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Post Cycle Therapy Vs. B&C: Which is Best for You?




              There has been a heated debate about Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) and Blast and Cruise (B&C) among bodybuilders. Even as we aim to choose the best between the two, it is important to note that what works for someone else may not always work for you. Whether to go PCT or B&C is determined by certain factors, most of them are beyond your control. For instance, old age and physique are major determinants of the kind of technique to choose. But first, what do you understand by the terms PCT and B&C? Well, we will explain them in this article and hopefully help you pick the best for your current physique.

Post Cycle Therapy

           You must have come across this term if you’re a seasoned bodybuilder. For those who might not have heard of it, PCT is a recovery and self-care technique used by bodybuilders and other athletes to come off a steroid cycle. Its main purpose is to help the body to adapt to its new form after a successful cycle. There are no major changes in body weight while on PCT, even when the diet is changed. Considered the most body-friendly of the two, PCT is normally used by beginners who are unable to adapt to post-cycle changes immediately. However, the strategy is still used by bodybuilding pros after to come off cycling or change from one cycle to another.


             As you may be aware, coming off a cycle is easy and hard at the same time. This option is usually for those who want to come out as fast as they can without it taking a toll on them. Although considered an option for ‘weaklings’, PCT has helped many would-be champions keep their form. There is a myth that people who blast do not PCT well, but that is quite misguided. On the contrary, some bodybuilders have succeeded in alternating the two rather than going with one. It all comes down to what you can or cannot handle.

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Blast and Cruise

              Blast and Cruise is a term used to refer to an initial increase then decrease in cycle dosage instead of coming off steroids altogether. Blasting involves taking a certain Xmg of a steroid for a fixed period, say four weeks, while cruising is taking (X-Y) mg of the steroid for the next four weeks. For instance, if you blast 500mg of tren and 1000mg of another steroid for five weeks, then you should cruise only 500mg of the steroid for the next 10 weeks. The cycle should be repeated for as long as necessary, each time adding or dropping a particular drug when blasting and not necessarily altering cruising.

PCT Cycle

             However, the amount of time for blasting and cruising may differ depending on the bodybuilder’s preference and the type of steroids in question. Similarly, there is no fixed dosage for a particular steroid while blasting or cruising; it all depends on how your body is responding to the cycle. While most bodybuilders prefer keeping it proportional, some would want to use different steroids to blast while maintaining only one for cruising. Additionally, pro bodybuilders usually make blast and cruise proportional all year round irrespective of the steroid combination. Most importantly, it is only considered a blast and cruise if someone uses testosterone to cruise. It doesn’t matter the type of steroids one uses to blast, but a successful B&C must use testosterone as the base. Bodybuilders who have tried to deviate from this rule have found it difficult to achieve their cycle goals.

Advantages of PCT

            Post-cycle therapy has several advantages if you know what you're doing. Our research has revealed that this technique works best for upcoming bodybuilders who are not used to cycling. Here are some benefits one stands to get by using PCT.

  • There are no major changes in body weight so one doesn't have to alter their diet.
  • It is much easier on your body.
  • It promotes natural bodybuilding thus reducing the chances of one getting hooked to steroids.
  • One can avoid nasty side effects that are associated with prolonged use of steroids.
  • Allows one to reach their limit by promoting natural muscle growth.
  • May make your bodybuilding career a bit cheaper without regular jabbing
  • It leads to better consolidation of gains as there is not much impact on the body's hormonal balance.
  • The risk of infertility from steroid use is reduced significantly.

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Disadvantages of PCT

         Critics of post-cycle therapy for recovery have cited several reasons they might never attempt it. While we may not independently verify those claims, you must consult widely before deciding. Your doctor or personal trainer could be the best person to guide you accordingly. Here are the known cons of PBCT.

  • Recovery is not always guaranteed, so cycling may not result in any benefits despite investing a lot of time and resources in it.
  • It is considered to be a technique for bodybuilders who don’t have the balls to keep jabbing.
  • It may not work if one has gotten used to using steroids over a long period.
  • Recovery might take longer than expected, hence throwing one into a physical and psychological crisis.
  • It does not work well with aging bodybuilders.
  • It is associated with too much blues which not many people can cope with.

Advantages of B&C

  • One has lesser chances of undergoing physical and mental deterioration.
  • Cruising after blasting allows the body to normalize its functions and get you back on track as soon as possible.
  • Cruising prevents permanent damage to vital organs. If anything, such organs have been found to perform at a bigger capacity than normal.
  • Faster progress is made compared to PCT.

Disadvantages of B&C

        Although many bodybuilders prefer getting the jab for their entire lives and career, B&C comes with certain disadvantages you need to know about.

  • The gains decrease significantly as one continues using steroids. It is because steroids, unlike amphetamines, do not increase their effect on the body when the dosage is increased. The result is that the body demands more but without an impact.
  • Increased risk of the permanent shutdown of natural testosterone as one continues using high doses of steroids.
  • If the body develops tolerance to steroids, it may lead to partial recovery and this is bad from a clinical point of view. Furthermore, partial recovery is considered to be worse than PCT blues that are feared by most bodybuilders.
  • It may lead to permanent damage of vital organs if cruising is not done properly. That is because steroid doses in B&C are usually administered above the psychological range consistently.
  • The risk for infertility is higher because the steroids do not only reduce your sex drive but may also cut down the user’s sperm count.


           It is fair enough to say that PCT and B&C are more or less the same depending on how one views it. For instance, someone who does a 24-week cycle may consider it to be B&C while in fact, it is just a long cycle. In this case, the cycle may serve as a PCT for a young bodybuilder and a B&C for another that is nearing retirement. Additionally, some people don’t have the intention to recover at all, so they assume they’re blasting and cruising. However, without adhering to the proper way of B&C, that could not be considered as such.

Choosing the Best Strategy for You

            Whether to go PCT or B&C is more of a personal choice but you could use a piece of advice. First, everyone has their goals concerning their physical appearance and can't be stopped until they achieve them. That is quite positive but you must not be too blinded by the goals to the extend of bypassing certain precautions. Before you decide on your cycling technique, consider your body’s unique needs.

The Results of Skipping PCT

             Ask yourself whether you're doing this to win titles or to feel good about your body. If the former is your motivation, we strongly recommend going the PCT route. The reason for this is simple; you have a lot to do with your life once the physique farce is gone. Trust me, you don’t want to spend the rest of your life regretting the choices you made in this regard. Only choose B&C if you’re convinced that is what you want and ready to do it for the rest of your life. Most importantly, listen to your body and do exactly what it wants you to do. Weigh the pros and cons of the two techniques and see if it is something you can handle.


            Post Cycle Therapy and B&C will help you come off a steroid cycle and using them permanently, respectively, but one has to do it right. Be honest with yourself about what you want before settling on either method. Also, note that the use of anabolic and androgenic steroids (AAS) in fitness and bodybuilding will be around for a long time. However, the use of AAS is regulated and unregulated in equal measure. While we advocate the safe use of steroids, does not advocate the unlawful use, possession, and supply of prohibited substances. Go through our shop to find genuine, high-quality steroid products to help with your cycling.

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