gynecomastia are the side-effects of the increased estrogen, however, anti-estrogen like tamoxifen citrate is essential to stop the side-effects. Arimidex manage to stop its synthesis and aromatase have a negative result in fatty acid.

Side Effects (Hepatotoxicity):

There is no side effect of it; liver is not harmed by this medicament and they conduct a study to examine the capacity for hepatotoxic with high amount of testosterone (400mg of hormone each day) and (2,800mg per week to a classified male subject). Steroid engaged so that to get hold on to the attention in liver tissues liken to muscles inoculation. No changes in liver enzyme though it was given straight 20 days.

Side Effects (Cardiovascular):

Anabolic/androgenic steroids is can be harmful on serum cholesterol and include  decreasing good cholesterol (HDL) also decreases bad cholesterol values (LDL), this stability of HDL to LDL favors an extreme danger of arteriosclerosis. The level of confrontation to the liver’s breakdown, the kinds of the steroids, management route and dose protector are the strong effect of an androgenic/anabolic steroid on the serum lipids.

The anabolic/androgenic steroids might affect the blood pressure as well as triglycerides, decrease the endothelial reduction as well and sustain the left ventricular hypertrophy for it upsurges the cardiovascular infection and the myocardial infarct information.

Side Effects (Testosterone Suppression):

Testosterone presents a great negative response to the endogenous testosterone creation and all of the androgenic/anabolic steroids elevate adequately the restrained muscles are likely hold back the endogenous testosterone production.  The testosterone-based medicament, similarly affects the guideline of the hypothalamus normal steroid hormones. The testosterone normally back within 1-4months of medicament withdrawal if no involvement of the testosterone inspiring matter ad must remember that a stretched of the hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism be able to cause a minor abuse steroid.


Testosterone Isobutyrate suspension normally engaged an amount of 50-100mg every 14 days to remedy the lack of androgen. The testosterone Isobutyrate suspension frequently engaged an amount of 200-400mg each week once it consumes for hardening purposes of the muscles. A weekly inoculation is favored because of the ache at the part of vaccinated and low dosage. The weekly amount of inoculation that taken 2nd or 3rd day to decrease its volume. It can be able to see the enhanced muscles. Testosterone medicament can be fused with other anabolic/androgenic steroids and adaptable as well.

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