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          You may have been one of those who is wondering about testosterone conversion to estrogen speed. In any of your age, be it forty or forty-five years old, it could have been possible that your testosterone is converted into estrogen. Actually, it is essential to understand that women and men make testosterone. This hormone is needed by both women and men in adding leaner muscles, keeping the body’s energy up and motivating you off getting out of bed. In addition to that, you will expect that your libido will be lifted.

Issue Happening To Women and Men:

Issue Happening To Women and Men:

         The main issue faced by both women and men is that an excess of testosterone converts into estrogen. This does not only bring weight gain but also difficulty in adding body’s lean muscles. Loss of energy is also mostly observed among individuals. One more thing is that estrogen dominance is commonly observed. This will, therefore, make you even more susceptible to a lot of issues like cancer.

Drug Manufacturers Pushing Men to Check Their Testosterone:


          There is actually an obvious sign observed in an excess of estrogen. There are more fatty issues that could be found around the chest. Also, there are fatty issues or adipose tissues in the waist and chest. In this regard, drug manufacturers are pushing men to check on their testosterone levels.

       This way, they will be able to know what causes the erectile dysfunction, loss of libido and stamina.

        It is just that they are keen on prescribing testosterone drugs than the inexpensive and old fashion testosterone. In addition to that, these drugs do not help you in order to figure out why the body does not produce enough testosterone.

          By taking synthetic drugs as a form of replacement, the body is on its way of producing less of its own. The moment you stop on taking this drug, you will, of course, feel terrible. You will be forced to get another prescription.

Other Essential Information to Keep in Mind:

         Prior to the low levels of testosterone, these are particularly attributed to depression. The testosterone is also lowered by way of “statin drugs”. These are mostly prescribed by doctors in order to lower the body’s cholesterol.

         For the majority of women, an excess in estrogen level will lead to fibroids, difficulty in falling asleep, mood swings, PMS, lack of energy and libido and menopausal symptoms.

Everybody Convert Testosterone Level into Estrogen:

      Men have been created by God to retain all their testosterone. However, only about 1/10 of testosterone conversion to estrogen. They need to have enough amount of testosterone that runs through their body. That way, they will be able to wake up of their bed every day. They will also finally be strong, feel energized and maintained all their desires.

What Is Responsible For The Speedy Conversion of Testosterone to Estrogen?

What Is Responsible For The Speedy Conversion of Testosterone to Estrogen?

          What factor is responsible for the speedy conversion of testosterone to estrogen? This is none other than the enzyme known as aromatase. If there is an excess of an enzyme, one will convert a lot of testosterone to estrogen. This applies to both women and men. Even if aromatase has its essential role to play, too much of it will lead to negative effects later on.

What Causes an Increase in Aromatase?

What Causes an Increase in Aromatase?

         Meals or snacks are mainly loaded with essential nutrients like carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are sourced out from processed and refined flour including sugar. Sugar and carbohydrates are believed to be the main contributor to this sudden surge.

         That is the reason why you need to eat only less of high-carbohydrate meals. This must as well be avoided at night. This is due to the very reason that it might trigger the conversion of testosterone into estrogen for both women and men.

Take a Closer Look at Your Diet:

          If you think that you are not doing right in following your diet, it will help to avoid eating too much of high-carbohydrate snacks or meals. If you always follow your sweet tooth, it is about time to make some changes necessary to your diet. Cut out treats and snacks you usually eat late at night.

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Have Your Zinc Status Checked:

         You will need to have your zinc status checked. This is inexpensively and quickly believed to be useful in determining if you are low on such mineral. This will guide you to help determine if you will convert your body’s testosterone.

       Zinc is essential for a strong reproductive and immune system. This will help keep the aromatase enzyme under control. It will help if you gather some herbs like pygeum, saw palmetto, nettles and pumpkin seeds loaded with zinc.

         These will all help you achieve your goal of keeping your body’s aromatase levels normal. As per these herbs, these will need to be used by women and men aging forty-years-old and above. These will also greatly help those who have more than twenty pounds of their body weight.

Sleep and Intense Exercise:

Sleep and Intense Exercise:

        Sleep and intense exercise will always be the best ways of increasing your body’s testosterone levels. Prior to getting sleep, make it sure of getting enough. If you have trouble staying asleep or sleeping, it will be a good idea to solve the issue right away. That way, you will enjoy a good night sleep.

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         In regard to exercise, you will need to make it more intense. This will help you in order to release more testosterone. Walking will help release the testosterone levels in your body. Jogging will produce more. Weight training will also help level up your testosterone levels. You could just follow an intense and quick exercise.

           If you want, just try a five-minute workout which could be intense and quick. This will help produce more growth hormones and testosterone in a short time period. Just perform the body weight exercises that you could do.

          Always keep in mind that it is not entirely about the quantity of testosterone that you make. It is about how much you will gladly keep. Never let the lack of zinc or diet is the culprit in downgrading your testosterone levels!

Now, you have learned more about the Testosterone Conversion to Estrogen Speed!


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