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6 Famous Mr. Olympia of All Time



6 Famous Mr. Olympia of All Time

         Mr. Olympia has been enjoying being the “greatest bodybuilding event around the world.” The credit goes to the depth of bodybuilding talent that it features in the ranks, epic battles that it has taken care of, and so much more.

Origin of Mr. Olympia:

          Mr. Olympia initiated back in the year 1965 by the high and late Joe Weider. He was the one to decide who was the greatest bodybuilder on this planet earth. Since the beginning, only 13 bodybuilders have remained unbeaten in winning the title of Mr. Olympia and taking the Sandow trophy to their homes.

      A couple of these 13 bodybuilders named Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney have the record of earning most of the victories, i.e. eight an individual. Moreover, it has only been Jay Cutler among these 13 men who regained the title after he lost it.

Who Is The Best Among These 13, Mr. Olympia?

         When it is about comparing the Olympia winners, the task of assigning the greatest ever title will not be an easy task at all. No doubt, each fan has his or her individual preferences. Similarly, aside, someone is the best of his era is picked based on several reasons that highlight the perfect definition of the best competitors.

          No doubt all the Mr. Olympia winners have been able to do what only these 13 bodybuilders did in the history of this competition; however, some of these hold impressive records, and size and shape that defined that era might be ranked a little bit better.

          This piece of article is an effort to determine 6 of the best all-time Mr. Olympia. We have designed the list based on the impact made, record, improvements on physical benchmarks, and last but not the least consensus.

Let us talk about these wonderful men briefly one after the other:

        1. Ronnie Coleman:

Ronnie Colman:

      One of the most significant features that make Ronnie Coleman distinct among the Mr. Olympia winners can be the fact that before winning this title, he regularly fished out of the money at a big dance of bodybuilding. He earned his first title in 1998. He was not at all considered to be the treat for Mr. Olympia.

        He appeared out of nowhere to present to the word one of the most impressive physique that could have donned the stage of the Mr. Olympia contest. Then again in Olympia 2003, he made jaws dropped by shedding mass of 300lbs.

       Coleman is the man who won 8 titles and decided to retire on his terms and conditions. He lost his title to Jay Cutler in 2006.

        It is his complete dominance, physical completeness tenure length at the top, perfect condition, and sheer size of the physique that Ronnie Coleman undoubtedly remains to be the greatest bodybuilders of all time.

       2. Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Arnold Schwarzenegger:

      The great Arnold Schwarzenegger beholds the credit of boosting up the professional bodybuilding profile as compared to rest of the Mr. Olympia winners. With his achievements, image, and mainstream success, he has facilitated in changing the perception of what was thought to be an undercover cult act into something recreational pursuit and favorite sport among the people.

      He will always be remembered as one of the supreme Olympia champion of all time for the bodybuilders around the globe. In his peak shape at 235lbs, 6’ 2”, along with presence that remains incomparable, he won the title six times easily.

      Arnold Schwarzenegger was criticized for having hamstrings, incomplete lower back, and abdominal development. However, his physique compares well with several other great bodybuilders of all the time. He is indeed a class of his own.

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      3. Dorian Yates:

Dorian Yates:

        It was 80’s when Lee Haney started his career, that Dorian Yates continued in the ’90s with a higher degree of shredded mass on a physique, leaving his competitors in the dust.

        The unique, impressive physique of Yate indeed initiated an era of extreme size. He retired in the year 1997, but his frame continues to push the boundaries of bodybuilding.

         Eventually, he brought the stage at a 260+ physique which will always be considered as a game changer till the world exists.

        4. Sergio Oliva

Sergio Oliva:

           Sergio Oliva is one of the old school bodybuilders; he won his first Mr. Olympia title back in 1967. Oliva died in 2012 at 71 years of age. Genetically speaking, he is known as the best bodybuilders. He won three Mr. Olympia titles without today’s dietary practices and sophisticated training.

        He developed a physique that, is perfectly balanced according to today’s standards as well. He has possessed the most unbelievable tiny waist, massive legs, unique V taper, flaring lats, and biggest arms; Sergio Oliva renowned as “The Myth.”

            He is standard for the mass elegantly combined with the pleasing shape of one of the Greek Gods.

      5. Lee Haney

Lee Haney

        Just the way Arnold and Sergio are credited for starting the trends of bodybuilding for the shape and the size, Lee Haney, the 8 times winner introduced a new era in the mass. At the same time, it is keeping oneself accurate to the aesthetical criteria that earn names of several 70s champions.

        With the broadest shoulders and back brought to the stage, a waist resonating Sergio and a cross-striated beef on his frame of 5’11”; Haney is the bodybuilding excellence of the ’80s.

        6. Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler:

         Among all the other men listed here, Jay Cutler being the ultra-wide is the only contesting today’s best. Since 2001 he was second and after that, he has never been in the lower position than the second place.

        Jay is the real bodybuilder of this modern era. He is the only one to challenge the eight-time title winner, during Ronnie’s peak.


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