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What anabolic steroids are the current pros using they far bigger than pros from years ago?




Is steroid use mandatory!

      Historical studies show that Lance Armstrong, a famous bodybuilder beat almost all drug tests and never failed even the single drug test.  It is surprising that he admitted later that he was using drugs. He won "gold standard" tests and the trend of cheating is still going on increasing. These procedures of drug testing are highly expensive and sports holders pay for it. Moreover, people love to watch and enjoy monsters muscle and amazing physiques and it is promoting drug trends.  We can say that it’s a financial suicide and bodybuilders are surely at an intensive risk if they continue to use such life-wrenching drugs. But, the fact is that the number of steroid users is rising and to get money game or high fan following, it seems that the steroid use is becoming essential to develop a big massive look.

 Steroids history

     This has the course of historical advancement from starting to the current structure that has been demonstrated by researchers and scholars. In historical perspective, Berthold in 1849 worked on the characteristics that can enhance manpower and capacity and the role of testes in blood production stimulation revealed. After that, a number of experimental studies described the different steroids for bodybuilding, and the trend is on rising, as we even see the mask-effect steroids that can beat the tests.

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Modern steroids

       It needs to view the difference between the bodybuilder of the modern and historical era.

-    HGH efficacy has been increased as compared to Dbol, tren and test drugs.  HGH is a long peptide that stimulates muscle cells growth.  Newly formed cells appear as immature cells, and they have to take Tren, test, and D-bol to strengthen the new cells. But the potential problems are also associated as the HGH creates new cell in all body parts that also have stem cells. Thus the size of the heart also increases considerably.

-    Insulin: it is important to take it in a proper way and in precise amounts because it brings blood flow and nutrients to body muscles. It will make you stronger and bigger at one site while it can also kill you.

Tren: It is an old-time steroid and still it is used these days.  It is 4X times more powerful than androgenic test – however, it causes an increase in BP and causes kidney failure.


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There are many other new and old compounds are used such as Deca, test, winny, D-bol, Anavar, and Agin.

The modern era of steroids

    This is the age of competition and people of younger age tend to be attracted to people with extraordinary heavy bodies. There are compounds that help you in shaping your body according to their desire.  However, steroids can ruin your life if taken non-seriously and without PCT. It suggests that steroids can even lead to kidney, lung failure, heart problems, BP issues, and even fast process of aging. Thus, it needs extraordinary care and precautionary measures to take every step toward steroid-based bodybuilding to avoid potential life-threatening damages.


      Large food intake and liquids use with insulin bring massive growth.  The pancreas releases insulin that regulates carbohydrates metabolism and accelerates protein generation and utilization of glucose.

     Insulin possesses anabolic effects as it improves the level of stamina and endurance. It also increases muscle mass by stimulating the glycogen formation. Humalin N and Humalin R are the two types of insulin that are used for bulking cycle. The best combination with it is the dietary combination.

Sustanon 250

      This steroid is a 2o year old anabolic steroid that is still famous.  This is very effective, even its smaller does generate good results.


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      This steroid causes least impacts as it is mild and need cycles of 20-week.  It does not affect the body organs such as the liver, kidney etc., but it has the great capacity to modify the – physique. It has high recovery powers as well. But it does badly with cholesterol and natural production level of testosterone but with lesser intensity. It is expensive and cannot be found easily.

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       It has been observed that bodybuilders are now increasingly using peptides to get a great body. These are not steroids these are actually amino acids chains that are bounded by a strong bond. Peptides in bodybuilding improve the production of growth hormone that helps to obtain bigger muscle volume and mass. These also increase production of testosterone they also help in fast recovery and endurance level. There are many other benefits as well.


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       Growth hormone is an amino acid. GHRH group also has MOD-GRF (1-29), CJC 1295 DAC, HGH Fragment 176-191 and Sermorelin.


      HGH was supposed to produce youthful effects as an anti-aging agent. But, different incidences revealed the serious harms. The pituitary gland produces HGH that enhances growth in adolescents and children and also regulates body fluids, body composition, bone growth and muscle, metabolism process, and also heart function. So, this is the component of many medical drugs for treatment purpose. It is also synthetically produced.

HGH uses/abuses

        The trend of using this drug with steroids for the performance-enhancing purpose is increasing to build heavy muscles. HGH use for the purpose of anti-aging has not been approved by FDA.

      The physique of bodybuilder for the competition is the major priority and multiple supplemental substances of natural and synthetic origin have been obtained.

       After 1960s competition level has been increased and so the bodybuilding competitors require high physical perfection, strength, and appearance like iron warriors.

         Since the 1970s, there has been seen a new sporting arena that offered the huge platform and lucrative contracts for athletes that also opened the way towards drug use by champions.

       Although the GH hormone was found effective, excess GH causes tissues overgrowth, muscle weakness, and insulin resistance problems.

      It has many benefits if used properly such as increased muscle mass, and bone density, and lipid profile, and better mental health.

Effective Administration

      Bodybuilders now accurately know how to get the maximum potential of any product. GH addition to your cycle will bring gains. GH alone cannot be administered; it needs other anabolic hormones for durable performance. Optimal dosages are important to consider. Timing and dosage are crucial aspects; IU kit 200 GH for 50 days with 4 IU/ day will be efficient.

     GH is used mostly after insulin steroid cycle during PCT works. Overuse for long-term causes serious issues.

     Steroids 17aa (1)are very potent synthesized steroid but overdosing produces less harmful impacts, however the case is different with insulin, diuretics, and Trenbolone that are extremely dangerous if overdosed. Synthetic insulin is very harmful for bodybuilding and interaction between GH and insulin is drastic.  GH can be taken at the time when your body has low insulin levels.


     It is insulin-like peptides to enhance muscles growth.  IGF-1 is also regulated by GH, thyroid and nutritional level of the body. IGF-1 is a single chained amino acid hormone. It is also produced synthetically that develops the optimal body environment for muscle and protein development in the body.

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IGF-1 is considered as an advanced hormone that has posed unique qualities but it gives higher results with testosterone and Dianabol cycle. IGF-1 through hyperplasia increases muscle cells and highly improves athlete’s potential beyond his genetic limits that can further be enhanced by other selective steroid cycles and training process.

        Moreover, due to fast recovery time, IGF-1 can also be used with the PCT phase. It is injected into the muscles.


        It has more amino acids about 13 additional that make it more powerful as compared to simple IGF-1. It also leads to slowing aging and fast recovery.

Mechano GF

       It activates in response to mechanical stimulus. This peptide facilitates quick recovery after the muscle damage. Peptides are found in the powdered form that is mixed with water and injected mostly by subcutaneously.

Stacking procedure

     These procedures have been advanced with the passage of time that has improved the efficiency of steroids.

      We now have enough familiarity with

DECA/TEST cycles,


Tren, Test, and Winstrol cycle,

and many others, while we have different synthetic anabolic steroids that are for muscles development, performance enhancement, and for fats burning.

Synthetic steroids include Oxymetholone, Quinbolone, Nandrolone, Oxandrolone, Danazol, Stanozolol, Trenbolone, Fluoxymesterone Turinabol, Furazabol, Methenolone, Mesterolone, and Methandrostenolone and many others.

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        Using steroids has advantages beyond the expectations. Now the research has revealed the best time for steroid injecting that is to extract the maximum benefits from the process. Some drugs can be taken at any time such as test enanthate and Sustanon and many others. The more research, high demand from viewers and increasing urge for winning and achieving high have increased the tremendous use of steroids. Moreover, different types of steroids have benefited modern users in a far better way as compared to historical users.

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