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Top 10 Erection Gels & Creams for Him





              If you would like to improve your sexual life, it may be best to invest in a male enhancement product that can help you out. The following erection gels are considered to be quite effective in improving erection and arousal. While each product comes with its respective pros and cons, it is safe to say that each of the following male enhancement products we shall be outlining below received a good number of positive reviews by customers. All in all they are surely worth a try, until you manage to find the erection gel that works best for you. Erection Gels & Creams can really help you. Bellow find the top 10 of them.

Innergize B12 Cream –

            This Erection Gels & Creams, all natural cream is considered to be one of the best on the market since it is completely made from natural ingredients including aloe vera, folic acid, olive oil, coconut oil shea butter and essential oils and herbs. It is made in the USA and it even comes with a money back guarantee.

         B12 Cream by Innergize >> HERE

           Innergize comes with a pump which is easy to use, and every time you will be getting 500mcg of B12 and 10mg L-Arginine. It is effective and long-lasting, so you can get great value for money from this product. The only drawback is that it takes a bit long to dry after application.

Viamax Maximum Gel –

            This male enhancement gel received much acclaim as it effectively stimulates the blood flow soon after being applied. You can get an enhanced stamina and erection after you start using it, thus improving your sexual drive.

Viamax Maximum Gel >> HERE

           It is made from the Butea Superba herb, which is proven to work very well for erections. The gel is easy to apply and it is absorbed quickly. According to some negative reviews though it worked only as a good moisturizer.

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Erexanol - Male Enhancement Erection Gel

            This male enhancement gel helps to increase the firmness and the sensation one feels. It is made from powerful ingredients, and has a smooth texture which makes it easy to apply.

Erexanol Erection Gel >> HERE

          All in all good value for money as it is relatively more affordable than other gels. However its fragrance is not very pleasant. Also, is one off the best from Erection Gels & Creams on the market.

Ofanyia Max Man –

           This gel helps to increase erection time, and enhances sexual pleasure. It is made from a range of natural ingredients, mainly plant extracts. It seemed to work well for some, while others commented that they did not notice any results after use.

Ofanyia Max Man >> HERE

ColorfulLaVie Men’s energy cream -

ColorfulLaVie Men’s energy cream

             This gel worked considerably well for some men who noticed an improved sexual desire as a result of a bigger erection after they started using it. This product helps with improved pelvic blood flow, and it also helps with skin nourishment and repair. Some mentioned that it did not work as well as they expected it to.

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Titan Gel –

           A considerably effective male enhancement gel which improves your sexual life thanks to more stamina, control and endurance. It is made from natural ingredients and is non-GMO.

Titan Gel >> HERE

        According to some users it worked very well, while others did not notice such a considerable improvement. All in all though it seems to be worth a try as there were quite a good number of positive reviews about it.

Classic Erotica Max Arousal gel –

              A smooth gel formula which increases male arousal and libido. It is made from powerful and effective ingredients which produce a stimulating sensation for arousal and a better sexual experience. Some reviews mentioned that they experienced a burning sensation after applying it though. However other than that it seems to be an effective and popular product.

MAX arousal >> HERE

           Must be 18 yr. old & over to purchase. Sexual items are not returnable. Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Doc Johnson Plump enhancing cream for men –

             If you want to enhance the thickness and size, while benefiting from a better erection, this cream is worth trying out. It is not that expensive, and it has a fast acting formula which seems to have worked well for many men.

Johnson Power Plus Delay Cream for Men >> HERE

          It is also made in America and it is PETA-certified. Other advantages of this cream include the fact that it is odorless and flavorless. It does not seem to work that well when it comes to hardening the penis, as it is more effective to increase the girth.

Sensum + Cream –

       This can well be the ideal cream if you are looking for improved penile sensitivity. It is also a great moisturizer. Made in the USA, this cream is compliant with FDA and GMP standards, which is an indication of high quality.

Sensum+ >> HERE

             It comes in single use packets, which is both great for ease of use as well as for portability and discretion purposes. Some said that it did not help them get the results expected and that it left a film after application.

Xdrive The Moment Stimulating personal lubricant –

            A male enhancement silicone-based lube that can help make your sex life much better. It gives off a warm, tingly sensation which stimulates and invigorates you to get better arousal and sensitivity. It is made from high quality ingredients. Considered to be quite effective, but since it is silicone based it may not be ideal for everyone.

X Drive Stimulating Lubricant >> HERE

Conclusion - Erection Gels & Creams

           There are various male enhancement products available on the market. While they all naturally claim to be the best and most effective, one cannot really vouch for any product. The truth is that what works well for one man might not be that effective for another one. It is therefore important to choose the male enhancement product that can give you the desired results after carrying out a thorough research and compare and contrast different products. It is important to take the time to check the ingredient formulation as it is best to stick with products made mainly or solely from natural ingredients.

             Obviously until one tries out the product personally it is only a matter of trying to ascertain if it seems to be an effective and reputable product from reviews. The above mentioned male enhancement products ranked well when compared to each other and in relation to other products, so they are well worth a try. Having said that, if we were to pick the best one of Erection Gels & Creams, we feel that the Innergize B12 Cream outranks the rest since it delivered the best results for many, and also due to its formidable formulation and ingredients.

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