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10 Biggest Female Bodybuilders Who Ever Walked the Earth




                Women are naturally endowed with smaller muscles, so we get fascinated when we see them killing it at the gym. Female athletes have been involving themselves in bodybuilding for decades. Some have even proven to be better than most men. Gone are the days when male bodybuilding overshadowed female bodybuilding, women are now giving men a run for their money as far as bodybuilding is concerned. Female bodybuilding took shape in the 70s and has continued to weather all stems and become better. We have prepared for you a list of the biggest bodybuilders in history who are also the greatest in the world of female bodybuilding.

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Roxie Beckles

          She comes first on our list not only because she’s a mammoth of a female but also because she achieved a lot in her professional female bodybuilding career. She won Team Universe National Championship in 2013, launching her career as a respected bodybuilder and coach. Roxie’s physique turns heads around, indicating that the time spent in the gym is paying off with amazing body results. Despite her massive muscles and physique, Roxie is a humble soul who has contributed immensely to the growth of the fitness and bodybuilding industry. She has partnered with the New York Road Runners Foundation to coach kids in the organization’s fitness programs. Most importantly, she’s come up with amazing programs such as weight loss, flexibility, and core strengthening to help those struggling in bodybuilding.

Roxie Beckles - #instagram

Lenda Murray

             Lenda Murray is a huge name in the bodybuilding industry and you must have heard about her at some point if you love this sport. Those who know her remember she dominated most female bodybuilding events in the 90s. In fact, she defended her titles and went unbeaten for five years (1990-1995). She would come second in the Ms. Olympia title in 1996 and 1997.

Lenda Murray - #instagram

            Murray would later compete in the same event in 2002 where she clinched the title and defended it the following year. Her dark muscular body was unparalleled and many female bodybuilders dreaded standing next to her in shows. Lenda Murray was inducted into the IFBB hall of fame in 2010, just six years after retiring from active bodybuilding.

Joan Marie Laurer (Chyna)

             This American fitness queen is considered one of the biggest bodybuilders that ever existed. She caught the attention of the public in 1997 when she participated in a World Wrestling Federation (WWF) promotion. The bodybuilder’s star continued rising as she took part in various bodybuilding shows such as the New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2002 and Total Nonstop Wrestling held in 2011. Chyna is also an entertainment celebrity and has appeared in several magazines, TV shows, and other live events.

Joan Marie Laurer (Chyna) - #Twitter

            Additionally, she has been featured in a couple of films, thanks to her massive, well-chiseled body. The athlete continues to be a role model to many upcoming bodybuilders and fighters all over the world. Truly, whoever referred to her as the ‘ninth wonder of the world’ had every reason to coin it.

Iris Kyle

              Iris Kyle is another decorated bodybuilder with many titles to her name. She came second to the Ms. Olympia title in 2001, 2004, and 2006-2014. She won the title of IFBB Ms. International in 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2013. Very few bodybuilders have achieved such a fete given the competitive nature of the sport. Iris Kyle has Lenda Murray for an amazing bodybuilding career since she got inspiration from her. It is Murray’s achievements that made Iris change her career path from basketball and softball to bodybuilding.

Iris Kyle - #instagram 

            She started it at a very young age, and thus had all the time to build an enviable physique. Iris’s first win was in 1994 when she won the Long Beach Muscle Classic title.

Lisa Marie Varon

              Lisa is nicknamed ‘the legend of extreme female bodybuilding’ and goes by the ring name Victoria. She won the title of WWE Women’s Champion twice as well as many other titles.

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            Although Lisa studied biology and medicine, she decided to pursue bodybuilding where she became the women’s champion a record seven times and a Total Nonstop Action Wrestling title once. Like many other great bodybuilders, Lisa had a role model who happened to be Joan Marie Laurer. She followed in her footsteps from a young age and went on to become like her idol.

Kim Chisevsky

             Chisevsky is a perfect example of how hard work and determination can transform someone. She was once the laugh of town due to her chubby body. However, she ignored all the negativity and kept working on her physique.

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              Long story short, Chisevsky is currently one of the most ripped female bodybuilders with a body to die for. Considered one of the biggest bodybuilders of her time, she contested and won Ms. Olympia on multiple occasions (1996-1999). Her physique may have undergone some changes since she is now in her 50s and a mother of two, but she is still looking as fit as ever.

Nancy Lewis

              Nancy Lewis is an American female bodybuilder with a rich history in the world of bodybuilding. She was active between 1992 and 1998 where she won numerous awards and owners. However, her career kicked off during the 1991 NPC USA Championship where she won the contest and earned her pro card. Lewis took a break from active bodybuilding for four years and came back stronger than ever. She would proceed to win the Jana Tana Classic Title in 2002 which capped her successful bodybuilding career.

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Andrea Shaw

The 2020 Ms. Olympia winner has many other titles to her name including the winner of:

  • IFBB Omaha Pro.
  • IFBB WOS Rising Phoenix World Championships.

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           Andrea Shaw’s career path has always been geared towards bodybuilding from when she was young. For instance, she participated in competitive cheer and gymnastics as a child. Her mother who was a fitness trainer greatly influenced her decision to choose fitness as a career. She would also draw inspiration from established female bodybuilders whose pictures she admired in magazines. She started doing professional bodybuilding at the age of 17 and went on to become one of the greatest.

Nikki Fuller

           Nikki Fuller was naturally born strong and she decided to put that strength into good use. Consequently, she started bodybuilding at a very young age, something that prepared her body adequately for the tasks ahead. Considered one of the biggest bodybuilders in history, Fuller’s biceps measured an impressive 457 mm at the peak of her career. She also weighed around 90 kgs at that time, making her a moving mass of muscle.

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               Despite her unique physique, Fuller did not win a title for Ms. Olympia or Ms. International until 1998 when she won the Novice Oregon. However, she finished among the top 10 for both contests in 1992. Nikki Fuller also participated in bodybuilding modeling and got featured in several women’s magazines. Most importantly, she was always included in the list of top female bodybuilders, mostly appearing in the top 10.

Yaxeni Oriquen

          Yaxeni Oriquen is a Venezuelan professional bodybuilder who moved to the United States to pursue a career in bodybuilding. Her first major title was a Ms. Olympia, which she won in 2005, more than fifteen years after launching a professional career.

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                Her bodybuilding career which started in 1989 has been slow but sure. On top of her Ms. Olympia title, Yaxeni has also won Ms. International five times. Also considered one of the most jacked-up bodybuilders of her time, Oriquen has now shifted her focus to fitness coaching. She has a modern gym where she trains aspiring bodybuilders and other fitness clients.


              Female bodybuilding is still in its infancy compared to the more established and famous male bodybuilding. However, there are hundreds of female bodybuilders who have set the pace and shown that women can also make it in this field dominated by men. Moreover, women have to work harder than their male counterparts who are naturally muscular to come out of their shadows. Most female bodybuilders discussed in this article can be found on Instagram and YouTube. Search their channel and follow them for regular motivation. Follow our blog for more inspirational articles and get access to quality bodybuilding drugs and supplements.

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