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Mental Health – How a Bodybuilder Can Improve it?




             One of the most common questions bodybuilders think about is the necessary factor that helps them stand out from the rest and make their place in big competitions like IFBB. Most of the answers you will get on the internet revolve around taking care of your diet, exercising, and buying nutritional supplements to boost your performance in powerlifting bodybuilding for success. But the single most influential component that will take you places no matter which competition you are preparing remains one – your mindset and mental health.

          Without having the optimum cognitive function and a sense of mental wellbeing, you cannot stay motivated and strategic for building up those big muscles you need to win any competition. This is especially true for big contests like IFBB in which you are already facing lots of stress and trying to figure out a way how you can beat the stress and leave nothing to go unnoticed while you train for the big game.

           If you want to really know how to become a huge muscle guy, you need to focus on the roots first. This is how you will be able to get to the level you aspire to be. Your roots, in a literal sense, start from your attitude. Let’s find out some ways you can amplify your mental health with the best tactics around:

 1. Practice Discipline 

            Practicing discipline helps you train your mind to come in the form it needs to perform at its best. When you are disciplining yourself, you are getting into the training mode. Make a note of whatever diet, supplements, and steroids you are consuming and track your intake by the end of the day. Instead of getting carried away by a lazy routine, schedule your day, and make your mind to practice working on fixed timing.

           If you have an endurance training session at 6 in the morning, get up at least an hour ago and prepare yourself for it. It might seem a thing of the military for you, but discipline in itself is a great form of self-care. Not only are you training your mind to beat the competition this way, but also you are giving your mind a huge favor in getting goal-oriented and healthy.

 2. Fix your Sleeping Hours

bodybuilding-sleeping            For bodybuilders, every second can be a deciding factor for your progress. This holds true, especially in big competitions where you have to compete with a lot many around you, and a minute of more sweat than the other competitor might be the differentiating factor in your success. So, make sure while you stay careful about making every minute matter, you pay enough attention to your training and resting hours. In this regard, taking care of your sleeping cycle remains a prominent factor.

          Make sure if you get 7 hours of uninterrupted REM sleep, you stick to these hours. Anything less or more might disturb your whole training regime, especially when the competition you are training for is big and you got nothing to lose. This will also help boost your mental performance as your brain will stay alert, and your circadian rhythms would not interfere in your routine.

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 3. Take Brain-Friendly Foods

         You can take a diet rich in omega fatty acids, natural serotonin-producing foods, and antioxidants for improving your mental health. Taking antioxidants can also benefit your mind in terms of reducing chances of inflammation, which often appear as “brain fog” and does not let you think clearly like you ought to think. To maximize your brain’s potential, you need to take foods such as fish, green and leafy vegetables, liver and liver oil, walnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, and other types of seeds, and consume healthy proteins cooked through steam or hot oven.

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        You need to be careful about the type of food you are consuming in your daily routine and consider the sources. For example, taking too much processed food is not only going to affect your physical performance but also make cognitive factors such as decision-making abilities weaker than usual. Make sure you stick to nature and only include foods that add to your mental and physical health.

           Staying hydrated is also a key element to staying mentally sharp and active as you train and get ready for the big day. If you do not consume sufficient water, you will feel that you lack the general will power, confidence, and the energy it requires to work on the body you want. Also, the depletion of electrolytes will make it even harder for you to stay in the right state of mind and exercise. Drinking enough water to balance out the sweat is of significant importance when it comes to taking care of mental health.

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 4. Play Mind Sharpening Games

            While you are training and exercising throughout the day to keep your mind alert, it is also essential that you play some mind sharpening games for better performance and training. As you play these games regularly, you will note you have less mental fatigue than usual, and you can get much better results while you are training and building your muscles. In a way, these games are helping you to create more accuracy and agility in the mind that ultimately helps you in improving your cognitive performance by the day.

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      For the right brain, you can do activities that revolve around you being creative:

  1. Writing.
  2. Abstract thinking.
  3. Reading.
  4. Painting.
  5. Playing an instrument, and others.

          For the left brain, you can focus on playing mind-sharpening games such as:

  1. Solving crossword puzzles.
  2. Playing scrambles.
  3. Playing brain teasers and trivia quizzes.
  4. Solve logic problems and others.

      These activities will keep you in the fresh state of mind that will ultimately help you boost your performance and keep you ready for the big competition ahead. With better mental agility and an increased concentration, you will feel at your best and be able to outrank your competitors in a better way through sparing a few moments of the day to do such activities.

 5. Experiment with Different Exercises

          Only warmup, workouts, pieces of training, and cool-downs are not enough to keep your performance at best. Though exercises and workouts help to improve your mental health, taking out some time to engage yourself in doing rhythmic exercises that involve rhythmic breathing and a present state of mind will help you increase will power and concentration that you need to get better at the game and outrank other competitors. These exercises involve yoga, meditation, martial arts, judo karate, and other ancient techniques that satisfy both your mind and body to engage well with each other.

           You will note that your mind will be better able to find a balance and perform better in training as well as the competition day. Such exercises will help get the better circulation of nutrients and oxygen towards your brain and get you in the right state of mind.

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 6. Take Care of Steroid Cycles

When Was It Banned In The US?          Bodybuilders might take steroids that increase the testosterone level in the body, which ultimately helps in improving performance at the competition with better muscles and higher core strength. People show their concern over the use of steroids on their psychological health – but facts have revealed that such effects occur when these steroids are taken in excessive amounts, or the steroid cycles are disturbed. In many cases, bodybuilders who experience such negative consequences are unknowingly taking steroids that are not manufactured in accordance with the law.

           To make sure you do not get any adverse effects on your mental health through steroids, you need to take some measures and take great care of your steroid cycles. Moreover, legal steroids should be taken that mostly contain creatinine. A natural steroid that yields faster muscle recovery, and better muscle buildup.

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           To avoid any danger to mental health, it is essential you take steroids in cycling, a relatively safer method to consume steroids as compared to stacking, pyramiding, or plateauing, all of which might lead to substance abuse. Cycling involves taking multiple doses of the legal steroid in a specific amount of time and waiting for the dose to complete its effect. For better maintenance of mental health, it is essential you take care of the method you use for taking the recommended steroids and the total dosage of the product.


           While anyone can follow strict diet routines and do training sessions for getting big muscles for the competition. A more necessary thing to remember is to get prepared from the inside – something not possible without having a great mental state of wellbeing – through better mental health. If you are not strong enough from the inside to bear the intense pressure and stress of the game, your muscles, no matter how big they are built, cannot help you win. Winners in such sports know that the real competition begins at the mind. It is one of the factors that differentiate a pro from an amateur.

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