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12 Muscle Supplements that a Skinny Guy Should Take




What are the 12 muscle supplements should a skinny guy take?

            There are 3 body types that include ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph. While the Mesomorph is the ideal body type most guys desire as they are well built and muscular, some people are either Endomorph, mostly very fat, or Ectomorph, mostly long and lean. While those who are Endomorphs can decide to lose weight by following a strict diet and exercising, this will not work for Ectomorphs. The only option they have is to try to consume more. Unfortunately, even when they consume more, they still find it difficult to gain weight. As a result of these, there are particular muscle supplements specifically made for skinny guys that can help them gain weight and develop muscles.

          If you are lean and find it difficult to develop the right muscle mass that you desire, there are muscle supplements that can help you gain weight and muscle. This is possible even if you have gotten to a place where you think you have tried everything possible to add more meat without success. Your feelings are very well understood because losing weight is still easier than gaining weight.

         You seem not to be gaining weight because your body burns more calories or just the same quantity of calories that you are consuming. When you want to build muscles, you must consume carbs and proteins. Thus, they are the best type of food for individuals who are looking to gain weight.

Why Bodybuilding Supplements are important?

            A lot of questions might be running through your mind. You might wonder if a weight or mass gainer will help you add weight to your skinny frame. You might be looking for answers to questions such as what is the best muscle supplement for skinny people or if it is preferable to use a weight gainer instead of protein powder.

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            Weight supplements or mass gainer is very effective in helping skinny guys to gain weight. Muscle supplements are great for those who are fat and want to lose weight while building muscles. However, skinny guys, they will have to use weight gainers or mass gainers alongside the protein powder so that they can gain weight first, while the protein powder will help the individual to build muscles. Twelve of the best muscle supplements that you can purchase if you are looking to add more meat to your skinny frame include:

  • ENU Vanilla Cream
  • Muscle Milk
  • CytoSport CytoGainer
  • Muscle Milk Gainer
  • Universal Nutrition Real Gains
  • BSN True Mass
  • Optimum Nutrition Pro Grainer
  • MuscleTech Mass Tech Extreme 2000
  • Naked Mass
  • Dymatize Super Mass Gainer
  • BNS True Mass 1200
  • Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

 1. ENU Vanilla Cream

              The product provides 340 calories at a single serving. It can serve as a complete replacement for a meal while trying to gain weight. It contains 17 grams of protein and is free of Maltodextrin. Also, it has a great taste despite not having artificial ingredients, artificial sweeteners or corn syrup. It also does not contain any quantity of Carrageenan or Lactose.

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        The product is a great option for people who want to slowly gain weight over time while using the healthiest and completely natural products. ENU only contains 1 gram of sugar making it very safe for those that are diabetic or have concerns with consuming sugar. The product also comes in handy for those who are can’t eat because of issues with their mouth that has made it impossible for them to eat or chew or other health challenges. They could easily take the product instead and get all the required nutrients and calories they would have gotten from a meal.

2. Muscle Milk

           This product is another great option for individuals who do not want to suddenly gain a lot of weight but are willing to slowly build their weight over a longer period. The products provide 200 calories in a sitting consisting of 1 gram, 5 grams and 40 grams of sugar, fiber, and protein. It also provides an excellent quantity of about 20 minerals and vitamins that are essential to the body. It does not contain lactose and can be consumed by those who are allergic to it. You can consume the product to gain calories or as fuel before or after a severe workout. It is available in different great taste options including chocolate and vanilla.

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3. CytoSport CytoGainer

           The product is produced in the United States of America and contains fat, carbs, and protein at 5 grams, 74 grams, and 54 grams, respectively. With these ingredients, the product is very effective for those who want to gain weight and develop muscle simultaneously. It also contains carbs that will give you enough energy to hit the gym as working out is also an essential routine except you want to add weight and get fat, which would not be a nice idea. For each serving of this product, you will get 560 calories. If you combine this product's consumption with a strict training regimen, you will notice its effectiveness within a very short while.

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        As opposed to some mass gainers, the product has a good taste implying you won’t have to squeeze your face while consuming it. It is also a healthy product because it has a higher ratio of protein compared to carbs.

4. Muscle Milk Gainer 

        The muscle milk gainer is one of the best muscle supplements available, especially if you desire a mass gainer that has low sugar content. There are only 5 grams of sugar for each serving of the product, making it good for those who are avoiding sugar for health or other reasons but need to gain weight. A single serving of the product will give you 650 extra calories to help you gain weight. You will get 9 grams, 110 grams and 32 grams of fat, carbs, and protein from each serving. This implies that you will be getting a lot of carbs for energy and low protein content from the product.

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         Thus, if you are someone that eat meats, eggs and a lot of other sources of protein while you hardly have carbs in your diet, then the Muscle Milk Gainer is best for you. Otherwise, you might have to invest in protein powder alongside this product for optimum result. The product also has a decent flavor and taste. However, on the downside, the low protein content coupled with the high quality of Maltodextrin (which is responsible for the high quantity of carbs in the product) makes it a not too healthy product. However, if you require a lot of carbs and are consuming an adequate quantity of protein from other sources, then the product will be a very effective option.

5. Universal Nutrition Real Gains

        The information on nutrition that is available in this product is a really likable one. A single serving of the product will give you 6 grams, 84 grams and 53 grams of fat, carbs, and protein, respectively. You get 603 calories from consuming a single serving of this product. The low-fat content, as well as the high protein content, implies that you will be getting a lot of lean muscle by using the product. It comes with some sugar and Maltodextrin, implying that it is not completely clean and natural, but it is cleaner compared to the other products with a high quantity of Maltodextrin.

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          It also has a flavor and taste that is better when compared to many other muscle supplements. Mixing it with virtually any liquid of your preference is also advantageous. The implication is that you can use it with tea, juice, coffee and other drinks if you still do not want the taste while consuming the product. Furthermore, it does not thicken the liquid meaning you will still have the same thickness as the normal drink. Most skinny guys that have used the product have experienced positive results based on their report.

6. BSN True Mass 

        With True Mass muscle supplements, you will get less protein but more calories for each product serving. Every serving provides you with 700 calories that consist of 17 grams, 90 grams and 46 grams of fat, carbs, and protein. The product will have been better if it had some more protein. Fortunately, you can invest in protein powder or other protein sources to cover up the deficit. A great aspect of the product is that the carb content is sourced from sources healthier than Maltodextrin, thus, improving the quality of the product in terms of health.

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       Thus, as opposed to most other mass gainers that contain Maltodextrin. As a major source of carbs, this product does not. It is also effective for skinny guys who want to add more weight or muscle. On the other hand, it does not taste great because its flavor is very artificial. Furthermore, the need to improve the product's taste has resulted in adding more sugar, which did not really do much to improve the taste. Thus, there is more sugar in the product. If results and health mean more to you than sugar and taste. Then it remains a very great option to get extra 700 calories daily for skinny guys looking to put on some weight.

7. Optimum Nutrition Pro Grainer

       The product provides 650 calories for each serving comprising of 8 grams, 85 grams and 60 grams of fat, carbs, and protein respectively. The split of these contents is great as the high protein content will come in handy in helping with muscle growth and repair. Furthermore, the good quantity of carbs will help you with the strength you will need during your workouts. However, it also contains a high Maltodextrin content meaning that if you are not comfortable consuming Maltodextrin, then you might want to opt for a healthier product with no Maltodextrin or a lesser quantity.

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         It has a great flavor and taste, especially when compared to many other mass gainers. You can also mix it with milk or water before consuming. The product is not very thick meaning it does not really affect the thickness of the liquid. If you want more calories from the 650 calories that come with a serving of the product, you can add banana to the mix.

8. MuscleTech Mass Tech Extreme 2000

        When it comes to nutritional content, the product is easily one of the best muscle supplements skinny guys can opt for when they want to add weight. The product gives you a whopping 1830 calories from a serving comprising of 6 grams, 384 grams and 63 grams of fat, carbs, and proteins respectively. You also get 6 scoops from a single serving which implies 499 grams. Thus, you are able to enjoy a high quantity of power at a sitting. The calorie you will get from this single serving is higher than the meal several people consume throughout the day.

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        However, it comes with the implication of making you get filled up very quickly and might not be able to finish the serving, just like you will also get to immediately observe the results in the form of weight gain. This is very much expected when you consume 2,000 calories. Apart from the huge size of carb that is available in the product, it does not pose any health concerns. The quantity of protein is also pretty much. The taste of the product is not too great. But that is a constant with a good number of mass gainers.

9. Naked Mass 

          If you are trying to avoid fat (which is not a major issue for skinny guys by the way), then the naked mass is the best mass gainer for you. Despite providing 1,250 calories, its fat content is only 2.5 grams. The other contents of the product include 50 grams and 252 grams of protein and carbohydrate respectively. The producers of Naked Mass are very particular about producing a healthy product. Thus, try to eliminate as many unhealthy ingredients as they can. The implication is that compared to other similar products, they are significantly lower on sugars and sodium.

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        The carbohydrate content of the product was also carefully selected. As a result, they utilized mostly simple carbs from wheat. Furthermore, the Maltodextrin used for the product is the tapioca type that is organic and free of gluten. The implication is that the Maltodextrin content has a GI that is lower. Thus, for products that give more than 1,000 calories per servings, they are among the healthiest. However, the taste is not really nice.

10. Dymatize Super Mass Gainer

          You can get 1,300 calories from a single serving of this product if you are using water to mix it. Using skimmed milk instead of water will give you about 1,900 calories in a serving. A serving consists of 2 scoops that comprise 10 grams, 254 grams and 52 grams of fats, carbohydrates, and protein respectively. The weight gainer also has a creatine content of 1.5 grams for each serving. Creatine and protein are the 2 most important products when it comes to building muscle.

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         Thus, apart from helping you gain weight, the creatine comes in handy in helping you absorb the carbs from the product, repair your muscle after training as well as help enhance your muscle-building ability. Creatine is normally sold as a standalone supplement. The product gives you a thick mixture, making it a bit difficult to consume the mixture. It also does not have a very great taste. These have resulted in those who use or have attempted to use the product complaining of the difficulty of consuming the product. However, it is a very effective product for skinny guys who want to add weight and build their muscle.

11. BNS True Mass 1200

         You get 16 grams, 222 grams and 50 grams of fat, carbs, and protein from this product that gives you a total of 1,230 calories in a single serving. Its high carbs content makes it an ideal product that has enough glycogen to replace those you have utilized even if you have just finished a very intense workout. However, a good quantity of these carbs is coming from Maltodextrin. Thus, those who have diabetes or other sugar concerns might find it difficult using the product. It is a very effective product for skinny guys to consume when they want to gain mass and weight.

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          The product can either be consumed with milk or water. However, the resulting mixture will be thick and chunky. The taste of the mixture is mostly sort of funny, which could make it a bit difficult consuming the product. However, the huge boost of calories and the resulting effect in weight gain and muscle development more than makes up for the funny taste.

12. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Amazon Link

         One of the best muscle supplements that are very effective for skinny guys is the Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass. It offers 1,250 calories in a single serving consisting of 252 grams and 50 grams of carbs and protein respectively. Also, it comes with 20 grams of sugar per serving. That means you might want to avoid the product if you are not comfortable with taking sugar. A high amount of carbs is very beneficial for fueling and rebalancing the muscle after working out. The carbs also provide muscle growing raw materials.

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          The taste is not too good like most other mass gain products. Furthermore, the bags used to package it could get ripped or punctured if not carefully handled. Such tear or puncture exposes the product to air and other conditions that could reduce its effectiveness or make it useless. It also contains Maltodextrin which is refined carbohydrates that have a high level of GI.


           For those who are finding it difficult to gain weight. Different products with different calorie content have been listed. Generally, the higher the calorie content of the product you opt for, the faster you gain weight. However, we understand that some people will prefer to go slowly and steadily. Others want speedy results, while there are others who are okay with a solution that will not be too fast or too slow.

        Thus, the first two products discussed offer less than 500 calories per serving. They are best for individuals who want to follow the slow approach to gaining weight. Building muscles as they don’t want to suddenly change overnight. For those who do not want a too fast or too slow journey to gaining weight, the next 5 products discussed will serve. These products provide between 500 and 1,000 calories for each serving. Thus, they will contribute significantly to help individuals gain weight. However, not too quickly like the last 5 products and not too slowly like the first 2 products.

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           The last 5 products, on the other hand, gives a calorie content of more than 1,000 calories per serving. With some getting as high as almost 2,000 calories. Using any of the last 5 products will lead to immediate results for the person to gain weight.


         In the process of discussing the products. The healthier ones were also specified, which are the ones that do not contain Maltodextrin. Even though the less healthy ones contain Maltodextrin. They are also fine and can be used by anybody who is not suffering from diabetes. The products with great tastes for those who do not like to take bitter things. Also products with funny tastes were also specified. Thus, the guide gives you an overview of the best 12 muscle supplements. That a skinny guy should take if he wants to gain weight and build muscles. All of the products provide calories. Help with energy for work out and aids muscle recovery after the workout.

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