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First Steroid Cycle – Can I Keep My Gains After it?




What’s The Fact Of Having Steroids, If You Are Already Gaining From The Cycles After That?

      Do you want to look amazing just for a few months? Because you may again shrink and look like the older version of yours after completing First Steroid Cycle. Once you get back to that slimmer form still, your friends and family will start pointing out that change in you. But do not lose hope, mate!  There are a lot of steroids available that offers you the permanent or ever-lasting gains even after you stop this cycle. The gains of the cutting steroids are 100% long-term. For instance, you will lose a ton of fat from your body, and it will last for long or maybe permanently.

       The frequent question was asked from the bodybuilders. Those people who were on steroids, whether they could keep the gains after completing the cycle. But the answer, according to us, is a ‘No.’

Why Are Anabolic Steroids Perfect For Building Muscles?

        Anabolic & Androgenic steroids or AAS are those forms of drugs which are linked with the properties and effects of testosterone – the hormone present in the body. They aid in raising the protein’s amount within the cells, mainly within the skeletal part of the muscles.

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       The people who get abnormally muscular after having steroids is because these steroids enhance the level of testosterone to a greater extent. Even a short cycle can increase the average range to double. So, the muscle mass of your body increases and multiplies numerous times.

      In reality, the people who are on steroids look like a gigantic human compared with the other individuals who do bodybuilding in the usual way. When you are on a productive cycle, it is common to gain 15 lbs or more mass of the actual muscles. The gains become slow too even on anabolic steroids because the receptors of androgens and the organs burn out.

Is It Possible To Keep All The Gains?

The answer is simple, YES!

But, there are some conditions.

  • To reach to your Genetic Capability.

       Everybody type has a different and specific kind of genetic limit representing how much capability your body has naturally.

         If you continue training and bodybuilding for many years along with the perfect healthy diet, you can come too close to this boundary. But there is no possibility to pass this borderline without these anabolic steroids or any other relative drugs.

So, the best situation is to train yourself naturally until you come closer to your genetic potential. And you are then using PED’s (Performance Enhancing Drugs) which take you to this limit and can break these barriers. But about 1% or fewer users of PED choose this path.

         Generally, choosing this way is the outcome of your impatience. Because of naturally reaching your genetic potential takes many years.

Facts and Examples

          Irrespective of the fact that if you use these anabolic steroids earlier or later, the reality is that your genetic potential has a standard limit. And it doesn’t matter that whether you cross this limit by the use of anabolic steroids, once you stop using them, you will again return to your original genetic potential gradually.

           Let’s consider that you are not even close enough to your genetic limit, and there is no chance to reach or cross this borderline, so you start taking steroids. So, if you gain muscle mass of 10 pounds off this phase, and the genetic potential is the lean muscle of 10 pounds extra except what you achieved with this cycle.


            And there should be no issues in having all these gains from the periods if you work hard, train yourself properly, and have a healthy diet continuously.

           Taking another example, let’s consider that you somehow you peaked naturally and cannot do it further without using PED, so you start taking these steroids and gain an extra 10 pounds of muscle mass.

             Now you have gained an additional 10 pounds above your genetic potential. So, if you train yourself entirely, improve the function of your natural endocrine, remain on a healthy diet, there is a possibility that you can keep up this gain for a long time or even permanently. Otherwise, these gains are temporary.

             Sooner or later, the supply of your natural hormones in the body will not be enough to maintain a lean muscle level of the body according to your genetic potential. And after a few months (according to each body type), you will start losing all those 10 pounds slowly.

            Now, there is a question arising in your minds that, what is the point to do this cycle?

           First of all, you need to keep this thing in mind that the effects of these drugs are not enduring; these are temporary.

Have you ever looked at the retired bodybuilders?

           Do you think that Arnold is of the exact size as he used to be in the 1970s?

           Not at all.

     The primary factor of his current size or health is due to age. But there is a big part of the discontinuation of the use of these drugs, or he does not train himself or have a perfect diet as he used to do it before.

          Let’s talk about Ronnie Coleman. He was known as the world’s greatest bodybuilders. Today it is tough to see him the same way as he looked before.

          And if we look at Dexter Jackson with an age of 50 years, but Dexter seems as perfect as he was in his young or middle ages.

       Dexter Jackson’s body is now better than it looked in his age of 30. He wins the top level shows today and beat his competitors who are even ten years junior to him. The reason behind his perfect body is that he remained constant with the use of these PEDs, and he still trains himself the same as he used to do in the past.

           And those bodybuilders who got back to their actual slimmer sizes (just like Ronnie) is because they stop using these PEDs. So the body now relies only on one kind of hormone which in reality is not enough to maintain the muscle mass of the body beyond your genetic limit.

          Thus, to get or even maintain a super-sized body just like the actual bodybuilders, you need to stay on the cycle of these steroids. This continuous supply of the drugs results in producing the hormones and enhancing them that help in maintaining a more significant amount of mass of the muscles as it could do it naturally.

          So, in the end, it is accurate to say that the use of steroid is 100% sustainable. It just depends upon your genetic potential of how much you are enthusiastic about continuing this cycle.

Do You Still Train as Hard Or Diet Properly After The Cycle?

Do You Still Train as Hard Or Diet Properly After The Cycle?

          If you get hard training and diet properly on your cycle and acquire incredible gains. It doesn’t show that you can now eat as much as you want and become sluggish because your period is over now. One main factor which is going to dictate the retention of your muscles after the steroid cycle. Is whether you continue to get hard training and diet well even when your period is off.

        A lot of people consider that as they don’t get any anabolic steroids or other assistance so they can easily throw the diet out of the window and begin by taking it more comfortable with the training. It couldn’t be very far from the truth, and by doing this. They will only cause a hard-earned muscular figure which they build just by melting off their bodies. You are required to continue the training as hard as it was during the cycle and diet as good as it was on the period, even when your cycle comes off for retaining all the gains you got from the cycle.

        Already you are about to be struggling an uphill fight using a suppressed endocrine system which is recovering; thus your training, as well as diet needs, must be 100% on the point.

Have You Taken The PCT Properly?

Have You Taken The PCT Properly?

          It is quite shocking how many people will embark onto a cycle without using the PCT on the hand before the time or even not knowing what is PCT at the very first place.

          If you are out of those who don’t take the compounds for post cycle therapy. After they get off any other PED that they use. Your own body will become in a highly suppressed condition for an extended period, and it can be very catabolic. Longer, the body remains in the shape of suppression having no anabolic assistance; the larger are the odds of you to face muscle loss.

Must Read: What is PCT and Why It’s so Important in Steroid Cycles

         It isn’t much uncommon for few people to lose their muscles which they acquired from the cycle only because they don’t take PCT. Highly critical hormone production in the body which retains the muscular mass. After the period is over is the endogenous testosterone. After the period comes off, the level of these hormones gets suppressed. A post cycle therapy is to elongate this recovery procedure of the production of endogenous testosterone as early as possible. To leave the body for getting recovered at its own without any PCT at all can nearly undoubtedly results in the considerable loss of muscular mass. It could have been retained easily by using a proper regimen of PCT.

Tips For Keeping Muscle Gains after Cycle:

         Following are some fantastic tips of Keeping Muscle Gains after Cycle

  • Take a proper post cycle therapy: To take the post cycle therapy or PCT works like the strategy for a few bodybuilders. To retain their muscular gain successfully even after their cycle comes off. The PCT is sometimes also incorporated with the restoration of your body’s hormones. To come back to a reasonable level after the levels of testosterone are suppressed.
  • Keep your testosterone level regular: low levels of testosterone show catabolism in the body. If you don’t use a steroid cycle with big doses, you can get yourself away without running the PCT. Also, not retaining most of the muscle gains. But, if you are running an aggressive steroid cycle having harsh steroids (Anadrol, Tren). The PCT would be an excellent option. The standard kind of PCT usually involves an intake of the testosterone boosters, like D-aspartic acid, maca, and Tongkat-Ali. Bodybuilders use these boosters in a little amount for raising natural levels of testosterone. Of course to push them back to normal range.

        If the testosterone production gets indeed become down, you’ll experience lower sex drive, fatigue, less energy, and feeling entirely down on life.

Which Steroids Can Save You to “Shrink” After Cycle?

Why Do I Need to Come off of Steroids

         Steroids that shut off your result in retention of the number of fluids. These are the ones who need to be avoided. For avoiding the shrinking after the cycle, follow few of the very known steroids. Which  keeps the gains even after a period:


         It is possible to keep your gains after the cycle if you follow some basic rules. Many people think that they can do this without taking care of these things, but they lie.  Steroid sellers are stupid; even pros become downsized considerably after they stop their steroid cycle.

         In the end, you pay the price always for your deeds. You may lie just to yourself. You should know that side effects after the steroid cycle always come even if you plan everything earlier.

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