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20 Luxury Gifts for Bodybuilders in 2021




              Are you undecided on what kind of gift to buy your bodybuilder friend? Well, we have prepared this article to give some cool ideas in that regard. We cannot tire from telling you that bodybuilders are indeed special people and must be treated as such. Most importantly, this group of athletes is easy to please; you don’t have to kill your budget to make them feel special. All you need is a simple, yet unique item that will uplift their spirits. Here is a list of luxurious and affordable gifts that befit a bodybuilder.

NutriBullet Blender System

             A great diet is an integral part of a bodybuilder’s career. Therefore, there is no better way to honor that than getting them a blender to help mix and shake foods. The blender does not only saves them time but will also help them make a variety of drinks. This gift will enable them to make protein shakes, omelets, fruit smoothies, and more. Using a blender to mash anything you want inspires creativity and that could be all a bodybuilder wants.

>> NutriBullet Blender System <<


Adjustable Jump Rope

               You will agree that bodybuilding equipment can be difficult to acquire as they occasionally run out of stock. If you have a bodybuilder friend or relative you know may not be in a position to acquire some of the equipment, we got an idea. How about you get them an adjustable jump rope for a start?

>> Adjustable Jump Rope <<

           The rope allows the bodybuilder to perform a range of exercises, from cardio to full body. Most importantly, jump ropes come with convenience since one can carry them around, not to mention the little space it uses. Amazon sells unique jump ropes with solid handles and ball bearings for a firm grip.


Arm Curl Blaster

            It is an undeniable fact that bodybuilders love to flaunt their biceps. The arm curl blaster is expertly designed to facilitate maximum bicep workouts by keeping elbows steady. Experienced trainers and bodybuilders will tell you that swinging elbows prevent biceps from exercising optimally. Make sure to go for a curl blaster with a thick metallic handle because it is durable and comfortable.





Portable Weight Scale

           Bodybuilders who are under a strict diet and training program must ensure anything they consume is in the right proportions. This is made possible by a weight scale that ensures individual ingredients are well-balanced in the diet. A portable weight scale uses two AAA batteries that can provide power for days. Most importantly, the device is user-friendly so you don't have to worry about handling it. It is undoubtedly the ultimate gift for every hardworking bodybuilder in 2021.

>> Escali T180 Portable Travel <<


Bar Grip Shirts

                A bar grip shirt helps bodybuilders in lifting and performing squats. It is uniquely designed to prevent your back from sliding over the bench as you bench-press. Apart from providing a firm grip, the shirt is also elastic enough to create space for bulging. Getting them this gift will save them the trouble of using alternative grip methods like chalk that are not as clean. Additionally, grip shirts come in cool colors and designs. No bodybuilder will resist such a gift even if they already have one.




Standard Pill Organizer

              Bodybuilding supplements come in pills and the bodybuilder is required to follow a schedule in using them. A pill organizer allows them to arrange the pills neatly in compartments of varying sizes. These products come in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes.

>> Pill Organizer <<

          Instead of buying all the sizes, you can decide to buy a standard organizer because it will accommodate most pills. Furthermore, the compartments are large enough in case the bodybuilder uses relatively larger pills. A standard pill organizer is relatively cheap, yet comes with a touch of class.

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Wireless Headphones

              Sometimes all one needs to distract them from a gruesome workout is some cool music. Wireless headphones allow the bodybuilder to train as they listen to their favorite music, thus eliminating boredom.


            Unlike wired headphones that annoyingly get yanked all the time, these give them ample space to exercise. When buying the headphones, make sure sound quality is desirable. You will find quality headphones on Amazon with long battery life and also very comfortable.

Digital Training Clock and Timer

           A programmable digital timer with unique features, this training clock allows the bodybuilder to stick to their schedule. It is used to set intervals in terms of the type of exercise, length of workout, and resting periods.

>> Digital Training Clock & Timer <<

             The clock is most useful when performing cardio or outdoor exercises such as bicycle riding and jogging. On Amazon, you will find a remote-controlled clock that is also being enough to make it readable from far. The clock uses two AAA batteries that should serve you for months. It is a gift worthy of a bodybuilder who is determined to stick to their schedule and training.

Foam Roller

          Unfortunately, most bodybuilders do not shave this essential gym equipment in their homes. It doesn’t matter whether you normally use it at the public gym, having it in your home is a plus. This equipment not only improves blood flow along the spine it also strengthens hamstring and back muscle. Bodybuilders tend to overlook this crucial aspect of training, thus getting your friend this gift is doing them a huge favor.

>> Foam Roller KIT <<

            It would be best if you sent this gift along with lacrosse balls to facilitate a full-body workout as the roller may not reach every muscle.


Neck Harness

               Another hugely overlooked training item, a neck harness prevents you from developing a pencil neck while working out. You need a strong neck to do deadlift and bench-pressing exercises. Get your friend a strong and durable neck harness that is also soft enough to ensure comfort. Those sold on Amazon come with a metal chain and carabiners to handle weights of up to 250 pounds.

>> Neck HARNESS <<




Full-Length Mirror

              You will occasionally notice a bodybuilder admiring their gains in terms of muscle mass and general body shape. Make it even easier for them by buying a full-length mirror that allows them to monitor their progress.  Most importantly, the mirror will help a bodybuilder anticipating a major contest to practice their poses and flexing. Amazon has some of the best full-length mirrors, some of which can be folded in two for easy storage.



Gym Bag

        A designer, leather gym bag could be a worthy gift for your favorite bodybuilder. You don't need to go for a big bag because there is nothing much to carry to and from the gym. However, ensure it has many small pockets to store various items. Most importantly, the bag should be of high quality.




Bodybuilding Documentaries

                 Whether they love watching films or reading books., they’ll appreciate a documentary based on a success story. It could be about a successful bodybuilder or a step-by-step guide. It would be best if you conduct a background check first to find out what they like before buying. Wrap it in a cute pack and leave it at their doorstep, just when they're about to step out.

>> The-Evolution-of-Bodybuilding <<

Inversion Table

             This stable allows bodybuilders who experience back pains to keep training without difficulty. It raises your feet and lowers back above the level of your head, thus taking pressure away from that region. The table can be used by anyone whether they experience backache or not, so, feel free to get it for them. Ensure the quality is good and that it can withstand heavier weights.

>> Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty <<

A Grill

              Bodybuilders must eat a lot of food to get the required energy for intense workouts and build muscle. Their diet consists of a huge amount of proteins that need to be grilled regularly. A grill would be a befitting gift because it doesn't only make their work easier but also saves time.

>> Monument Grills 24633 <<




Lifting Straps

            Another essential piece of training equipment, lifting straps serve many roles as far as cardio workouts are concerned. The straps enhance endurance by allowing the bodybuilder to hold on to weights for long. Additionally, it allows them to handle heavier weights when performing deadlifts, rows, and pullups. The straps prevent the bodybuilder from developing weak back muscles in the long term. It is the ultimate gift for a bodybuilder you care about and want to see prosper in their career.

>> Gymreapers Lifting Wrist Straps <<


              The pressure and stress bodybuilders endure in the course of their careers is not easy to take. A gift, however small it may seem, might be all they need to boost their morale and determination. Contrary to what people think, bodybuilders are not overly extravagant individuals. It only takes the smallest of gifts to please. Moreover, the nature of their career often changes their lifestyle completely, mostly leaving them secluded. Make them feel loved and appreciated by getting them one luxurious item this year. But before you make a purchase ensure you know what they may or may not like. Finally, ensure the item is of good quality so the memory can last longer.

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