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The Laws of Steroids




We all know that steroids are illegal ad come with certain health risk, but we also know that even though steroids come with risks and aren’t legal for use there is still a huge portion of the body building community that use steroids on a consistent basis. “Why would they do this?” you might ask, simple, steroids work. But even though steroids have proven their effectiveness in the body building and sports world they’re still banned, and few people know why.

If you’re considering starting a steroid cycle it’s important you know everything about the intricate laws surround them and what you’ll be up against if charged with possession of these substances.

Why are steroids illegal?

Steroids are illegal for only two reasons: (1) side effects and (2) difficulty in controlling. The damage that can be done to your health is vast. Steroids can shut down your liver, damage your kidneys and wreak havoc on your heart muscle. Also, because steroids are synthetic versions of sex hormones they can do great damage to sex organs by shrinking testes or enlarging the clitoris. Steroids can even cause infertility issues in both men and women.

By marking these drugs as illegal it helps the federal government and the medical community, control their use and keep these harmful and sometimes irreversible side effects away from unsuspecting individuals. Also, labeling them as “illegal” is thought to discourage people from tracking down underground blends or mixes that aren’t safe for anyone to use.

Are any steroids legal?

Yes. There are plenty of steroids that are available for use with a doctor’s prescription. Steroids are usually prescribed to help treat and cure medical conditions caused by low levels of testosterone or estrogen.

There are also very low dose testosterone mixes available in most drug stores to buy over the counter. These products are classified as legal because they’re able to be labeled as “supplements” which cannot be controlled by the FDA. These sorts of mixes cannot be used to treat any major medical problems as they’re of such a low dose. And while the mixes can sometimes help with bulking up muscle, when taken at recommended levels they’re mostly just smoke and mirrors. Women should not take these as the testosterone could affect the natural hormone balances in their systems.

Legal ramifications for steroid use:

Steroid use without a doctor’s prescription can result in hefty fines. Though it is often reported that you can be arrested and jailed for steroid use this is not the case. While steroids are considered a “drug” within the law, they do not impair cognitive abilities like other drugs or alcohol so arrests and jail time are not common place.

However, if caught selling illegal steroids you could face some serious jail time. It is never advisable to sell contraband.

Why are steroids banned by professional sports leagues?

Sports leagues ban any use of performance enhancing drugs because they’re considered to give a play an unfair advantage. Some may argue that steroids can level the playing field if all athletes used them, but this is faulty thinking. Because steroids mixes can vary so greatly it’s entirely possible for all athletes to use them and there still be a handful of players with a leg up on the competition.

That’s actually how they came to be banned in the first place. In world sporting events during the mid-1900’s each country employed the use of their own scientists to come up with the best mixes and blends of steroids possible for their country’s athletes. Sports during that time became less about a player’s own abilities and more about the science behind them. This is why there are such strict bans on steroids in sports now, to try to make sports stay about the game, and not about the “competitive edge”.

Use of steroids is entirely up to personal choice, and when it comes to body building, it’s nearly impossible to achieve your goals without a little help. Steroids don’t come without risks, though when used safely and with proper knowledge their risks and side effects are greatly lessened.

Laws and regulation of steroids vary greatly by state and country; before you decide to give them a try do your research.

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