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Top 20 Weight Loss Bodybuilding Supplements to Try This Summer 




           Maintaining a healthy appetite while minimizing cravings is not easy. However, it is something that needs to complete if you want to have your body look well. Most people try to put off weight but fail to do so unless they get some help. And with weight loss bodybuilding supplements, you could manage to lose that extra weight and look great this summer!

            Such supplements will complement a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle, and within a relatively short period, you will be able to achieve the look you always craved. Here are the top 20 weight loss bodybuilding supplements to try this summer. Customers give this Top 20 list of supplements after a careful evaluation of different supplements on the market, as well as reviews and ratings.

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1. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein Powder:

         Backed up with thousands of reviews, the vast majority of which, seem to be positive, this is a supplement worth trying out. As the name implies, it mainly compose of whey protein isolates. It also comprises naturally occurring BCAAs, Glutamine, and Glutamic acid. This supplement takes after a workout as it will help in muscle recovery and muscle growth. Moreover, it assists in the quicker digestion of protein.

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2. Evolution Nutrition ENGN Shred;

         It is a supplement that is mainly designed to help in boosting your energy while also supporting your weight management. It is an advanced pre-workout product with a thermogenic formula that encourages fat burning. Also helps to improve focus and energy, which are essential attributes in any sport. ENGN Shred is a creatine free product which is mainly composed of CLA and L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, both of which help in supporting proper performance levels while you are utilizing fat during your exercising.

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3. Evolution Nutrition Lean Mode Zero-Stimulant:

           As the name itself suggests, thanks to this supplement, you will be paving the way towards achieving a leaner body. This supplement offers stimulant-free weight loss support as it helps in fat burning and appetite control. It also improves your metabolism and increases energy levels. It is mostly made up of green coffee bean and African mango aqueous extracts, Acetyl-L-carnitine and CLA.

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4. USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic Muscle Gain Shake Powder:

         This supplement helps to provide you with the nutritional value that is ideal for burning fats while also building muscle. This supplement consistently received good ratings and reviews, and so it is worth trying out. The formulation is mainly a combination of protein and creatine, which are important to boost performance. Energy levels are improved, and a leaner body is achievable thanks to the healthy supply of nutrients and vitamins contained in this supplement.

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5. USN Diet Fuel Ultralean Weight Control Shake Powder:

           Instead of capsules, many prefer to shake powder. It is one good option for those who prefer this alternative. Formulated to combine all the essential nutrients required for a healthy diet, and to support weight loss, this weight control shake powder seems to have been reviewed favorably by a good many customers. Many commented that it did promote weight loss and that it enabled them to maintain lean muscle.

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6. Evlution Nutrition BCAA Energy:

           It is yet another highly rated weight loss supplement that helps in boosting energy levels while also supporting weight management goals. It contains natural energizers and antioxidants, namely, green tea and green coffee. Also, it includes Beta-Alanine, L-alanine, Taurine, along with premium BCAAs. No sugars or carbs, thus allowing you to boost energy and recovery levels to the optimum level, while also retaining lean body mass and supporting a healthy metabolism.

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7. Scitec Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Powder:

           Whey offers a lot of health benefits, including an improved immune system. It is, coupled up with key ingredients in this supplement help in achieving great results. And this is not only for weight loss but also for muscle building and to speed up recovery. Thus this is a perfect bodybuilding weight loss supplement, and it has indeed received high ratings by those who tried it.

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8. Double Bonded Protein:

          Made from whole goat milk protein, along with casein and whey, this supplement is designed to help in increasing lean body mass. It also supports muscles by enhancing growth and slowing down the possible breakdown of muscles after exercises. Thus it is ideal for bodybuilders and anyone who engages in such sports. It has many positive reviews not only for its effectiveness but also for the fact that it is delicious. Since it has a chocolatey taste, it can easily be added with smoothies and shakes.

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9. Fitness Labs Diet Stack:

          This supplement offers a solution for those who are trying to burn fat while getting a lean body. It is from ingredients that help you achieve good results in this regard, and results can be seen quite quickly too! This supplement helps in controlling appetite and thus reduces body fat while also controlling fat and carb-digesting enzymes. It also boosts energy, which is important for workouts.

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10. Fitness Labs Thermo Rip Fat Burner:

         Another similar supplement like the one before, also from Fitness Labs, which is more focused on the enhancement of the metabolic rate. With catching as well as the thermogenesis-boosting properties that are derived from cayenne pepper and green tea extract, this product works wonders. There are also other fruit extracts which help in the fat-burning process.

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11. Keto Burner:

         Manufactured in an FDA approved US-based facility, this is a supplement that helps in suppressing appetite and burn fats. It is free from artificial additives or preservatives and completely natural, thus one of the reasons why it is well rated. It is a pure and potent weight loss supplement that makes it ideal for everyone and anyone.

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12. BCAA Powder:

        This supplement is a well-known performance boosting product which is used by athletes. It contains three amino acids, namely, valine, leucine, and isoleucine, which work fabulously together to boost energy and performance. This combination is also great for muscle development. This supplement is low in calories and thus supports weight loss and fat burning at the same time. Another advantage is that this BCAA powder is completely vegan and made from the highest quality plant-based ingredients. It, therefore, has excellent nutritional value as well.

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13. JST SEMTEX Weight Management Formula:

          A fat burner that is said to be very effective for those who exercise and engage in workouts, SEMTEX Thermogenic formula manages to work in a twofold manner. It supports weight loss while also increasing the metabolic rate. As a result, calories are burned more efficiently.

       This supplement manufactured in the UK, and it seems to be offering excellent results to those who tried it out as there were numerous positive reviews to be found about it. Its main ingredients include caffeine, Brazilian cocoa extract, and green tea leaf extract, among others. It also contains Capsicum and L-Carnitine.

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14. BioBro Cut Bro:

             The motto of this product is to scorch and melt fat and to move on to building the perfect lean body. It is the goal of those who engage in sports as well as most people who do their best to look good. This supplement comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, and this inevitably helps to increase one’s confidence in purchasing this product.

           It also adds to the fact that it seems to be a product that can be trusted to work as otherwise there would not have been this guarantee. Not all supplements come with a money-back guarantee, and when this is offered, a customer is bound to feel more confident to buy. It could be one of the main reasons why this product seemed to get good ratings and reviews.

       These capsules are made with a formula that incorporates mainly natural ingredients, that help to give your body more energy, as well as boost the metabolism. Moreover, fat burning is a vital aspect of this supplement, thus allowing one to get the utmost from exercise and workout routines.

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15. Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner:

             Weight loss supplement that received a great deal of praise by customers. With thousands of reviews to back it up, Burn-XT seems to be a great hit with those who are trying to lose weight while also boost their energy levels. Burn-XT is a thermogenic fat burner that apart from burning body fat also helps to maintain and preserve lean muscle.

            Fat loss maximize as appetite suppression and a boost in one’s metabolism to achieve with this supplement. It is also said to help in increasing one’s focus and improving one’s mood and energy, which are essential aspects for one to perform a good workout.

          Burn-XT is scientifically proven to work with a formula that combines caffeine, green tea extract, capsimax cayenne pepper extract, and Bioperine black pepper fruit extract, along with Acetyl L-Carnitine. Money-back guarantee is also offered unless the customer notices the desired results.

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16. Maximuscle Promax Lean Protein Powder:

          A scientifically formulated product that has been given many positive reviews. Mainly formulated from protein, green tea, and L-Carnitine, it helps to achieve the goal of lean muscle development many people have. However, apart from that, it also increases energy levels and focuses. It is high in protein, as it is believed that the release of protein to the body over a sustained period helps to achieve many positive results attributed to weight loss and lean muscle.

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17. Iron Labs Nutrition BCAA:

           Supplements that include high amounts of Vitamin B6 along with BCAAs. Taken either before or after a workout, this supplement’s manufacturer claims that it can work wonders. And it does seem to do well with many customers who tried using it.

        There are many positive reviews about it. Not to mention that compare with most other products, and competitively price too.

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18. BCAA Tablets By Opal Fitness:

            Backed up with several positive reviews and good ratings, these BCAA tablets with added Vitamin B6 are intended to maintain lean muscle. It is a goal that easily achieves unless there is some support from a product such as this. It is ideal for athletes who need support to fight muscle breakdown. Also, it works very well in boosting energy and sport performance levels. BCAA absorption increase a lot thanks to these tablets, which are natural and vegetarian-friendly and GMO-free.

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19. BCAA Amino Acid Support:

       This supplement made in the UK following the highest standards in manufacturing and hygiene. The supplement intends to help in muscle recovery and in building lean muscle. Since it excels at this, it is ideal for athletes and anyone engaging in workouts.

          Apart from supporting muscles, it also helps in boosting performance levels as one will feel more energized and less fatigued when taking these capsules.

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20. T5 Hardcore Advanced Thermogenic:

         It is a fat-burning formula that is effective, and it does seem to work with many people who tried it out. It is manufactured in the UK in a GMP certified facility, and the company is ISO certified. Sustained energy improvement coupled up with an improved metabolic rate is achieved with this supplement.

           It also helps in offering the much-needed assistance for achieving a lean body and keeping weight in check. The main ingredients are found in this supplement include green tea and green coffee extract, guarana seed extract, as well as cayenne fruit and kola nut extracts.

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           These are the top weight loss bodybuilding supplements on the market. You should be able to get the much-desired results in time for summer if you start using one of these supplements as soon as possible while there are many weight loss bodybuilding supplements on the market. It is essential to consider whether from natural ingredients and make sure that they seem to have good backing from customers. All of the above weight loss bodybuilding supplements do well in this regard, so you should have confidence in purchasing one of these products and achieve that impressive lean body you always yearned for this summer!

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Supplemental Breast Milk for Bodybuilders: The Secret Behind It





Many bodybuilders are increasingly getting obsessed with drinking breast milk. Yes, you read that right. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you notice a grown man or woman taking breast milk meant for babies? Well, however, yuckish that mind sound, bodybuilders who have discovered its secret don't care about naysayers. Supplemental breast milk comes with many fitness benefits only bodybuilders can explain.

But why human milk? Scientists and fitness experts have been scratching their heads to try and answer this. And although there isn't sufficient data to support breast milk's effectiveness in enhancing muscle growth, users have some positive results. In this article, we will try to find out the possible reasons bodybuilders have resorted to taking breast milk as a supplement.

What Science Says

It is important to note that breast milk is the most complex, nutrient-rich food for babies for all mammals. Babies derive many benefits from breast milk, including immune-boosting sugars and development nutrients. No wonder every bodybuilder wants a piece of this magical natural product to have the edge over their opponent. Breast milk has no side effects, unlike other synthetic products bodybuilders use as supplements.

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The formula has been known to promote development in bodybuilders, just like it does babies. Bodybuilders will go to any length to build muscle and strength. There is a notion that bodybuilders are selective about the kinds of foods they take, and it is for the right reasons. It is not every meal you take that helps you to achieve your fitness goals. Importantly, bodybuilders must watch out for their diet lest they consume something that reaches the opposite of what they want as far as fitness is concerned.

Benefits of Supplemental Breast Milk to A Bodybuilder

There is a significant amount of protein in breast milk. It is one of the best sources of protein for athletes and bodybuilders. Bodybuilders take breast milk because it increases muscle growth, helps with recovery, and contains a lot of protein. Breast milk comprises between 50 and 60 percent water, 25 to 35 percent carbohydrates, and 10 to 15 percent protein.

It also contains fat, which is mainly in the form of triglycerides (which are a type of fat). It has plenty of vitamins and minerals that are important for bodybuilders. Breast milk also has immune-boosting properties that help fight bacteria and pathogens in the human body. While it is not as easy as a shake, breast milk can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 72 hours.

It is a good idea to store it if you are on vacation and need to keep fit. The B vitamin, niacin, is also in breast milk. It helps absorb other B vitamins in the body, and it helps fight off infections. The amount of protein in this milk is a significant part of what makes it a valuable source for bodybuilders. The amount of protein in breast milk is also essential to bodybuilders because they need a lot of protein in their diets.

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Preparing Supplemental Breast Milk At Home

If you're going to prepare breast milk at home, then it is much easier than buying it from the store. To make a protein shake, mix 10-12 ounces (3/4 to 1 cup) of breast milk in one blender container with 15-20 ice cubes. Add 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract and 6-8 ounces of your favorite fruit juice (fruit or vegetable). Blend until smooth. You can also replace the fruit juice with water or soy milk, but you lose the nutritional benefits that come with breast milk.

Oprah Winfrey's Take on Supplemental breast milk

Oprah Winfrey famously drinks a cup of breast milk daily, claiming it helps her sleep better and improves her skin. Some say that eating foods from animal sources such as meat, dairy, and eggs is bad for you because they contain cholesterol, saturated fats, and high omega-6 fatty acids. However, it is no secret that these products are, in fact, quite nutritious and healthy for the bodybuilder. When switching to a vegan diet to lose fat or enhance physical performance, athletes must carefully consider their intake of vitamins A, D, B12, and C.

Breast Milk Vs. Regular Supplements

Regular supplements are often extracted, purified, and concentrated on offering a high dosage of their key ingredient. The downside of this is that they don't always provide the benefits associated with the original food. As an example, red wine contains antioxidants known to promote heart health. However, most red wine supplements are synthetic and have such a low concentration of these antioxidants that you need to drink about ten bottles for the same effect as one bottle of regular red wine.

When combining multiple supplements, it's essential to consider that many of these substances have different effects (see the "When You Shouldn't Take It" section below). Certain supplements may also interfere with each other. For example, some people find that they can exercise better when taking creatine along with the amino acid L-arginine. However, others find that this combination causes a headache. In general, it would be best not to accept these two supplements.

The Downside of Regular Supplements

Supplements are a great way to help bodybuilders reach their goals. However, there are some disadvantages to some supplements for bodybuilders. For example, there could be side effects from using these supplements. It is essential to research what the side effects might be before starting a supplement. It is not always necessary to use supplements to get the nutrients you need in your diet. Eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily will get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Some supplements may be necessary for bodybuilders, others could improve their performance, and others are just for fun. Some joint supplements for bodybuilders include creatine, protein powders and bars, glutamine, BCAA's or leucine-enrichened proteins/whey products, multivitamins, and supplements for testosterone.

The main disadvantage of supplements is that they may contain harmful ingredients or too much of a particular nutrient. For example, creatine has been shown to cause liver damage in doses higher than the recommended daily allowance, so it is best to use it only when necessary. Other side effects could be allergic reactions or infections from bacteria found in supplements. Researching the potential side effects before taking any supplement is a good idea if you are going to use the supplement.

Breast Milk in The Black Market

Supplemental breast milk is sold for $1.50 per ounce, a popular item on the black market. Breast milk in the black market is a relatively new phenomenon. It started with the rise of the internet and social media, which made it easier for mothers to connect.

It's a booming business that has been fueled by increasing demand from parents who are unable to breastfeed their children or by those who want to try out breastfeeding before they commit to it ." Due to the high demand, breast milk is now being sold in online marketplaces and real-life stores," says Caroline Dyas, Senior Lecturer of Sociology at Goldsmiths College. "From a sociological perspective, there are many reasons why people buy or sell breast milk.
"Breastfeeding rates worldwide have been steadily increasing as more mothers choose not to use formula because they believe it has adverse health effects.

Formula companies have responded by creating products that mimic the effects of breast milk, and as a result, demand for human milk has increased. The trade-in breast milk is also driven by the rise of "natural parenting" – a movement emphasizing breastfeeding over formula feeding. These mothers believe professional support and resources are insufficient to enable parents to breastfeed their children exclusively. "Women who want to get into the business often have difficulty finding lactating donors," explains Dyas. "As a result, it's straightforward for these.

Is Breast Milk Legal?

In the United States, buying or selling human breast milk is illegal, but providing breast milk for free is not unlawful. Women can be paid by companies that make formulas and baby food in exchange for their donated breast milk. Organizations like the Human Milk Banking Association of North America and Mothers' Milk Bank of North Dakota have helped establish banks around the US where women can donate their excess breast milk without penalty.
Breast milk is often donated for research in Japan because it is considered a superfood. To prevent breast milk from being in short supply, many women are attempting to donate their milk. This has created a market for human milk and its derivatives, such as infant formula, developed or improved over time by companies such as Nestle and Mead Johnson.


Breast milk is an excellent source of nutrients and is much better for bodybuilders than cow's milk. The advantages of breast milk to bodybuilders are many. Breast milk contains the perfect balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, making it an excellent post-workout drink. It also has all the essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs to recover from a strenuous workout.

Supplemental breast milk is not just for kids. The protein in breast milk can help build muscles in adults too. Although there are other ways to get protein, it's still a good option for lactose-intolerant bodybuilders or those who don't like meat products. It is not uncommon for people to have intestinal issues when they eat meat. They may also think it's easier to avoid meat altogether and give their bodies a break from saturated fat. With this in mind, breast milk has a much lower impact on the body and often includes less saturated fat than meats.

A theory exists that consuming these foods may allow the body to produce more human growth hormone (HGH), thereby increasing muscle and lean body mass in the short term. There is no scientific evidence to support this claim, however.

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Best supplements for College students in 2022





              Many college and high school students aspire to pursue bodybuilding as a career. If you're one of them, you need to start familiarizing yourself with supplements. These are dietary supplements used by people involved in bodybuilding, martial arts, weightlifting, and other athletic sports. However, not every supplement is good for you. As a beginner, what might work for a pro might not work for you. That means you need to find supplements that are not too hard on you and those with a low budget. We are committed to providing you with all the information you need as accurately as we can. Here are some of the best supplements a college student can use in 2022.


            First on our list is this natural molecule produced by your body. However, one can up the level of creatine in their body by taking its supplement form. The chemical can increase a bodybuilder's energy to lift heavier weights. It also enhances their stamina, hence allowing them to train longer. Most creatine supplements available in the market can increase a bodybuilder's muscle and tissue power up to 40% above normal levels. Most importantly, the supplement increases muscle mass considerably. The result is enhanced performance and a well-cut body.

>> Platinum CREATINE <<

               Creatine is best for college students because it is not known to induce adverse side effects. Creating has many other benefits apart from increased muscle power and performance. For instance, the chemical increases other hormones involved in muscle growth. Additionally, it increases the water content in the muscle cells, causing them to swell and appear bigger. Some researchers have also shown that creatine causes protein retention in a person’s muscles, thus preventing them from shrinking easily. Overall, its high safety level makes this supplement most appropriate for both new and continuing college students.


              This hormone is an improved version of testosterone. Undeniably, testosterone is the most effective hormone for muscle growth. However, it is important to note that this vital hormone is also affected by age. We tend to produce less and less of the hormone as we grow older. That means the muscles get smaller and smaller until you can barely lift a weight. But the good news is that this hormone can be produced artificially to supplement the one produced by the body naturally.

              Most college students are youths who might not see the need to boost their testosterone levels. But what if I told you that your body is growing older daily? Not everyone is blessed with big muscles that allow them to lift heavier weights. You can achieve your dream body by using TestoPrime to enhance muscle growth. Most importantly, one can perform high-intensive exercises when one boosts testosterone levels.

>> TestoPrime <<

        TestoPrime is made using 12 natural ingredients, thus making it safe for college students. Most importantly, the use of the supplement does not demand any prescription. You can use it however you like if you proceed with moderation. Besides its muscle-building capability, TestoPrime also reduces stress by up to 70%. It also helps burn excess fat, thus enabling you to have a lean body. However, the supplement may have long-term side effects if not taken in moderation.

Weight Gainers

            You’re probably skinnier than you were in your childhood and want to add some weight. Weight gainers are supplements that increase your muscle and tissue size, thus making you gain more weight. These supplements are specifically designed to help one add more calories and proteins to the body. It is important to note that some people do not gain weight and muscle easily, no matter how hard they work out. Taking weight gainer supplements is the only way to increase weight without straining. You can include between 800 and 1000 weights per serving as a beginner. This should help you gain up to 30% of your current weight in a couple of weeks. Please note that calories do not necessarily come from proteins. Most calories that help gain weight come from carbs. Up to 250g of carbs per serving is appropriate for a college student.

>> Weight Gainer SERIOUS MASS <<

         Overall, weight gainers are not necessarily meant to substitute protein-rich food. Rather, the supplements are meant for people who find it hard to obtain protein from their diet. Moreover, people who find it hard to take solid food containing proteins can take weight gainers since most are for drinking.


           Tri-protein is a whey protein powder supplement that helps build muscle. However, the supplement may not achieve the desired results if not paired with strength training. Most importantly, its use and the training must be done consistently for a better chance of getting results. Tri-protein is good for college students because it gives you a daily dose of protein required for training. It doesn’t matter whether the food you’re eating contains proteins; a tri-protein shake alongside food ensures you don’t miss the appropriate amount of protein you need to build muscle.

>> Tri-Protein THE WHEY <<

          Tri-protein powder is recommended for post-workout recovery rather than before training. The science behind this is that it helps the body meet its needed macros levels. Additionally, it helps the body with the required amount of sugar. So, you don’t need to take too much sugar to fill the deficit. It is also important to note that Tri-protein can be combined with other supplements without reducing its effectiveness. The only disadvantage of this supplement is it cannot boost low testosterone levels. That means you must take it with a testosterone booster of your choice.


            As the name suggests, Beta-alanine is an amino acid that helps bodybuilders overcome fatigue. Apart from overcoming fatigue, this supplement also increases muscle mass significantly. A college student’s body lacks the stamina to perform strength training for long. Students who want to pursue bodybuilding and follow a training program need this supplement the most.


              To realize results, one is advised to take 4 grams of the product a day for ten weeks if you’re on an exercise program. Although there is not much evidence to show that Beta-alanine increases muscle, there is proof that it helps overcome fatigue, enabling you to train longer.

Phen Gold

           Just like with testosterone, gaining weight becomes hard as you age. But in the case of a young person such as a college student, it is likely a problem of too much weight rather than being underweight. Phen Gold is a bodybuilding supplement that helps overweight people to drop the extra pounds. It is important to note that you don't necessarily need a lot of weight to do the heavy lifting. On the contrary, being overweight only hinders you from performing better.

>> Phen GOLD <<

          Phen Gold boasts nearly 200,000 satisfied customers since it was created. The supplement uses a myriad of techniques to help users cut ways. These techniques include:

  • Burning fat ✓
  • Reducing fat production ✓
  • Suppressing appetite ✓
  • Maintaining mood ✓
  • Boosting energy ✓

          This supplement is recommended to college students because it is readily available and does not have nasty side effects. Most importantly, Phen Gold is made with natural ingredients whose combined effect is to promote weight loss. However, the supplement does not affect your muscles in any way; it does not increase muscle mass or help with muscle soreness.

Protein Supplements

            There are several protein supplements one can use to increase muscle mass. Protein supplements are designed to supply your body with more proteins than its processes. Some bodybuilders assume they can get all the proteins they need in the right proportions from the food they eat, which is not the case. It might be possible sometimes, but you must not rely on it 100%.

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            You should consider getting a protein supplement if you struggle to acquire all the proteins from food. The best thing about protein supplements is that they target certain vital proteins. For instance, most protein supplements carry whey, soy, and casein proteins. People who take protein supplements have been found to gain more muscle than those who rely on carbs alone. Most importantly, bodybuilders are advised to accompany protein supplementation with training. Also, you should protein in the diet once you start using protein supplements. This should shield you from the effects that come with consuming excess proteins.


               College students, even those who don’t wish to do bodybuilding as a career, desire great bodies. Our bodies are different, so some will struggle to have that killer body. Taking supplements is one way of overcoming that hurdle and flaunting the hottest body on campus. However, you must be careful with the kind of supplement you pick to avoid going home with a fake product. Always ensure to buy your supplements from an established supplier because they'll sell you a genuine product. Our shop has some of the best steroid products and supplements. Most importantly, all our products are legal and of the highest quality. That is not to forget the friendly prices.

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Horse Chestnut and Other Supplements to Get Rid of Water Retention





Get Rid of Water Retention and Swelling During a Steroid Cycle

           The horse Chestnut, scientifically known as Aesculus hippocastanum, is a tree that has origins in the Balkan peninsular. An extract from the tree’s seeds is a supplement used by sportspeople, and specific bodybuilders, for various health benefits. Horse chestnut’s primary advantage to a bodybuilder is that it helps eliminate water retention and swelling during a steroid cycle. Additionally, the extract improves vein health, thus reducing one developing a node after injury.

               Scientists have been studying Aescin, the main component in Horse Chestnut, to see its potency in managing various health problems. Bodybuilders use Horse chestnuts and a few other supplements to help get rid of water and have anti-inflammatory properties. Water retention is a significant challenge for bodybuilders who want lean muscle. Similarly, it is the main reason a protein cycle does not yield the desired results. On the other hand, inflammation can slow the recovery process and jeopardize your season if not managed on time. Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts must always try everything possible to overcome the two obstacles. Luckily, we have done an in-depth analysis of how you can use Horse Chestnut and other supplements to overcome these little problems.

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What Does Water Retention Do to A Bodybuilder?

               Your body contains 60% water, which helps absorb minerals and eliminate waste. However, the body may fail to expel excess water, thus leading to water retention. Ordinarily, one gets out of this situation after a few days. But if the water retention results from an underlying health condition, it will go on for weeks. Water retention is never good news to a bodybuilder for several reasons, especially if it goes beyond a week.

>> Horse Chestnut Premium Formula <<

           It means water retention has developed into a condition known as edema. Edema is caused by excess water in body tissues, thus leading to swelling and discomfort. The bodybuilder starts adding weight and finds it even hard to shed it. Furthermore, the condition seems to get worse every time you work out. If you don’t manage water retention well and on time, it can bring your bodybuilding career to its knees in weeks.

Water retention during Horse Chestnut

          Water retention is recognized when one starts swelling at the extremities. With severe water retention, one finds sit extremely hard to lose weight, even with diet efforts. If you begin experiencing swelling at the ankles and gaining unexplained weight within a short time, it is a sign that your body is retaining a lot of water. The first and obvious thing you would do is to see a physician. While this is highly recommended, you can use more effective techniques to eliminate water retention without needing to go to the hospital. One such water retention management technique is using Horse chestnut.

>> Horse Chestnut Extract by GNC <<

              Water retention is caused by your body’s reaction to a particular food or protein deficiency. It can also be due to a medical condition where there is no other alternative but to seek medical help before taking supplements.

Getting Rid of Water Retention Using Horse Chestnut

          Water retention is easily managed by taking protein and vitamin supplements in plenty. Additionally, the condition is reversed by increasing potassium intake. Potassium is found in plenty of fruits and vegetables.

            Horse chestnut incorporates all these foods and nutrients to give you the best chance of eliminating excess water in the body. The extract improves circulation in the body, especially to extremes. Additionally, Horse chestnut will help you with these other conditions, all related to water retention:

  • Itching
  • Stomach swelling
  • Swelling in the legs
  • Varicose veins
  • Fatigue

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

          Water retention in a bodybuilder’s tissues is also caused by inflammation. Fluid buildup leads to further inflammation. Additionally, inflammation could be a result of venous disorders or injury.

            Horse Chestnut’s anti-inflammatory properties will help reduce the swelling and relieve the pain. The extract is gently applied to the inflammation region with bare hands or cotton wool. The kind of inflammation that affects bodybuilders is seen around the ankles. Apply Horse Chestnut on those areas to reduce the inflammation and allow you to do your training normally.

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How to Use Horse Chestnut?

        Horse Chestnut comes in tablets, capsules, and tinctures. But for bodybuilders, the best form of Horse Chestnut is applied as a lotion, cream, or oil. The reason is that; this particular form of the extract doesn’t mix with the blood directly. That means the side effects are reduced considerably. As you purchase Horse Chestnut, make sure to go for an extract with a standardized amount of aescin. How much Horse Chestnut should one take?

>> Organic Horse Chestnut <<

            300mg is the recommended Horse Chestnut one should take in a day. However, you can take between 200 and 400mg a day. However, taking more of it doesn’t have any additional benefits compared to the recommended amount. Furthermore, the package comes with instructions on the label or use as prescribed by the physician.

Where to Find Horse Chestnut?

        One can get Horse Chestnut supplements from reputable specialty food stores and pharmacies. Additionally, you can order the extract online through legit websites. A qualified herbalist is your best chance of getting a quality product. Because of quality issues, you must be careful when buying Horse Chestnut supplements on the streets. The accessory will expose you to nasty side effects if the seeds are not well-processed.


Safety Precautions

              Horse Chestnut supplements do not work well with blood-thinning drugs or anticoagulants. You might want to finish those medications first before taking Horse Chestnut. Similarly, people with kidney problems and pregnant and breastfeeding women must not take this supplement. Additionally, applying Horse Chestnut creams, lotions, and oils is not advisable over open wounds and broken skin. Failure to adhere to these safety precautions will result in severe side effects such as itchy rashes, nausea, stomach upsets, and more.

Suitable Alternatives

            California Buckeye and Ohio Buckeye are the most suitable alternatives to Horse Chestnut. However, there are more potent supplements that serve the same purpose as Horse Chestnut. These include:


            Resveratrol is a potent antioxidant that effectively manages inflammation, heart conditions, and water retention. However, research shows that the supplement may not achieve the desired results in overweight people—the supplement comes from a variety of fruits such as blueberries, grapes, and peanuts. You can also find this supplement in red wine.


             Curcumin, a famous anti-inflammatory supplement, is found in turmeric. However, the body does not absorb curcumin well when taken on its own. If you’re a fun black pepper, you can increase absorption by more than 1500%. Most people prefer piperine, a black pepper component, to boost absorption. But if you can’t find piperine, you can also use Bioperine since it has the same absorption properties as piperine.


         Ginger increases urine production and is thus used to get rid of excess bodily fluids. Additionally, ginger is a potent anti-inflammatory substance that can relieve pain and inflammation.


            Another potent antioxidant, garlic, has long been used to relieve pain resulting from inflammation. Garlic’s main components include vitamins C and B6, selenium, magnesium, and more.

More Remedies

           You can use many home remedies to overcome water retention and inflammation. Apart from Horse Chestnut and other herbs that flush excess fluids from the body, there are many more home remedies that are even cheaper.

  • Include more organic foods in your diet and cut back on salt intake. Opt for healthy foods occasionally to reduce the chances of taking excessive carbs and estrogens.
  • Make sure all your meals contain vitamin B6, magnesium, and potassium. These three will ensure your absorption rate is at an all-time high.
  • Steer clear of refined carbs because they tend to cause water retention. Instead, opt for whole meals with many intact nutrients. High-carb foods include white bread, starches, and sugars. However, take as many natural sugars as possible because they are not harmful. Generally, avoid all forms of refined carbohydrates.


          Bloating and fluid retention mainly results from excessive carbs, sodium, and estrogen intake. Bodybuilders often take a high-carb diet in the initial cycle of their protein cycle. Although this may seem attractive, it may be a recipe for fluid retention. Apart from carb depletion, you can remedy the condition by taking well-prepared supplements. However, fluid retention doesn’t necessarily result from a low diet. It could be due to an underlying condition such as a hormonal disorder or heart failure in a more severe case.

              Horse Chestnut and other supplements manage water retention and inflammation considerably. However, before taking these supplements, approach a medical professional to guide you appropriately. That is important to avoid exposing yourself to bodily reactions and other side effects. If your body doesn’t respond well to all the remedies discussed in this article, please see a doctor because your condition could be more severe than you think.

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