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First Steroid Cycle: How to Prepare For It




First Steps to The First Steroid Cycle

          Disclaimer: This article does not endorse the use of steroids, especially if you live in an area where steroids are illegal. Suppose you are after medical advice or anything more than general information. Please see a doctor or pharmacist about your questions for the first steroid cycle.

         Just like any drug, anabolic steroids need to be treated with respect. One way this can be done. Ensure that in the days leading up to your first use of anabolic steroids. You prepare correctly so that there are no complications. Once you take it, as if you are reckless with steroids, you can at best end up in a hospital or, if unlucky enough, end up dead. However, if taken safely and prepared enough, you can enjoy the many benefits it brings. But the question is, how do you prepare for your first cycle? This article will help to answer that for you.


      The blood has a lot of answers to a lot of questions regarding the body. It can detect cancer if you have any allergies, an infection if you have a long-term illness such as diabetes if you are deficient in vitamins or minerals, and many other complications.

    The reason for blood being the answer to everything is because it goes everywhere.

       It also means that the things put in it (such as steroids) go everywhere. So you need to ensure that you are not putting yourself at risk by taking them.

         One way to ensure you are safe is by taking a complete blood test. It includes Cortisol, IGF-1, T3 & T4, DHEA SULFATE, Testosterone, IGFBP-3, insulin levels, TSH, and hemoglobin A1C.

Once you have checked that all these are at normal levels (and if they're not changing your diet/lifestyle to ensure that they are all within regular limits for you), there are still a few other tests that would be beneficial to do before doing anything.

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Cardiovascular System and the First Steroid Cycle

  The cardiovascular system is essential for working out as it gives the muscles vitally important oxygenated blood. So one thing you do not want to do is to take a drug, which can affect this if it has its problems. Three tests are recommended to be taken that tell you about your cardiovascular system. These are CBC, CMP, and the Lipid Panel tests.

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Other Tests:

       Finally, there are a few other rests which you will want to take due to the relatively safe than sorry approach. There aren't too many other tests that are recommended, and these are GGT (which gives you essential liver information which the CMP tests do not provide).

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        Also the last one is a PSA test. You can use anabolic steroids if you are in the healthy range with all those tests. However, this does not mean that you are ready. The actual preparation for the first steroid cycle is needed before you decide to take the steroids.

First Steroid Cycle Preparation:

         There is a lot of preparation when getting ready for your first cycle. Depending on what you read, there are various ways in which you can prepare for your first cycle. Some people reduce the number of carbohydrates and fat to a minimum for up to two weeks and take supplements that help. As one person puts it, "clear the receptors for a massive growth surge."

       This process is best for those who want to get the maximum out of steroids. Another point to mention is to try and keep the amount of body fat relatively low. The smaller % that your body fat is compared to your total weight, the more pure muscles you'll gain.

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Up For Debate, Work Out or Not Work Out?

        There is a debate on whether it is beneficial to go full-on before taking steroids. The benefit is that you can fully prepare and go harder still than before. You can work out for longer and get more muscles.
However, there is also the threat that if you work out too much, you burn out. You are too tired to maximize the steroids' protein turnover and recovery-enhancing abilities. Their hormones are not magic or doing worse, injuring yourself. My stance would be to go down the middle of the road. You are not pushing yourself to breaking point but, at the same time, not doing anything.

What to Get to Get Ready?

        The short answer is you need everything for the first steroid cycle. If you want to take a large variety of supplements, proteins, and the like, it's best advised. You prepare by getting everything you wish to beforehand; otherwise, you may lose out. The same applies to things further down the line if your cycle lasts for over 20 weeks.

          It is because you want to ensure that you are going for the same stuff. Throughout your cycle, as well as ensuring that if you run out halfway through, you don't have to stop because the supplier is out of stock.

         For this reason, it is recommended that you also make sure that you have enough money to ensure that you can keep it up for the entire cycle length, as it results in being a much more significant expense than just the steroids.

What Type of Anabolic Steroids Should I Take

Mild anabolics: Testosterone, Deca, Oral Dianabol,  Primobolan, Boldenone, Anavar.

           With an increasing number of variations of steroids available to you, the actual question of which one I should take is a fair one. Here are a few examples of potent and milder steroids.

Harsh anabolics: Halotestin, Trenbolone Suspension, Methyl-Tren, Boldenone Propionate.

        That is important if this is your first time, and it is essential to ensure that you are not pushing your body too hard by going for a very harsh anabolic. It can cause irreparable damage to somebody's parts, including the liver or specific parts of the heart.

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         Start on the milder and smaller doses first; like any other, tolerance will increase, and you will be able to take more significant amounts and harsher compounds. Also, you may need more or different steroids to get to a larger size. It affects everyone so differently that experimentation is critical when analyzing the first steroid cycle.

         Furthermore, my advice is to take for your first ever cycle an oral (ingest through the stomach via the mouth) and preferably an anabolic, not an androgenic. To mitigate side effects, think of Anavar, Turinabol, and Primobolan Acetate as the safest starter steroids that are less androgenic and more anabolic.


         Purely because it's an excellent way to ease yourself into the first steroid cycle, and before Deca Durabolin was released, it was a common practice in the '60s to start with an oral like Dianabol and run that for up to 12 weeks or whatever the length of time the prescription happened to be. Although you may not get the entirety of the effects as compared to injecting them directly into the bloodstream, there are fewer side effects if you take care of your liver.

         Look at where the metabolizing occurs in injectables, and you'll know that injectables aren't a lot safer. They save you from the first pass but inevitably, you will affect your organs as you inject into muscle, not the bloodstream, although that has been done and is significantly more dangerous and potent.

         Plus, its an excellent progressive way of getting into the first steroid cycle; a simple pill isn't hard to take; you can split it apart and take a dose every time the half-life is up, so every 6 or 12 hours or just pre-workout for a central nervous system boost and enhanced nutrient uptake post-workout.

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        Overall the main factors are to ensure that you are physically fit and healthy by taking anabolic steroids in the first place. If you took all the tests and you are safe to progress, it'd be recommended that you bulk buy everything that you need, and from there, it's your choice to decide how intensely you'll work out in the lead-up to the first steroid cycle and for how long you will do this (8 weeks, several months), etc. But most importantly (aside from the medical) is the question of what type of steroids you will take in your first steroid cycle and how you will take them, and that answer is entirely up to you.

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