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5 Best Bodybuilding Forums (Reviewed for 2021)




              Bodybuilders usually do all the work alone unless they have a training partner or coach. Being an individual sport, one has to find ways to help themselves to reach their goals. Luckily, the internet provides many opportunities to reach those goals without venturing out of your home. At the same time, you don't feel alone entirely, thanks to the enormous community of bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts you will interact with on the internet. You will not only learn new things in these forums, but you will also get to share experiences with particular individuals. Here are the 5 best bodybuilding forums to join in 2021.

Reddit >> Bodybuilding

               Reddit comes first because of the many articles and news about bodybuilding. Most importantly, the site has many pictures and videos to motivate and inspire your bodybuilding career. You also get to know new trends in bodybuilding that will help you adjust your training and goals accordingly. The community at Reddit discusses everything about bodybuilding, from nutrition to training programs.


           This platform will provide you with crucial information if you're looking for a contest. With up to 19 posts per day, Reddit assures you of more than what you have bargained for. Reddit, so far, is the most followed forum of its kind. Since 2008, the platform has accumulated over 1.6M Facebook followers and another 674K on Twitter.

           Also, on the same platform, you can follow Reddit>>Fitness for general fitness information. This section discusses various fitness topics, such as exercise goals and nutrition. In a nutshell, Reddit is your one-stop shop when it comes to matters of bodybuilding. Finally, those interested in connecting with influencers in the forum can quickly get contacts.

          Another giant fitness forum,, boasts of being the most prominent site exclusively dedicated to bodybuilding. The fact that this site has been around for a long time means its information is accurate hence reliable. It is also one of the most visited sites in the world, with many sub-categories to cater to the needs of different visitors. Did you know that has nearly 150 million articles on bodybuilding as of 2021? Additionally, the site boasts of having one of the most extensive memberships in the world, with over 18 million members. That is not to mention its threads are more than 7 million.

             As mentioned earlier, this site has subcategories catering to every aspect of bodybuilding. Whether you're looking for information about training programs or supplements, you can get them all here. Most importantly, caters to all types of bodybuilders. It doesn't matter whether you're a pro or a beginner; you will always find your space in this forum. However, the site’s primary focus includes supplements, lifting, training programs, bodybuilding equipment, weight management, and nutrition.

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     also has one of the fastest posting rates among all bodybuilding forums. You will find more than posts every day in this forum. Most importantly, their articles are well-researched hence informative. Like any other legitimate and respected site, has a section for feedback. You can make inquiries about different aspects of bodybuilding or comment on articles. If you're a bodybuilder and not part of this forum, be sure you're missing a lot of good stuff.

Underground Bodybuilding

             This fast-rising forum has over 4K threads and 92K messages. The underground bodybuilding forum is a hub of discussions on fitness. It is one of the few sites where new members are introduced and given all the directions they need. Although it deals with many bodybuilding topics, the site focuses on body enhancement supplements. Most discussions in this regard tackle issues such as best supplements as well as banned chemicals in supplements. They also update their members on the latest news about steroids and other chemicals that concern bodybuilders.

                Underground bodybuilding not only focuses on anything fitness but also tackles other issues. For instance, the site discusses current events such as coronavirus that affect the fitness industry directly or indirectly. That is not to mention other areas, such as testosterone and hormone replacement therapy. Many experts from various fields in this forum will advise you accordingly on virtually every matter.

            To join Underground Bodybuilding, all you need to do is to register, and you’re in. The registration requires a username, email address, password, and gender.

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             As the name suggests, Natural Bodybuilding ensures bodybuilders have a drug-free, fit body. The site emphasizes natural ways of increasing muscle and burning fat through training and a natural diet. Like many other leading bodybuilding sites, Natural Bodybuilding is divided into sub-sections so you can easily find what you’re looking for. For instance, there are categories based on gender and the level of experience in bodybuilding.

           Natural Bodybuilding emphasizes the following aspects of bodybuilding:

  • Nutrition
  • Training programs
  • Types of exercises
  • Bodybuilding supplements

            You will find many articles on natural bodybuilding on this site, but it's unlikely that you will come across anything related to drugs. If anything, they try as much as possible to warn their members of the dangers of body-enhancement drugs. If you're a young adult who wants to start a drug-free bodybuilding career and remain that way for life, this is the best place for you. Additionally, the site posts as frequently as possible to find as much information as you need about acquiring a naturally built body. Natural Bodybuilding also has dozens of photos and videos on bodybuilding to help you with training to attain that perfect body. You must check out this site for a chance to live a drug-free life.

          This UK-based fitness forum is all about building muscles and healthy living. These are the site’s statistics at a glance:

  • 200K+ messages
  • 600+ conversations

             However, the bodybuilding forum’s conversations and messages are nearly 200K. It is important to note that this website emphasizes muscle building and accompanying supplements. For this reason, most discussions are centered on hardcore training, lifting strategies, and nutrition. Although the forum mainly deals with general topics, some sections talk about minor topics in bodybuilding, such as recovery and contest training.

            TMuscle publishes news on bodybuilding that should help you to plan your schedules and alter training programs if necessary. Also, if you want to calculate BMI, body fat, 1 Rep Max, Keto, and more, TMuscle will provide you with the relevant calculator options.

            It is essential to know that Tmuscle is entirely free for all lifters. All you need to do is register and log in whenever you feel like it. However, you don’t have to be a lifter to join the forum; it is open to anyone looking for fitness ideas.

Why It Is Important to Join Fitness/Bodybuilding Forums

           The lack of enough information is why many bodybuilders are not doing well in their careers. For instance, bodybuilders who get severe side effects from certain drugs may not know everything about the drug. Bodybuilding forums such as the ones we have discussed are a great source of in-depth information about various aspects of information. Additionally, one can ask questions in these forums, and you will be sure to get them answered correctly.

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           Bodybuilding forums are good because you get more accurate information than social media. These forums have knowledgeable advisors who will give comprehensive information about a particular subject. Most importantly, experienced bodybuilders in such forums are another great source of information. Their experiences should shed lite on how doing things in a certain way produces specific results.

          Bodybuilding forums are the right place to get information if you have eyes on a major bodybuilding competition such as the IFFBB. The reason is that you will get regular, first-hand news about such competitions from the right people. Former champions and current titleholders often share their strategies in bodybuilding forums. You will borrow a leaf from them if you camp there, especially when anticipating a contest. There are more reasons than we can mention for you to join a forum like right now.


          Bodybuilding forums continue to be instrumental in helping upcoming and experienced bodybuilders get in-depth information on bodybuilding. Most of these forums are free to join, so you don’t have to worry about registration fees. You can also subscribe to their newsletters to be updated on happenings in the bodybuilding world, even offline. It is also essential to know that some information in bodybuilding forums may not be verifiable, so you must proceed cautiously. Always double-check with the relevant sources to ensure you’re doing it right. Otherwise, these are places to grow your bodybuilding career through information, motivation, and inspiration from fitness legends. Join one or two forums today and start benefitting. Also, check our website for informative articles and videos to help meet your bodybuilding goals.

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