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Best Places to Order Blood Tests Online in the USA




       Clinical laboratories perform medical tests to diagnose diseases, such as HIV tests, LH test and other blood tests etc., and after the diagnoses, drugs are recommended. The article is all about test laboratories in the USA; it particularly shows how you can place online test orders for FSH and testosterone hormonal tests. Steroids use affects the natural production level of these hormones, so test diagnosis will help you in determining the health imbalances and the ways of maintaining the hormonal levels to avoid complications.

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FSH Test

       The FSH is the reproductive hormone that maintains ovarian follicle production in the female body. In ovaries, follicles produce progesterone and estrogen that are essential for the menstrual cycle, while in men, this hormone is responsible for gonads development and sperm production.

     So, FSH test will determine the FSH blood level to find problems that can affect your reproductive system. FSH test for women determines infertility problems, menstrual cycle, and pituitary gland disorders.  For Men, FSH Test evaluates the level of sperms production, gonadal failure, and testicular malfunctioning problems.

     In the same way, Testosterone test determines the hormonal imbalances and other associated problems.

Online tests: Through this service, you can place an order online for a blood test.  It is easy as you need fewer lab visits, and confidential results at the lowest price.   

Labs in the US

Top 20 Use labs names have been mentioned.

1. Ulta Lab

It offers 1,000 health tests; you can place an online order for the tests. They offer blood tests within an affordable range and offer direct testing services, you can pay online, visit the convenient lab and get the results online. You can visit the website for more details.

     Test for Testosterone (Direct)/ Total Testosterone cost is $78.00 while FSH Test is performed with other tests, however, the price for the individual test is $44.00.

2. Persona Labs

This online testing service offers multiple test options. You can visit the site for all the details.

The price for Testosterone Test is $115.00 while the FSH Test costs $88.00.

3. Everly well

      The service is found in 26 US countries and they deliver the results to your home, you can place an order for any test you are recommended by your doctor. Testosterone Test price is $59 while the FSH Test costs $159; you can visit the site for more details.

4. Inside tracker

     It is a software application that can analyze blood tests to determine the appropriate levels and other potential problems. It started operation in 2009. This online service for blood is best for athletes who perform strenuous physical activities. The app analyzes biomarkers, and gives instructions for better health and best performance.

      They offer a package of tests that you can select from the site. Testosterone and FSH tests are part of the reproductive tests package and the cumulative cost is 448 with 31 to 41 biomarkers.

5. Health Labs

    The lab is operating since 2015 and has a vast network of labs that offer 500 plus Tests with HIPAA standards. The cost of FSH and testosterone Tests by this online lab service is $49 and $199 respectively.



6. Health testing centers

    This lab is working since 1980 and they inaugurated their online service in 2008. This is a DTC health company that offers multiple tests belonging to different categories. You can visit the site for details. The cost of (FSH) Test is $42 while the cost of Testosterone Test is $44 that seems quite affordable.

7. Direct labs

     This online lab is now offering the tests on discounted price due to which they have a large number of clients. It offers test facility from all categories, such as hormonal, blood, minerals etc. The service is fast and accurate. The FSH test cost is $ 44 while the total testosterone test costs $79.00.

8. WellnessFX

     This test online service offers innovative and advanced services; you can consult with a doctor anytime and can also track your data online.

     It offers tests under wellness packages; you can visit the site to select the appropriate package.  They offer complete assessment and additional solutions by a certified physician to improve the health. The site is also recommended for athletes.

     They offer premium diagnostics package for complete tests including Testosterone and FSH with cost $925, and with less price of $384 under Women's Diagnostics panel.

9. Private MD labs

    This DTC service is the largest network of labs. The cost of FSH Test is $50.49 while the cost of testosterone Test is from $74.49 to $95.49.

1o. Health Tests Direct

     This online lab is operating since 2001; it offers all basic and comprehensive Test options. They have 4,000 sites you can visit for blood testing and consultation. The cost of the FSH Test is $41.96 while the cost of testosterone Test is $ 45.21.

11. Healthcheck USA

      The lab offers comparatively low priced tests services. The cost of FSH Test is $55.00 while the price of testosterone Test is $365.00. Testosterone Test is also performed with other tests to determine the in-depth hormonal imbalance-problems. However, the cumulative price is also suitable.

12. HealthOne Labs

      Testosterone Test cost is $89.95, while the FSH Test costs $39.95. Lab also offers combined Estradiol Package, FSH and Testosterone combined tests at the cost of only $105.95.

13. RequestA Test

     The Lab offers FSH Test for the cost of $59 while the cost of Testosterone Test is $59 at Lab LC and at Lab QD, Its ' price is $94.


14. Walk-in-Lab

      The lab claims of the lowest Price and confidential results through their online service. Testosterone test cost is $78.00 while FSH costs $180.00. The FWBT testosterone Test or bioavailable testosterone Test cost is $149.00.  Testosterone test also comes under the category of male-specific test with the cost of $45.00.

15. New Century Labs

  The lab offers 200 plus blood tests that are basic, single and combined tests. The FSH Test cost is $22 that is highly suitable as the average competitors’ test costs $79. Testosterone Test cost is $70 that is again comparatively lower than the average competitor's cost of $168.

16. PALS

     The PALS service supports needy people and gives special discounts to them. They also offer free medication and free checkups to those who need assistance.  We offer FSH test for $79 and testosterone Test for $168.

17. National discount labs

     Lab detects hormonal imbalances and monitors hormonal levels. The FSH Test cost is $45.00 while testosterone Test costs $75.

18. Impact Health Labs

       They offer FSH test for $49 and Testosterone Direct Test costs $59 while Testosterone Test also comes under the Therapy Panel and has $199 cost that involves the maintenance and monitoring values.


19. Lab tests online

       The FSH Test cost is $ 65 while the Testosterone Test price is $ 92.

2o. True Health Labs

     The tests are performed as combined tests under the different categories. Testosterone Test comes under the Male Hormone Test with the price range of $229.00 to $388.00. FSH Test is performed under the Female Hormone Test with the price range of $399.00 to $734.00.

So >> You can select the most suitable Lab that offers the best within your vicinity.

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