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How Can You Tell The Difference Between a Bodybuilder Who’s on Steroids and a Natural One?




The Difference Between Natural Bodybuilders vs. Steroid Bodybuilders :

FFMI Scale:

       FFMI is the scientific method that determines the muscle mass of your body.  It indicates the size of the trap of a weightlifter. FFMI scale is similar to BMI, but it encounters muscle mass and accurately estimates body fat and assign you a number accordingly. Humans have an FFMI limit that is the natural phenomenon. The number 25 is the FFMI upper limit where the average is 19 for a male. FFMI thus facilitates the indication without lab tests.

Steroids vs natural bodybuilding

Steroids Description:

     No doubt, steroids help in gaining strength and muscle mass that is difficult to maintain throughout their life. While Natural bodybuilding is about the natural process of muscle gaining without using drugs.

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     Olympia history clearly depicts the notion of “Be bigger to be the Winner”. The visual difference is massive for the drug user, as their profession requires profound and unique looks. So, to maintain their career they need to maintain their best body appearance for the winning position.

Steroid User:

The below picture shows the look before and after the steroids use:


Steroid use gives an extraordinary look that you cannot achieve without steroid usage.

   Guzman has 22–24FFMI and he appears like this.

   He managed a hard diet plan and work out for 6 days/ week. This guy thus worked himself for his muscle gains. A person with abs of six-pack and 400+ pounds will be a confirm steroids user.

Signs That You are on Steroids:

We can identify either the person is on steroids or not by considering the following signs.

  • Bad skin is the sign that the person is on the steroids.
  • Disproportionately seems obvious, for instance, a person has large shoulder and trap muscles because these body areas are enriched with androgen receptors so they respond first.
  • These also cause extreme vascularity due to fat burning and high BP that steroids result.
  • Users have huge shoulders in comparison with natural muscle developer.
  • Steroid user has 3D muscles look – outward chest and heavy six-packs.
  • They have a lower level of body fat and also have thicker hair on the body.

    Exercise gives you even skin tone, and no acne problem, moreover, it does not have associated side effects while it has a number of long-lasting positive effects on your body. You cannot get the actual mass without the steroid use. Natural bodybuilders can also develop huge physiques. Natural athletes may have god gifted genetics that can retain such high body mass.

    Mr. Olympia, a natural bodybuilder had the arm size of 19 inches. During untested Olympia, arm sizes above 22 inches and 285+ pounds weighted athletes are seen.

Bodybuilding Trend:


    Bodybuilders of 1940s to the 50s were natural bodybuilders, the trend has changed.  Bodybuilders now use steroid drugs to win big in the competition. Steroids takers look bigger as compared to the natural builders. Natural steroids are now available and scientific research has revealed the benefits of natural bodybuilding. So these can help the athlete to maintain or gain his natural heavy look.

     The current trend is toward steroid use which means you grow artificially. Oral steroids lead to liver problems and need your tremendous attention toward treatment. Many other problems also result from drug use that changes your body shape in such a way that you cannot get a normal look back even if you want and you may need then cosmetic surgery.

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Appearance Differences:

   The basic difference is the body shape between natural and steroid bodybuilders. Body proportion variation seems clear for steroid and real bodybuilders as the basic objective of bodybuilding is bulk gaining and strength.

       Bodybuilding now also involves aesthetics. People like monsters big looks that can compel the viewer to stop for looking. As audience preferences have been changed, and bodybuilding brings for your body what you like. Natural bodybuilder performs high-level exercises and these exercises keep you fit and healthy.

Individual Response to Steroids:

      A comparison can be made between natural and on-steroid bodybuilders. Different types of steroids have been developed and to different steroids, individual responses vary that depends on individual genetics, steroid cycles, and doses.

      The research revealed that steroid drug dependence is not beneficial in the long run for the user and leads to rapid aging along with many other side effects. History of athletes shows that quitting of steroids results in smaller and weaker structures.

Internal Changes in Natural and Steroid Bodybuilders:

  • The changes are not limited to appearance, but internal changes are also immense in terms of side effects such as fluid retention, heart failure, testicles shrinking, infertility, breasts enlarging and many others.

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  • Steroid use causes a higher gain in weight. Skin changes also appear and skin may become dark and spots also appear. Natural bodybuilders perform weight lifting on daily bases and with descriptive patterns. They always seem fresh and healthy because natural mode increases the blood flow to heart and brain and they naturally grow healthy during every phase of their life.
  • Steroids use effects are always significant and their user can build more body muscles and heavyweight than natural bodybuilding.  It gives the advantage to steroid user as they can easily attain what they want and it helps them to reach to the desired position.
  • Natural bodybuilders of current age seem conscious about diet, hard training, and they use supplements and other necessary products.
  • Heavy physical activity makes the natural bodybuilders the really strong people. They have natural look and they do not have pressure on their body organs and brain as well. Natural bodybuilders cannot gain weight above than 210 lb and it is only possible with steroids.

Other Indicators:


       Steroid users have "3D" looked shoulders. They quickly gain mass relatively than natural bodybuilders. Their abs look thin just like paper and the natural way would need planned diet programs to reach that level of body fat without using supplements and enhancements. It will be impossible to maintain that look without steroids.

     Bradley with 30lbs was the greatest bodybuilder. His natural bodybuilding look and his physical modification prove that he used steroids. Bradley Martyn has the tall body of six feet and his shoulders were already bigger than other wrestlers of history. His proportionate huge body from the upper side and his thick muscles are also proof of steroid use.

Is it Possible to Grow Without Steroids!

          Yes, it mostly will depend on your genetics, your diet preferences and finally work out, the effort you will make in the gym. It can build high strength without steroids but you must be very regular for workouts and exercises. You need to increase the muscle potential.

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       Indian Yogi and Tibetian monk have grown from average size to giant size because steroids have associated potential harms and shortcut success is not the real success. But naturally, it is very tough to become much bigger. Steroid use does not save and you need to follow many other things otherwise it will even cause death.

Natural Bodybuilder:

        He requires a proper workout and enough rest for high stimulate of muscles. Protein synthesis requires 48 hours, thus you can manage work out three times per week in this way to get bigger than others. Compound exercises are considered better for higher gains. Steroid bodybuilders also use steroid compounds for recovery; during that duration, they need training according to the proper training plan.

        Natural bodybuilders can apply workout split mechanism of training during which particular body parts are trained in every session that gives high energy stimulus for muscle build-up.

Critical Considerations For Natural Bodybuilding:

        Both the phenomenon has opposing arguments in favor of natural and steroid bodybuilding. Natural bodybuilders use supplements and resistance training with a proper diet that have lasting health benefits. Natural bodybuilders have comparatively lower BP, cholesterol, and better bone density.  They have fewer chances to develop cardiovascular problems and have a strong and functioning immune system. It boosts mood and give a pleasant feeling. Resistance training is the most critical part of natural bodybuilding.

Concluding Note:

 We can identify steroids user by checking the following conditions

  • Quick weight increase and fast muscle gain
  • The appearance of purple or other colored marks on body parts
  • Feet and legs swelling
  • Trembling condition
  • Skin darkening
  • Bad breath
  • Aggressive behavior and mood swings
  • Personality changes may be observed.


        Yes, 99%+ bodybuilders use fitness drugs. Christian Boeving always talked about natural bodybuilding and supplement use, but later he admitted using steroids. Supplement companies hire the fitness models to promote the company products to show the viewers that by using the natural supplements they can attain heavy looks. That improves sales while their models are the secret users of drugs. They need high earning and thus their physique highly matters for drug companies.

Useful Tips:

       Steroid use may compel you for hormone replacement therapy, and many other issues affect your inner. The natural mode of bodybuilding does not allow the use of anabolic steroids however, you can use supplements in the tablet forms to get protein, and other nutrients depending on body nutrition requirements.

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