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Top 4 Frauds About Steroids, HGH, and Anti-Aging



Top 4 Frauds about Steroids, HGH, and anti-aging

The Top Myths About Steroids and Human Growth Hormone

         Testosterones, as well as other anabolic steroids, aren’t only a problem in the world of Major League Baseball and they aren’t only a cheating problem. These drugs are also used in fraudulent medical practices for medically fallacious goals. They can cause psychological, physiological, physical, and financial damage.

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1) Anti-Aging Clinics and Other Fraudulent Medical Practices:

Anti-Aging Clinics and Other Fraudulent Medical Practices

Today, you can find numerous clinics in the United States and worldwide that claim to be clinics that specialize in anti-aging, age-management, and wellness age management. The main targets of such clinics are young men who want to be administered steroids which they weren’t prescribed by their doctors, professional athletes who need a dose of their favorite anabolic steroid, and wealthy individuals in their 50’s who want to look more youthful.

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Are These Businesses Genuine or Fraudulent?

These anti-aging clinics, age-management clinics and other clinics of the similar name are nothing but a clever fraud. Those businesses are profit only businesses that don’t care about their patients. Did you know that your private insurance company or your public insurance company won’t pay you for the treatments you undergo at these anti-aging clinics?

You’ve read that right. That’s because these treatments are viewed by endocrinology specialists as something that only a lunatic would allow himself to be administered. Endocrinologists around the world warn people that steroid that is administered in various anti-aging clinics don’t belong to the scope of legal and safe medical practice!

Anti-Aging Clinics Properly don't Regulate:

Anti-Aging Clinics Aren’t Properly Regulated

These anti-aging and aging-management clinics properly don't regulate. Adverse medical effects that are almost always a part of treatment at those clinics usually go unreported. Also, some of these age-management and anti-aging clinics obtain contracts to their patients through which they stipulate them and make them unable to report adverse effects to regulatory agencies in the United States.

2) The Dangers of “Hormone Replacement Therapy”:

Anti-aging clinics sometimes administer their patients with various types of Testosterone, such as testosterone gels. One of the most popular gels that you can find at these age-management clinics it calls Androgel. However, this testosterone gel has dangerous side effects because it promotes violent behavior in people who consume it.

Androgel also invokes mania and psychotic outbreaks. Did you know that a famous pro-wrestler called Chris Benoit killed his wife and children after taking this dangerous drug? These hormone replacement therapies have serious side effects and you should stay away from them!

Dangers of Testosterone:

Dangers of Testosterone

Besides there are dangerous side effects to Testosterone replacement therapies, there are also dangers in taking testosterone as well. Did you know that taking testosterone causes side effects such as sleep apnea, atrial fibrillation, increased risk of heart attack and stroke, high blood pressure, and reducing the levels of good cholesterol?

Did you know that taking oral anabolic steroid such as Anavar can seriously damage your liver and lead to liver failure?

3) Deluged By The Pharmaceutical Industry:

Deluged By The Pharmaceutical Industry

Over the past decade or even more, we deluged the pharmaceutical industry that makes anabolic steroids. Through their advertisements that promote various testosterone creams, gels, and injections. Pharmaceutical companies claim that these products are the fountain of youth and that there are no side effects to taking them at all.

However, various studies have shown that these testosterone creams, gels, and injections. All this have no effects on increasing testosterone levels in older men.

4) Human Growth Hormone Fraud:

Human Growth Hormone Fraud

Another fraudulent product that the pharmaceutical industry and anti-aging clinics con their customers to purchase is Human Growth Hormone. Various studies, especially one study conducted at Stanford University, have concluded that taking Human Growth Hormone supplements don’t have any effects on improving exercise capacity and strength capacity.

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The Bottom Line:

         Hormone replacement therapies are just a clever fraud that needs to be stopped soon. Many died because of these hormone replacement therapies.

         We can only honor those individuals whose lives takes away by their wish to “become big”. By educating other people about the dangers of testosterone replacement therapy and human growth hormone.

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