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The Science of Steroids




The science behind steroids is truly fascinating. Not only can steroids alter our bodies, but completely change the way we work, play, and think. The world of steroids is often confusing because there are such stigmas attached to them; this can usually mean that it’s difficult to pick the facts out of the fiction. Because of this, we decided to shine a little light on steroids themselves and how they really work within our bodies. Steroids have a long muddied history that inaccurately portrays the truth of what they really are.

To keep from feeding that fire you’ll find no opinion here and just the cold hard facts about how steroids really work. Steroids are based on and founded on science, so it’s important for anyone considering steroid use to know what’s behind them and how they tick. You may even be surprised by what you learn.

How Do Steroids Work?

How Do Steroids Work?

          We’ve all heard about the benefits of steroids and how they can enhance muscle mass, and strength and boost drive, but do you really know how they work or interact with the body?

Hormones like testosterone and estrogen were formed through evolution as a means to give more drive to procreation. Hormones are behind most of our emotions and can alter the way we think or feel about the people and things around us.

Testosterone allows us to build muscle, grow body hair, promote bone growth, and even gives us a sex drive. Estrogen helps regulate all aspects of the menstrual cycle, promotes breast tissue growth, and can even alter emotions to be more nurturing, which scientists believed evolved to allow women to act as caretakers to human young.

Though testosterone is seen as the “male” sex hormone and estrogen is seen as the “female” sex hormone they are both actually present in both genders. Over time scientists and developers were able to recognize that hormones played a role in body differences between the sexes.

They found that the typical “male” hormone testosterone was responsible for enhanced muscle definition and a greater physical drive. It was determined that harnessing this hormone and adding it to injections it could increase muscle size and strength in anyone.

Steroids are in their simplest form synthetic hormones. They’re designed to react in the body like hormones with all the same boosts and benefits of hormones. When used in bodybuilding they can seriously bulk up muscle mass. As we work out and apply tension and strain on our muscles, what’s happening underneath the skin is a series of tiny rips and tears to the muscle fibers.

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Our body then reacts by repairing these fibers using testosterone which makes them not only come back to normal but makes them rougher and therefore bigger and stronger than before. When higher amounts of hormones (steroids) are introduced into this process it means your body has more readily available stocks of testosterone to pump into the muscles during the repairing process.

Steroids can even be used to make more toned-looking physiques instead of the bulky macho-men most people picture. They’re used by almost all professional athletes as their ability to add strength to muscles results in speedier muscles and faster reflexes. This means that all athletes could see benefits from steroids regardless of their stance on steroidal use.

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How Steroids Were Invented?

Steroids were created as a means of giving an athlete a leg up on the competition. Because they have literally been around for centuries in the form of herbs, hallucinogens, drugs, and alcohol mixes they haven’t always been nearly the exact science that they are today.

The modern-day steroids that we know now were cultivated in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s in the form of cocaine and heroin. These drugs were revered in sports and medical medicine with their ability to give the user energy and diminish hunger.

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This was great for athletes as professional sports and a modern-day competition was on the rise. While athletes started to actually train their bodies up for strength and endurance, they needed ways to keep up their stamina for the training session.

What are Synthetic Steroids?

             Steroids proved highly effective for these means and athletes began testing their physical limits by mixing the drugs as well as taking significantly high doses. As science and knowledge of the human body advanced and progressed so did steroids. In the 1930’s scientists discovered the male hormone androstenone by isolating it from mass quantities of urine.

Androstenone was quickly put into the market by physicians to help seriously ill patients and doctors marveled at the hormone’s ability to give their patients more drive and energy. It was also used to boost muscle production in weightlifters and was highly successful.

Because of this success scientists and pharmaceutical companies pushed to create an even stronger hormone produced by the testes called testosterone. They found its high quantities in men were what was responsible for the significant muscle differences in men and women.

Over time scientists were able to individually harness it creating the anabolic steroids we know today. Steroid use in American athletes was pushed further in the 40’s and 50’s due to overwhelming European domination in Olympic weightlifting events.

The US Olympic team’s physician Dr. Ziegler pushed to establish the first FDA-approved steroid “Dianabol” which produced even better results than European steroids with fewer negative side effects.

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What to Learn From The Science:

         Steroids are incredibly controversial in the world of sports, but you can’t deny that they contain the ability to make stronger, faster and ultimately better athletes. However, introducing these high doses of hormones to the body doesn’t come without its risks.

But most professional athletes will argue that the risks don’t outweigh their better performance. Science has come a long way in being able to better predict how steroids can expand and improve the human body, and it’s only getting better.

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Steroids are becoming a more exact science by the day and can be monitored to influence precise enhancements in the system.

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