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Bulking Up? Why you Need a Trainer at the Beginning?



Bulking Up? Why you Need a Trainer at the Beginning?

Bulking Up:

          Bulking up; into the simplest terms means to eat more than you already do and exercise harder than usual that you do for making more muscle. But for bulking up successfully you need to carry out this task in a correct way, or you will start gaining up a lot more weight than expected without achieving the body of your dreams.

         But bulking up is specifically not about eating everything you can, but also burning the excess fats of the body.  The best time for being bulked up is once you’ve been done dieting. It’s a good time because on that point if you start eating the right things more the body will absorb all goodness of the meal, as it was not getting a lot of this nutrition while dieting period and will take it all like a mop. Although before being bulked up, if you got at least 10% excess body fats or can’t see the abs afterward you have to lose it until you can see the upper 2 abs line.

First steps for Bulking Up

        For being bulked up it’s important that one keeps their diet in control. For even though you can gain a lot of weight as muscle mass but some part of it will be definitely body fat mass. So for your bulk diet, take proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in the correct quantity. You need almost 300 grams of proteins per day; you should receive the prescribed proteins from chickens, egg whites, salmon, tunas and turkey.

       Also, you need 300 grams of carbs per day and can eat rice, broccoli, oatmeals, sweet potato, and green leafy salads for enough carbs for one day.

      You need 3 tbsps of good fats for each day for women & 1.5 tbsps for men. Make sure you are consuming correct fats because the harmful fats can destroy the whole plan of your bulking up.

        Good and right fats can be found in canned extra virgin olive oils, flaxseed oils, and fish cod oil. The right amount of these three nutrients can make your bulking up a piece of cake!

        But, your bulking can never be successful without proper exercise and workout. You can’t complete the body goal just by a proper diet; you should properly workout as well.

       How many days you can train a week depends on your experience and your stamina. But whatever you do you should not exceed 60 minutes of exercise. Your body will suffer from the side effects of over-exercising. You can choose 3-6 days to work out, give your body 1 day to heal it.

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Three types of routines from which you can choose i.e.

      The Beginner’s Routine; exercise on three nonconsecutive days perform 2 sets of all exercise and rest for 1 minute. You are going to need a trainer to guide you at the start of your journey.

       The Intermediate Routine; if you have been training since the past 12- 15 weeks than this schedule is best for you as your body is already used to working out, split your exercise into two parts in two days: upper body part and lower body part practice this routine four days a week with light cardio the remaining days. Don’t exercise for over 1 hour.

       The Advanced Routine; for this routine, you are required to at least a year’s practice as this work out is highly intense. In this routine you need to set 2 days for each type of exercise like shoulder and arms on Monday and Thursday, chest and back on Wednesday and Saturday and legs on Tuesday and Friday.

        Cardio should also be included in all the routines but should not exceed the time 50 minutes 2 times a week.

        The real question here is why do I want a trainer at the beginning of my bulking journey? So, answer to this question is: a trainer can give you some tips regarding your workout that none other will give you.

They can guide you according to their knowledge and their main aim is to make certain that you achieve your goal. Apart from this; there are some more amazing things that your personal trainer can help you with.

Reasons Why You Need a Personal Trainer:

Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

  1. They challenge you to your limits: if you think you can’t do a certain thing or can’t achieve a particular goal, all you need is a trainer who will motivate you to achieve them because without them it’s hard to do so. A trainer is your motivator for life.
  2. They are available at your convenience: being a trainer is a very flexible job, they can squeeze themselves in time which is suitable for you to exercise, it can be early in the morning or in the afternoon they can make themselves available for your convenience because they know that each person got their own suitable time to exercise.
  3. Personalized workouts: they will create a workout that suits your everyday life and your diet. A workout plan that will only be suitable for you as they made keeping your lifestyle in mind; they will make sure you enjoy your sessions.
  4. They are your therapists: if you got a personal trainer, chances are: they are also the therapist you can talk to them about anything as they become your good friends. The relation between a trainer and a trainee can be a good one as you spend 1- 2 hours almost every day together.
  5. Trainer won’t let you waste time: if you can’t convince yourself to head to the gym or even if you do you can’t agree with your mind to workout wholeheartedly then you need someone who will constantly urge you to work out and achieve your goal (who can be better than a trainer to do so?).
  6. Help in setting goals: a trainer will help you set some fitness goals that can easily achieve. They can set goals on levels for you to achieve step by step.


       If you set yourself a huge goal that is practically impossible to achieve. And if you can’t achieve it you probably will lose. All hope and stop working for it altogether. A trainer will help you in coming out of the phase with good determination. Also, will be to achieve your body goals.

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       These were some of the benefits of hiring a trainer. You can hire a trainer at any point of life; whether you are at the beginning of your journey, in the middle or at the climax.

        But you especially need one when you are at the beginning. Because at that time you aren’t entirely clear about specific things. Like how to exercise or what are the best things for eating.

          It’s highly recommended you to hire a personal trainer for the beginning of your fitness journey.


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