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Ever Try 4 Weeks on 4 Weeks Off Continuously?



Ever Try 4 Weeks on 4 Weeks Off Continuously?

Have You Ever Tried 4 Weeks On 4 Weeks Off Continuously?

      If not yet, then you may have been curious about the feedbacks coming from the guys running this cycle. You may as well search for the feedbacks of people who have tried it in some other forums.

Some Do Not Like The Idea:

Ever Try 4 Weeks on 4 Weeks Off Continuously?

        Some people do not like the idea of running for 4 weeks. They think that what amount of gains will be obtained from such a particular short cycle. This idea is not approved by some because right after that, you will get PCT after the next four weeks.

        You will need to give your body quite of your time after the PCT. This must be considered in mind before jumping into the next cycle. Some said that four-week cycles will be a huge waste of money or time.

4 Weeks on 4 Weeks Off Are Productive and Good When Designed Correctly

         4 weeks cycles will always be very productive and very good. That is only when they are intended to be followed properly and correctly. This is also, especially if the right compounds have been used. In regard to the 4 weeks off, it will still depend on your recovery process.

       You need to keep in mind that a short cycle will prime the body. This will surely be one of the significant things for you to do. You must never leave your home without it.

Short Cycles like 4 Weeks Can Work but Not Recommended by Some:

         It is not recommended to follow a short and heavy cycle at all. In any level or state that one is at, it is believed that short cycles will work. These could simply be designed at any particular level. Nevertheless, only the right procedure and the right compounds will need to be implemented.


      For novice workout enthusiasts, they will only need to follow the usual length cycles. They will need to consider their experience when it comes to using the compounds.

         In addition to that, fans of a short cycle like 4 weeks on are known to really work for some people. In a short cycle such as this, it will indeed be very beneficial for the results of an individual. This is especially when one has a good build, low bf and the good amount of cycling experience.

        Since everybody is different in his or her own way, anyone should try any aspects of cycling. One must find a way to find the right activity/cycling that works for them.

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Newbies Benefiting From A Twelve To Sixteen Week Cycle:

      There has already been a lot of discussions and talk about 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off. The opinion of other people is that they could do a short and fast acting cycle. In regard to newbies, this is entirely a different story.

      They will of course benefit from a twelve to a sixteen-week cycle of the test. They will also need to run Deca until they become more experienced and knowledgeable.

Best To Be On A 4 Weeks On:

       In a 4-week cycle, it is believed to be very good. This is only when it is followed and done the right way possible. It will be a good idea to run it by means of the following:

  • Four weeks on
  • 4 weeks off
  • Four weeks on
  • Eight Weeks off

 All these have been suggested for the prohormones. This will, of course, apply to the AAS.

No Specific Time To Be Off For:

        Prior to short cycles like 4 weeks on, it is believed that no specific time off is followed. The time off will be determined by the results of blood work and the recovery. It will also include your budget or money. That is due to the reason that it will require you a lot of money. This is not regarded as a cheap lifestyle.

Incorporate A Good Training Program And Good Diet:

      Incorporate a Good Training Program and Good DietYou will need to incorporate a good training program and a good diet. It will help if you will also try intense training including a bulking diet for months. You will be able to get a more solid mass on your body. You will also be able to start your cycle out.

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       If you will try a 4-week cycle, it will help to do some bulking. Add up some diet over the next weeks. Prime the short cycle for about six to eight weeks. You will for sure be in a better position after gaining some muscle tissues.

6x6 Are Also Better:

        4 weeks on 4 weeks off are also believed by some to be okay. But, 6 weeks on 6 weeks off are still a lot better. That is why you may try this one out. In just six weeks, your body will begin to maintain its homeostasis.

       If you want, you may try a six-week prop cycle.  It will also take about six weeks off. Hit it again. The prop could be used alone. You could also make use of mast w/ prop.

Keep Things Clean And Simple:

       You will need to keep things just clean and simple. You will need actually a six-week cycle. Also, you could just hit and then run. This will be a way to keep the mind, soul, and body healthy. Your diet and your workout will need to be right as well. Protein intakes are also essential.

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       They need to be obtained to bring out solid gains. You will for sure achieve a smooth curve. You will also need to consider in mind some important elements all throughout the cycle. Now, you have learned more about 4 weeks on 4 weeks off. In this regard, you need to keep in mind that cycling can be quite dangerous.

        The risks are also very high. If there are no breaks that will be followed between cycles, the body may shut down its important functions such as high blood pressure, testosterone production, prostate function and a whole lot more.

Also, remember that the time between the cycles will be a natural part of the training!


Building muscle mass is what I like to talk about. If your aim is to build a solid body, then my posts would be very beneficial to you. I always want to know your opinion, so don't hesitate to drop a line below or contact me.

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