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Top 5 Keys to Build Muscle and Strength




          Not all the long hours spent in the gym lifting weights end up with fantastic muscle gains in muscle and strength. People seeing you might still doubt whether you are lifting weights or not and even ask about it. The worst feeling ever, and no one wants to experience it. Suppose you train for noticeable results and want to get the most out of each training session; this article is for you. We will discuss mixing powerlifting and bodybuilding principles for gaining severe size.


             Both strength and size can happen simultaneously, contrary to what many coaches say. Not rare are cases when we should choose between improving strength or muscle size because they don't go hand in hand. We, like you, want both of them to improve, and this is possible if you follow specific ways of training and dieting. Here is the first one to keep in mind:

1. More Isolations During Offseason For Muscle Gains:


           Offseason is the frame time between competitions or special events. It can be very long or relatively, but the amount of time spent on isolation exercises should be no longer than three months. During this time, focusing on isolation exercises to hit each muscle group is crucial. Use high reps and short rest time between sets.

            Is it the case to abandon compound movements during these weeks? No, stick to some basic compound exercises - squats, deadlifts, pullups, pushups, bench presses - but do isolation movements in a higher percentage.

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Here's the list of isolation exercises for each body part:

2. Combine Powerlifting Elements With Bodybuilding Ones:


          This stage is closer to the competition or special event you are preparing to attend. A mix of powerlifting exercises with bodybuilding ones will cause a spike in muscle growth and body strength. As you know, powerlifters show excellent strength abilities, being able to lift crazy weights. The higher the strongest indicator for a bodybuilder, the more remarkable ability to work out with weights and put more considerable stress on muscle tissue. Because being a bodybuilder is not only about having significant muscle and strength.

           That's why such a combination will leave you with results satisfying your expectations. The training scheme looks like this: the overall number of exercises during a training session should not exceed 10. Divide it into two stages and dedicate the first to compound exercises used mainly in powerlifting. 3-4 practices are enough for a round.

            Next comes isolation exercises, high reps, and the short time between sets. As a rule of thumb, compound exercises should use heavy weights, low reps, and longer rest time between reps. Contrary to this, isolations require a lighter weight, high reps, and a pause of 60 seconds or more between sets.

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3. Free of Bad Fats and Rich in Protein Diet:

            Don't expect to pack on muscle for breakfast, lunch, or dinner with fast foods and sugary drinks. All you will gain following such a diet will be FAT.

          Rule number one regarding building muscle is revising your diet to ensure it fits your goal.

         At least 1 gr of protein for each pound of body weight is the minimum required to cause significant muscle hypertrophy.

         Carbs are necessary but in much lower quantities for those struggling with fat deposits.

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4. Take Supplements for Better Muscle and Strength


             An extensive and robust body needs high amounts of nutritional components, which are hard to supply solely through food intake. Natural resources of the human body are not enough to better, especially when goals are not modest. Supplements help get you to a level many still want to reach when mixed with a proper diet and enough training stimulation.

        Creatine, BCAA, Multivitamins, Tribulus Terrestris, L-Carnitine Caps, Essential Fatty Acids, and Glutamine are the ones to stop your attention. Read in detail about each of them and find out how to mix them by clicking the title: "Best supplements for fast muscle gain."

5. Pay Attention to Your Body Type:

             Compound and isolation movements work great, but tailor them to your body's needs to make them even more effective. A mesomorph gains muscle faster than an ectomorph ("hard gainer"). The scheme mentioned above is perfect for this trainee category and can still be very workable for endomorphs.

            Check our previous post, "Weight training according to your body type," to get some extra insights about building muscle accordingly to your somatotype.

Bottom Line:

              The consequence is the main key element we missed mentioning right from the beginning, but we want to bold it here. Without it, even the most incredible technique and diet would give no results. Therefore, ensure you are motivated enough to pass through the difficult stages of muscle building and keep on with your training. And then, apply the tips mentioned above to build muscle and strength.

             Remember, if you want something you have never had, you must prepare to do something you have never done.



Building muscle mass is what I like to talk about. If your aim is to build a solid body, then my posts would be very beneficial to you. I always want to know your opinion, so don't hesitate to drop a line below or contact me.

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