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It’s That Time of Year Again

       Well, it’s that time of year again when everyone wants to look stunning and when everyone is looking forward to losing a few pounds. And you already know what season we are talking about here. To get ready for the summer season, you will undoubtedly be offered an array of different diets. Many of those diets are unrealistic for the average person due to not being able to buy countless ingredients. Not only that these diets are bad for you, but they are also unrealistic. 16 Weeks Steroid Cycle is perfect for better results.

      Now, many people ask themselves what the quickest way to look great this summer and lose some weight. However, there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to summer weight loss. One of the biggest mistakes people make regarding summer weight loss is eating less food and doing huge amounts of cardio exercises.

However, this approach is extremely wrong. In this article, we will talk about how you can lose some weight quickly this summer and which anabolic best summer steroid cycle you will need this summer.

You Don’t Eat Enough Food:

Many people mistake a lot when they eat less food and do huge amounts of cardio exercises. This is extremely wrong. These people aren’t aware of the fact that the main weight loss contributor is in their food. Also, people aren’t aware that the main reason they aren’t losing weight is that you don’t eat enough food.

Look, you should have three big meals throughout the day, three snacks, and drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Because you are made out of 70% water, it is essential to have at least eight cups of it per day. The water will clear you of toxins, and it is also great for your heart and your skin.

About Cardio:

         Although cardio exercises are important for weight loss, it is the cardio exercises and strength exercises that truly have the most impact when it comes to weight loss.

When you strengthen your muscles and build them, your body will, in turn, burn off more calories. This is better than doing nothing, as this increases your metabolism and allows you to lose fat quicker.

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Adjusting to Healthy Eating:

Food is probably one of the hardest things to have full control over it. There are a plethora of articles and labels telling you what to eat for one week and then next week, and so on. However, you can forget about these articles since most are nonsense.

A brilliant way to start eating healthy and getting adjusted to it is not going mad all at once. The gradual approach works best. Instead of eliminating foods, try substituting foods. For example, instead of eating white rice and pasta, opt for the brown version of these foods. The same thing goes for bread. Instead of eating regular potatoes, eat sweet potatoes.

A Summary

  • To lose fat, you don’t need to eat less. You have to eat right.
  • Enjoy your exercises. Combine strength exercises with cardio exercises.
  • Three meals per day are a must, and snacks between them.
  • Drink water

Summer 16-Week Steroid Cycle:

Now that you have learned how to lose fat before summer, let’s talk about the best summer anabolic steroid cycle.

So, if you want to be in excellent shape this summer, you should prepare for April. We won’t make this text long as we will feature only the basic things you need to know. Start doing all of these things from April and don’t leave them for the last minute. Everything needs time and if you want to see results, you need to do things slowly and the correct way.

  1. Exclude Sugars.
  2. If you still have more than 25% body fat, avoid eating after 17 PM.
  3. Add cardio after each training for 30 minutes.
  4. Work out in 20 reps range. In May, switch to supersets.

Now let’s feature the best summer steroid cycle. The best summer 16-week steroid cycle you can run for is Testosterone Propionate/Boldenone Undecylenate/Winstrol cycle.

You will use Testosterone Propionate and Boldenone Undecylenate from the beginning to the end of the cycle. When it comes to Winstrol, you will use it from Week 9 to Week 16.

You will take 100mg/EOD [each other day] of Testosterone Propionate, and you will take 600mg/week (divide into 2 shots 300mg/each) of Boldenone.

When it comes to Stanozolol, you will use 100mg/EOD of it.

The PCT after this cycle is Clomid and Nolvadex. 20mg of  Nolvadex aka Tamoxifen, daily for 2 weeks to bring back your natural testosterone production.


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