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List of Major Bodybuilding Events and Contests in 2022




               2022 is going to be a busy year for the majority of professional bodybuilders. Remember, nothing much was done in 2021 owing to the inconveniences brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. Events postponed or canceled during the pandemic will now occur on various dates throughout the year. However, it is worth noting that we are not entirely out of the woods, and the virus mutates. Therefore, there are no guarantees the events will occur, but we're banking on the hope that people now know how to live with the virus. We have combined a list of Bodybuilding Events you should look out for next year and their venues.

NPC Worldwide Eastern Bloc Tour (From March)

             The nations of Russia, Serbia, and Kazakhstan will be privileged to hold this significant event starting on March 2022 in Moscow, Russia. Participants are required to complete their ProCard for free. Overall, winners will be eligible to free registration at the NPC Worldwide Invictus Pro Qualifier. Additionally, the two open overall winners will have their flight, accommodation, and registration catered for.

These are the contests divisions you should prepare for:

  • Classic physique ✓
  • Bikini ✓
  • Figure ✓
  • Men's bodybuilding ✓
  • Fitness ✓
  • Women's bodybuilding ✓
  • Wellness ✓

          The event is open to competitors from all countries, and athletes other than bodybuilders are free to attend. The exact dates of the contests will be announced in early 2022. Meanwhile, you can register for the game online and purchase materials that will be used in advance. Also, note that there will be both spring and fall shows. Subsequent shows will be held in St. Petersburg, Belgrade, Moscow again in November, and Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

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NPC Mother Lode, Reno, NV (June)

             NPC Mother Lode is set to take place around May 2022 in Reno, NV. It is a major entertainment event where crazy muscles will be paraded for the audience. The show will feature costumes, celebrity guests, and music. Organizers have also listed acrobatic exhibitions among the excellent stuff attendees should look forward to. The contest's winners will not only bag the trophy but will also get free entry to the Russian IFBB Pro Qualifier. Tickets to the event are limited, but those who miss out can catch up on the live stream.

NPC West Coast Classic, Rancho Mirage, CA (June)

                The national qualifier will take place in Rancho Mirage sometime in June. It is a highly anticipated event to attract bodybuilders and other athletes from far and wide. Event organizers have chosen Agua Caliente as the show's theater, a perfect choice because of the spacious nature of the place. There will be up to 2000 seats available for the audience, but more will be accommodated in private lounges where you can book a reservation. A former hosting for Mr. Olympia, this venue is among the best in the 2022 bodybuilding events calendar.

               This event is open to all levels of bodybuilders, including amateurs, novices, and pro bodybuilders. Most importantly, various competition categories will be there. Every aspect of the event will take place at the same venue, including accommodation, tanning, registration, make-up, and more.  Attendees and participants are advised to register online to save money.

NPC Dexter Jackson Classic, Jacksonville, FL (June 23rd)

              Dexter Jackson's classic is one of the best bodybuilding contests in the world. It is a unique contest since Dexter Jackson, a decorated former Mr. Olympia, produces it. His bodybuilding career spanning 25 years will be reflected in the show. It is a must-attend event for anyone seeking inspiration concerning their bodybuilding career. The event's planning is done professionally to ensure everyone in attendance has a fulfilling experience at the end of the day. You may not win the overall prize, but you will come out better than before. That is why upcoming bodybuilders need to mark the event's date on their calendars.

             The show will have several categories of winners who will receive a free entry ticket into the International IFBB Pro Qualifier. Most importantly, Dexter Jackson will give the winners the privilege of joining him at the JAX gym for fun workouts. We insist you register for this event online because it is much cheaper. Writing on-site will cost you $180 compared to the $119 paid when registering online.

IFBB/NPC Tahoe Show, Lake Tahoe, Nevada (August 13-14)

                The Tahoe show has been around for 11 years. It will be held at the Montbleu Resort in Nevada on the 13th and 14th of August. Famed for IFBB Pro League Open Masters and Bikini, the show is set to attract the big and mighty. Apart from the beautiful venue, the show comes packed with many more goodies, such as backstage donuts, great music, high-profile guests, and more.

               Overall, winners will receive the coveted Muscle Dear Trophy, hand-made and elegant. Apart from the show itself, visitors will also be treated to the spectacular Nevada landscape and blue skies. Additionally, all athletes will be welcomed to a free-entry after-party at Opal Nightspot, where they can party and interact freely. The Tahoe Show is the ultimate tour you can gift yourself in 2022.

IFBB Pro League Legion Masters Championship, Reno, Nevada (October 7th)

          The state of Nevada is going to be a beehive of activity in 2022. It will be privileged to host the Legion Masters Championship, considered the world's biggest IFBB Pro Masters Show. The event is one of the few that offer cash prizes, with the winners walking away with $20,050.

Participants are required to provide the following when registering for the contest:

  • Competitor number ✓
  • Division ✓
  • Classes ✓
  • Some stage photos ✓

              Apart from cash prizes, overall winners will receive 34" custom trophies with a black finish. 1st to 5th places will receive 6" solid metal custom medals. Overall winners in these categories will receive $2,250 in cash:

  • Fitness ✓
  • Figure ✓
  • Physique ✓
  • Women's physique ✓
  • Bodybuilding ✓
  • Wellness ✓
  • Men's physique ✓
  • Bikini ✓

Subsequent Legion events in Nevada will be held from October 7th to 9th in Reno.

NPC New Mexico State Open, Albuquerque, NM (November 20th)

                This is a new premier bodybuilding competition offered by California Alternative Medicine. The event will be open to amateur athletes who want to earn a place in the national qualification. They will get to meet IFBB pros from whom they will get inspiration. The event was previously attended by bodybuilding stars such as Steve Cucklo, Tamara Jordan, and Dexter Jackson. NPC New Mexico State Open will be a high-intensive and competitive event you need to prepare for. As a novice bodybuilder, you need to invest heavily in fat-burning products. It would be best if you also worked on your muscle mass because the show will feature some of the best muscles in the world.

Here is a schedule for the event.

Time                               Activity
12.00 pm Tanning commences at the venue hotel, Hilton Garden Inn.
4.00 pm Check-ins:

  • Classic Physique
  • Men's bodybuilding
  • Fitness
  • Women's Physique
4.30 pm Check-ins:

  • Bikini
5.00 pm Check-ins

  • Figure
  • Wellness
5.30 pm Check-ins

  • Men's Physique
6.00 pm
  • Check-ins close

Arnold Sports Festival - one of the best Bodybuilding Events

The Arnold Sports Festival is a combination of several bodybuilding events, such as:

  • The Arnold Classic ✓
  • IFBB Pro League Events ✓
  • Arnold Strongman Classic ✓
  • Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships ✓

              2022 Arnolds events will be held between March 3rd and 6th in Columbus, Ohio. The giant Arnold Expo will feature a lot of amazing goodies for bodybuilders and fans alike. For instance, event organizers say there will be over 100 booths available for participants. That means plenty of sports equipment, nutrition, and apparel. People can become sponsors and exhibitors. Most importantly, the show does not discriminate; new and returning exhibitors are welcome.

Preparing for Bodybuilding Contests

              Winning a significant bodybuilding contest is the ultimate dream of every bodybuilder. However, stiff competition means only a few and the best realize this dream. But did you know that some people have won a significant bodybuilding title in their debut? A good example is Nick' The Mutant' Walker, who won his first Arnold Classic in his debut. It means anything is possible if you prepare for the event adequately. There is not much time left until the first event, but you can achieve a lot in the remaining months. Here are a few things you need to do as part of the preparation for significant bodybuilding events:

  • Invest in quality, world-class workout equipment ✓
  • Watch your diet ✓
  • Have a personal trainer ✓
  • Familiarize yourself with upcoming contests and respective venues and potential competitors ✓
  • Work more on building muscle and reducing fat ✓

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            Bodybuilding events in 2022 are going to be unique in many ways. People are thirsting for the events because of the disruptions caused by the pandemic in 2021. That means a massive attendance of both participants and audiences. Most importantly, the events will be an excellent opportunity for amateur bodybuilders to showcase their skills and talent. Start booking your spot now for an experience of a lifetime. Don't forget to check out our blog and shop for inspirational fitness articles and quality products.

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