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Top 10 best Immune Boosting Supplements to buy in 2020





             With the world fighting a deadly virus (SARS-CoV-2) with no vaccine or an effective treatment, it is a great time that you consider boosting your immune system. Although not effective in handling the corona virus, boosting your immune system helps in other health conditions as well. It is a way of ensuring that your body is able to cope and remain strong for a long time in the wake of such cases of outbreaks and also in other disease that are common.

          Do you know about immune system? Yes, it's a complex system made of cells, tissues and molecules. It has ability to constantly protect the body against disease causing agents. Like other systems in the body, this system can be supplemented and made to be stronger. Most supplements are made from vitamins, herbs and minerals. There may be other substances that we can use, but most researchers support the use of these 3 ingredients. Most supplements we can buy in different stores. While they can be of great help, some supplements may not just work for some individuals and in fact may lead to some unwanted health conditions. It is therefore good that one knows what is better for them and what is not. Here, we look at the top 10 best immune-boosting supplements that you can buy this year for your wellbeing.

#1 Immune Support Formula

            The Immune support Formula immune boosting supplement is among the best supplement that may be very important for you and your family. The booster is not only used in enhancing the immune system but also has crucial roles in optimizing the immune system. It is especially important where people are prone to cold but can generally serves to boost immunity.


Features of the immune support formula

  • Contains ginger, garlic and green tea extracts responsible for the immune boosting properties.
  • The formula has vitamin C in abundance way above the recommended daily intake amount.
  • It also has zinc a mineral required to boost immunity in adequate amounts.
  • The formula lacks sodium and sugar which are not necessary in boosting immunity.
  • Has been incorporated with anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory agents such as Echinacea.
  • Naturally made and not a genetically modified product.

Pros of the immune support formula

  • It is very effective in supporting the immune system.
  • Works within a short period of time after taking them.
  • It cuts down amount of individual vitamins that one takes due to their presence In it.
  • Also helps in preventing diseases alongside boosting immunity.

Cons of the immune support formula

  • Tends to be more effective during the cold season.
  • It leaves out some ingredients like Sodium which may otherwise have other important functions elsewhere in the body expensive.

Why you should buy this immune boosting supplement?

          The beauty of this product lies in the fact that it is a naturally made products and not one that has been manipulated through genetic modification. The product in fact formulate supplement which has in the past been only available in pharmacies and physicians’ offices. Although a little more expensive compares to other supplements, it is relatively affordable and considering its benefits, it is worth the money.

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#2 GenBioChem Immunity

         This is yet another very good immune boosting supplement that you can secure this year so that you can remain as healthy as much as possible. It comes in about 150 capsules each having been made herbs which are important in boosting immunity. These supplements are manufactured by Polar Bear Canada and have been approved by the health Canada.

GenBioChem>> HERE

Features of the GenBioChem Immunity

  • The supplement has been made from north American Ginseng(Panax quinquefolius) root made using the GenBioChem triple fingerprint technology hence their name structured to supplement the first line of the defense system which includes the Natural Killer cells and Macrophages
  • The capsule is composed of Hypromellose and titanium dioxide.

Pros of GenBioChem immunity

  • Effective to wide variety of people including those with flu, weakened immune system and those with chronic illnesses
  • Helps in replenishing zinc stores of the body.
  • The GenBioChem triple fingerprint technology confers high quality and purity to the product.

Cons of the GenBioChem immunity

  • The supplement is expensive.
  • May evoke severe hypersensitivity reaction to those who are prone to such reactions.
  • May not be recommended to some diabetic patients.

Why you should purchase the supplement?

        #GenBioChem immunity comes in as an important immune boosting supplement to many people with several conditions. Its 3 important functions which are unique to it include:

  • It is very good when you need to have a healthy immune system.
  • Also enhances the functioning of the immune system.
  • It boosts the body’s zinc stores ensuring that you don’t lack this essential nutrient so despite the fact that these product is a bit expensive, it is clear how it can help your body and make sure that you remain healthy and free of diseases. A recommended 1-2 capsules for adults 2-6 times a day taken with food will do wonders and within a short while, you will see the results.

#3 Hyperbiotics Immune Defense

         Hyperbiotics manufactures this wonderful immune boosting supplement that makes use of two strains of bacteria belonging to the lactobacillus species. These bacteria have important functions in ensuring a strong and health immune system. Hyperbiotics is based in the US in GMP certified settings.

Immune Defense >> HERE

Features of the immune boosting supplement

  • Employs two strains of bacteria that help in immunity (Lactobacillus plantarum HEAL9 and paracasei 8700:2).
  • The strains are fairly tolerable to stomach acids hence survival.
  • Absence of sugar, gluten, nuts or other substances in the product to eradicate severe side effects.
  • The supplement is vegetarian and a non-genetically modified product.
  • The supplement is in form of chewable tablets.

Pros of Immune Defense

  • The supplement has been made under FDA guidelines hence it is of high quality.
  • Easy to store and do not require refrigeration.
  • They tablets remain viable for a long time.
  • Less side effects due to absence of some agents such as sugar.
  • It has positive impacts on your weight and its management.
  • The tablets are delicious and favorable to chew

Cons of immune Defense

  • The bacteria may not survive long beyond the recommended days.
  • Expensive compared to other products.

Why you should buy Immune defense?

        Immune defense is one Immune boosting supplement that will work with your body to enhance and greatly boost your defense against several pathogens. Incorporated with highly researched bacterial that work in a perfect way to ensure that you’re your immune system stays firm under disease conditions. Theses bacteria have been made in such a way that they can survive even the harsh stomach acidity. This is definitely a great immune boosting supplement you can try out this year.

#4 Stamiron Immunity support

         Stamiron immunity support are tablets that can boost your immunity several folds above the normal immune system power. The booster is made in the US with ingredients that will ensure that your immune system is very strong and you are free of ailments.

Immune Support >> HERE

Features of Stamiron Immunity Support

  • Composed of vitamins C and E which are necessary for supporting the immune system.
  • Ingredients are up to 35 providing the best immune support supplement for you.
  • Minerals included are Zinc and Manganese.
  • The tablets also include antioxidants some of which are minerals like the zinc and have a role in removing free radicles.
  • The product is vegan oriented and non-genetically modified.
  • The capsules lack potential harmful products such as soy, preservatives and other chemicals.

Pros of Stamiron Immune Support

  • Stamiron Immune support works efficiently and instantly to make your immune system powerful.
  • A great quality of up to 35 well selected ingredients that guarantee immune support.
  • The products are natural and not genetically modified.
  • Friendly to cells due to antioxidant properties.

Cons of Stamiron Immune Support

  • Can be damaged on long storage.
  • Some ingredients may be unnecessary.

Why you should purchase Stamiron Immune Support?

         One important thing about Stamiron Immune Support is the fact that they are not as expensive as other common immune boosting supplements. This does not mean that they are not effective. In fact, they are very effective when it comes to boosting your immunity, with a focus on creating a favorable environment in cells through antioxidant activities and giving direct support to the cells and molecules of the immune system.

#5 Moringa Oleifera Capsules

         It would be a great mistake if we failed to mention Moringa Oleifare Capsule. This are particularly important during prenatal periods and when breastfeeding for the benefit of both the mother and the baby. The capsules have a lot of benefits to the mother and the baby helping the baby to grow strongly and with an improved immune system. The capsules are manufactured by WiseLifeNaturals in Georgia, USA.

Moringa Oleifera 4:1 >> HERE

Features of Moringa Oleifera 4:1 Capsules

  • Has abundant phytosterol i.e. stigma sterol that stimulates estrogen production which in turn stimulates milk production by the mammary glands.
  • Has 92 nutrients and 46 antioxidant combination.
  • High chlorophyll content from wheatgrass powder.
  • High concentration of prenatal vitamins.
  • Also has high iron concentration needed by lactating mothers.
  • They are 100% natural products.

Pros of Moringa Oleifera 4:1 Capsules

  • Best for pregnancy and milk supply to infants.
  • Boosts immunity of both the mother and the baby.
  • Also applies to healthy hair and skin growth.
  • More potent compared to similar products such as Plain Moringa Leaf Powder.
  • May aid in losing body weight.

Cons of Moringa Oleifera 4:1 Capsules

  • It may have unwanted side effects such as loss of body weight for some individuals.
  • It is only useful to pregnant mothers, those lactating and infants.

Why you should buy this supplement?

         As already stressed above, this immune boosting supplement is great for pregnant mothers, lactating mothers and their infants. It is high in the requirements that these special group of people require in order to grow and develop well and stay health. It is also relatively cheap and affordable compared to other immune boosting supplements.

#6 Dr. Shen’s Yin Chiao Pills

        Made from high quality Chinese herbs, Dr. Shen’s Yin Chiao Pills works great in boosting your immunity prior to potential infection to cold. These are mostly made in the USA but can also be imported from Asia. The supplement has been manufactured by Natures Best who are known to produce high quality Dr. Shen’s products for even other conditions such as allergy.

Yin Chiao >> HERE

Features of Dr. Shen’s Yin Chiao Pills

  • These are supplements of 100% herbal in origin.
  • Absence of drugs, dyes, animal products and preservatives are landmarks in this product.
  • Works best when in early stages of cold or flu.
  • Best used in areas where cold or flu are common.

Pros of Dr. Shen’s Yin Chiao Pills

  • They work effectively when used at the right time.
  • Have great ingredients that help boost immunity.

Cons of Dr. Shen’s Yin Chiao Pills

  • Limited mostly to cold and few other common ailments
  • May contain carcinogens or reproductive toxic agents

Why you should purchase Dr. Shen Yin Chiao Pills

          With a great history in treatment of cold, this immune boosting supplement will make you forget about cold for a very long time. Just 6 pills upon indication of an imminent cold follows by 4 other pills every 4 hours will do great to ensure that the cold is kept behind your back. In addition, the ingredients are just amazing working closely with the immune system to offer very effective results. This is just one immune boosting supplement that you should acquire.

#7 Immunity Boost

            This great immune boosting supplement has been made by BioSchwartz specifically to help you have a very strong immune system and also help ensure that you have a healthy respiratory system. Made with Elderberry and other great ingredients offers a boost to your immunity. It works in several ways to achieve this for instance enhancing the function of cells of the immune system, eradicating free radicals and supporting the respiratory system.

Immunity Boost >> HERE

Features of Immunity Boost

  • Comprises of vitamin c, zinc and other important ingredients that help in boosting immunity.
  • Presence of antioxidant substances such as elderberry for dealing with free radicals.
  • The product is extremely pure and free of allergens that may lead to allergic reactions.
  • Lacks soy, gluten, milk or preservatives that may bring about unwanted effects.
  • Structured to work at cellular level

Pros of the Immunity boost

  • Manufactured under safe environments in USA hence great quality.
  • The products are safe to use and are of high quality.
  • High technology and research used in manufacturing hence a potent immune booster.
  • Made of highly purified products.
  • Highly enhances the respiratory system.
  • Lacks immunosuppressant.

Cons of Immunity Boost

  • Possibility of harmful side effects to some people.

Why you should buy Immunity Boost

Three key features of this immune boosting supplement great for you to purchase this year. These are:

  • Ability to maintain a strong and health immune system.
  • It supportive effect on the respiratory system.
  • It’s very strong antioxidant activity to remove free radicals and allow efficient working of the cells.

       With these 3 properties and the fact that the immune boosting supplement is fairly cheap and therefore quite affordable, this will be a great medication for your health this year.

#8 Life Enhancement BHT

          Life enhancement Butylated Hydrxytoluone (BHT) is an immune boosting supplement that focuses mainly on eliminating free radicals. It is an FDA approved product used as an additive in fats and oils that are edible. It comes in capsules each of which has 180 mg of BHT and an additional ascorbyl palmitate.

BHT Plus >> HERE

Features of the Life Enhancement BHT

  • Highly antiviral in its action.
  • Made from BHT (found in edible fats and oils), vitamin C, rice flour and silicon dioxide.

Pros of the life enhancement BHT

  • The ingredients used are safe for human use and are of high quality.
  • Very effective especially in herpes viruses.
  • Cheaper compared to other products with the same effects.

Cons of the Life Enhancement BHT

  • More focused on viral infections leaving out other pathogenic agents.
  • Expensive.

Why you should buy this supplement

          With a much focus on viral infections other than cold like most other supplements, Life enhancement BHT is a great supplement to have at hand and use as directed. Its ingredients are simple but have a big impact to your immune system that you cannot just help but purchase them.

#9 Melatonin Natural sleep Support

          You may be surprised that we have wondered off the track but no, this supplement has a very good impact not only to your sleep but to your immune system as well. Melatonin naturally produced in the brain by the pineal gland with a major role in regulating sleep wake cycle. Besides this role, melatonin serves to ensure that the body’s immune system well supports and is healthy as much as possible.

VIP Melatonin >> HERE

Features of melatonin natural sleep support

  • Contains melatonin that supplements the function of the naturally produced melatonin.
  • High quality ingredients are used to produce the product.
  • The supplement is structured to have an impact on eye health.
  • It also has an effect on jet lag and buffering stress.
  • The supplement is a natural supplement.
  • It has antioxidant properties preventing cell damage.

Pros of melatonin natural sleep support

  • Gives one a healthy natural sleep and helps during jet lag.
  • Supports and buffers the immune system.
  • Helps remove free radicals due to its antioxidant properties.
  • The antioxidant property also supports a healthy eye.
  • Important in stomach ulcers and heartburn problems.

Cons of Melatonin natural sleep support

  • More focused on sleep problems than immune support function.
  • May have unwanted side effects.

Why you should buy this supplement

          How about a great sleep and a healthy immune system? That will be a great combination if one intents to live a long and fulfilling life. Melatonin Natural sleep support also offers more than just the two function with effects on eyes, heartburn and even stomach ulcers. This definitely qualifies as a good supplement to purchase even when the price is not favorable because the benefits are just too great to live it out.

#10 Immunity Booster

         Manufactured by Hindustan biosynthetic limited, immunity booster comes in a pack of 4 extracts Curcumin, Garlic, Ginger and Pomegranate peel. Each has its contribution towards making the immune system health and ready for most ailments.

Essentialz >> HERE

Features of Immunity Booster

  • Curcurmin has antioxidant effect.
  • Garlic contains Allicin which is effective against seasonal colds.
  • Ginger also has antioxidant effects.
  • Pomegranate peel gives a strong gut lining and supports the proliferation of resident beneficial microbiota in the gut.

Pros of Immunity Booster

  • Helps in making a strong immune system with reduced free radicals for its functioning.
  • Has great effect on the gut helping in healing it.
  • Strong in preventing seasonal colds.
  • Supports a healthy microbiota that has many other beneficial effects on the body.

Cons of immunity booster

  • The supplements are many and this may discourage one from using them.
  • Are a bit expensive.
  • May have unwanted side effects.

Why you should purchase immunity booster

            Immunity booster lays emphasis on reduction of free radical which is a very necessary step if there is to be a healthy immune system. Reduction of free radicals whether they are reactive oxygen species (ROS) or reactive nitrogen species (RNS) helps to ensure that cells of the immune system stay alive for a longer period of time to fight pathogens. This is the beauty of Immunity Booster in addition to its effects on the gut lining and the bacteria in the gut.


             The body can efficiently protect itself from pathogens using the immune system. However, more often than not, this system supports that it is healthy and that it is working efficiently. That is why we need immune boosting supplements the best of which we have provided here. Immune boosting supplements as already focus on removing free radicals and generally ensuring that the system is healthy before a pathogen can invade the body.

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