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What Advantages Do Drug-Free, Natural Bodybuilders Have Over Steroid-Taking Bodybuilders Later in Life?




     The topic is about the comparison that would be considered between natural versus steroid-using bodybuilder. Both practices have associated benefits and hazards. We have observed the variety of steroids and individual responses to varied steroid cycles and dosages levels.

       Overall, steroid hazards suggest that drug use is abusive but if a person has naturally low testosterone level, then steroids can develop positive effects in his old age if used properly. It has been observed that professional bodybuilders when stopped steroids use their bodies turned into weaker and smaller forms.

Steroids / Product Description:

      Steroids increase muscle mass and provide strength that can be maintained throughout the life phases while on the other hand it also has associated potential risks of heart failure, neurological degeneration, lung and kidney problems etc.

Natural Bodybuilding:

Natural Bodybuilding

        Natural bodybuilding seems an awesome idea for new adapters. It refers to all-natural, means no drugs or steroids and that will also enable them to clear drug tests. It needs more hard cycles.

          The topic will highlight that either is it possible to gain the same benefits by natural bodybuilding and what thoughts can be presented to exemplify it and flourish a positive stance toward it.  Olympia history shows that in 1989a Haney won by beating the Labrada due to his higher muscle strength and bigger body physique. “The Bigger the Winner” perception has prevailed since then.

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Legal Restrictions For Steroids Use:

        There is a need to work on legal supplements as IFBB has pressure to ban steroids. The IFBB needs to initiate serious testing procedures and mechanisms or monitoring to actually ban steroids. It will impose high costs every year. The question comes either the business will remain profit-generating!!

The Visual Difference Between a Natural vs. Drug-User Bodybuilder:

         There seems a big difference between natural and drug-user bodybuilder. The difference is absolutely massive. The problem is with the bodybuilders who use very massive drug doses. Bodybuilding profession relies on the looks. Out of best body shape means out of a career!

      Jocelyn Pelletier in 1995 games appeared in plays and he was on steroids; when he quitted those steroids his look changed. But, he was not drastically affected because he continued natural boy building and remained at winning the edge.

        Steroids takers surely seem bigger than a natural bodybuilder, but natural can take other natural steroids and protein diets to attain bulging muscles in a free side-effect environment, however, it takes more time and long-lasting effects.

Steroid Use vs. Natural Body Building Perspectives:

  • Its use is easy and you can easily reach to 155lb while 225 5X5 benchings. However by natural modes, it requires more determination, even you have severe pains and more sacrifice and after all, the winning with no guilt and shame. It means that you are the quality player or bodybuilder because you have adopted quality produce and good maintenance that will give you a healthier and longer life.
  • Steroids take to you toward early death and lead to an addicted society that seems all artificial.  While natural bodybuilding leads to healthy and natural society.
  • Oral steroids cause liver issues that need you to take other liver protection drug supplements. Moreover, heart, cholesterol level, and blood pressure issues are other consequences. You may need cosmetic surgery to turn back to their normal body look, while there is no such case with natural bodybuilding.

Steroids Side Effects:

side effect

  • Adolescent boys 6.5% while girls 1.9% are using steroids randomly. “Steroids are death calls” and you can switch to good food, and normal supplements to get the same good results.
  • Anabolic steroids are artificial substances that boost the development of natural hormone production that promotes masculine characteristics in men. You need to inject much other testosterone balancing or HGH hormones. If you do not take quality food and just rely on them, it brings evil results.
  • The problem comes with severe side effects such as liver tumors, fluid retention, jaundice, heart enlargement, heart failure and trembling. For men testicles shrinking, sperm reduction, infertility, baldness, and breasts enlarging while for women facial hair growth, menstrual cycle stoppage or disturbance, clitoris enlargement, and voice deepening have been observed.


  • With steroids, you need fewer hours of rest, while natural bodybuilders require rest for about 48 hours to train again for muscle exercising.
  • Moreover, they train for a 3-4 times/ week, with 1-hour duration, while steroids users train  6 times /week, because they have more energy, they can choose any time with  2 hours duration for gym training to get bigger and stronger, thus natural bodybuilder to have less time to get overtrained.

Apparent Changes:

       Steroid use produces apparent changes that are muscle or weight gain, the appearance of spots on the different body parts and skin darkening, etc. A journal was published in 1997 "Cardiology" has described the long-term effects of steroid usage on heart function. One was 15 years drug user while it was seen in comparison with the natural builder, and they were 20 years trained. This scientific study revealed the abnormalities in steroid users in heart muscles, and high-density lipids levels.

The study confirmed that in this way you get a great body that is also the sick body.

Natural vs. Steroids Practices:

  • Natural bodybuilders need heavy weight training.
  • Steroids use always generates significant effects. The study revealed that steroid bodybuilders gained 3 times higher muscle mass than natural guys;  both had the same diet and routine patterns and 13lbs difference was observed within the same time period.
  • For natural bodybuilders, it is the matter to consider diet, training, supplements, and products they use.

Natural Bodybuilding Benefits:

Natural Bodybuilding Benefits

Natural bodybuilders have:

  • High and improved strength that you get as a result of high physical activity,
  • You get a better and natural look that you get by lifting weights and by getting proper nutrition.
  • You also get improved aging because your inner organs strengthen these activities.
  • Good quality of life with no depression or inner causes of hypertension aggressiveness.

Natural Bodybuilders:

         It has been argued by the writer that there are no natural bodybuilders with > 210lbs weight or if there are they remained on steroids for some part of their life that created permanent physiological changes.  The modern era is full of cheaters. It is the natural bodybuilding physique.

This is the difference between natural vs. drug user.

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Mike O’Hearn a Natural Bodybuilder:

       Mike O’Hearn is a bodybuilder of the USA who won the title of Mr. Universe and fitness model many times.

      He was not a steroid user as he passed the Drug Tests. O'Hearn passed polygraph, urine or blood tests on random bases throughout the year after he won the title.

       He had gifted genetics

Age 14 and 41:

    There were no visual signs observed for steroid-use that are the appearance of bald,  acne, water retention, bloated, flushed skin, and vascular issues.

However, genetic does not only matters!

Ronnie Coleman:

       It is said that e Ronnie Coleman was natural who won IFBB drug tested universal Championship of 1991 and could not achieve high ranked in Mr. Olympia's till the 1990s. However, after 1995, he showed a change and won many series consistently. His young version was drug-free, similarly, Kai Greene many years competed naturally, and then he used  PEDs that brought his genetic to unbelievable potential.

Natural Body-Building Requirements:

       You need to stimulate body muscles; you need rest and exercise alternative patterns.

        There is the scientific reason, like protein synthesis takes 48 hours, so you can manage three times training/week to grow better as compared to other to go for training twice/ week.

      Weight lifting and exercises are performed during a training session. Compound exercises involve squats day 1, leg extensions day 2, with bench press day 1 and cable crossovers day 2.

         You can work with increasing load with time from 100 to 110Ib and reduce rest time between training sets from 120 to 30 minutes, increase training intensity and repetitions of lifting, also employ periodization strategy. Always take a start with less intensive mode to heavy mode of training.

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       It requires complete planning of exercise with the patterns of using squats, leg curls, bench press, rows, chin-ups, lateral raises, and calf raises, an exercise with your daily routine. Natural mode raises strongman. They have to follow work-out set for daily and weekly bases that extends to the period they are getting trained for.


  • Strength training involves weights lifting and specialized nutrition requires extra protein intake, and adequate rest, including sleep and recuperation between workouts.
  • Natural bodybuilding will improve your hormonal production and maintenance level until the older age when compared with steroid user. The  steroid bodybuilder would be  on HRT therapy due to steroids shutting  that reduces the  natural production of testosterone
  • The liver and heart of natural bodybuilder will be in better condition when compared with the steroid user.
  • Sudden quitting of the hormone will badly affect the physique. While natural mode with consistent training and a good diet will keep you living healthy life long.

Useful Tips:

       The first thing is that the steroid use for a long period makes you never get your health or physical look back. In that case, you need the therapy for hormone replacement and the other issues you face are bone density, body fat alteration, muscularity, libido, and many more that are the areas of concern. Youngers less than age -23 years if using it ruin their bodies and systems permanently. So, think first about natural bodybuilding for long-lasting health benefits.

- Natural bodybuilding abstains from the use of anabolic steroids, diuretics, insulin, and HGH. Natural bodybuilders also use supplements for bodybuilding such as:

  • Whey Protein:

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  • Fat Burner:

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  • BCAA:

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          Bodybuilding supplements are chosen according to the body type and requirement of nutrition. They may be protein powder, health supplements, testosterone booster, and others with dietician guidance.

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