Bodybuilding Metabolism

Bodybuilding metabolism

In this article we will talk about what foods can accelerate the metabolism, what is the difference between the metabolism of bodybuilder and ordinary people, and why muscles do not affect burn calories?

First of all, you would like to know how many calories are spent on building muscles?

For decades it was believed that the more muscle you have, the more calories your body burn.  It was considered that body need 70-90 kcal per day per kilogram of muscle. The main recommendation from this assertion is that build muscle, while body will burn fat.

In fact, a kilogram of muscle burns up to 13 calories a day. It turns out that 10 pounds of muscle consumes only 130 calories, which is, in fact, it is insignificant compared to the daily rate of 2-3 thousand calories. Metabolism athlete varies quite different.

So, what is metabolism?
Firstly, sort out what is metabolism. In fact, the metabolism is how efficiently the body uses different nutrients (primarily proteins, fats and carbohydrates) for internal processes.

In organisms actively trains and unsportsmanlike human metabolism is differently. The more exercise, the preparedness of the body to it is: there are both energy reserves and streamlined way to restore it.

Carbohydrate window for bodybuilders

In case of strength training primarily is consumed glycogen, which is in the muscle tissue. Glycogen is a product of processing of carbohydrates, and, in fact, a form of sugar. For the body it is the fastest source of energy.

After a workout glycogen depots are empty, namely than is coming "carbohydrate window" when the body needs about 50-100 g carbohydrate. Therefore, these amount of carbohydrate consumed about 2-3 hours after exercise is used only for muscle building, but not for increasing fat.

So, what is the amount of carbohydrate the body need?
In fact, above mentioned 100 grams of carbohydrates it's pretty much: any dry grain or pasta contain a quarter part of carbohydrates. It turns out that in order to cover the needs, have to be eaten at least three pounds of pasta.

The need of carbohydrates of a person who is not engaged in physical activity, is significantly below. Even these 100 grams of carbohydrates are for this category of people the upper limit of normal. Hence, all that is above this limit, are likely to be delayed just as fat.

The body's need for protein.

Another important requirement for every bodybuilder is protein. For a complete training and further recovery bodybuilders need about 50-70 grams of protein, which is equivalent to 250-350 grams of meat. And this is only in addition to the basic daily rate.

Total demand of protein for a bodybuilder can be up to 2 grams per kilogram of body weight, which gives 150 grams of pure protein for a 75 pound male. Unsportsmanlike human needs much lower: less than a gram per kilogram of body weight.

Further, let’s see what foods affect metabolism and how they do do it.
Metabolism depends not on specific products, and those contained in these nutrients. If you are actively exercising, and consume enough protein, carbohydrates and fats, the body learns to actively use them, and build muscle.

If you eat more than necessary, the body lay in excess fat, if less - covers basic needs, and only after this there is notice growing. Nutrition and recovery represent 70% of success in the growth, since muscles exercise, it is about no more than 30%.

Effect of cardiac metabolism
In slow cardio, not running, during the first 40 minutes the body clear glycogen depots, burning the sugar, then move on to burning fat. Thus, in the presence of insulin, burning the fat in the blood  is impossible.

If you always eat dessert, never clear the the glycogen depots, the body burns fat reluctantly. In order to keep the fat burning mechanisms open, you need to perform correctly cardio exercises once every four days.

As a conclusion you have to know that workout teaches the body to empty the internal nutrient reserves, and use food for subsequent replenishment. Unsportsmanlike body lays much of the calories from food into fat, as practically does not spend its reserves.

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