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How Arnold Schwarzenegger Became The World’s Best Bodybuilder



How Arnold Schwarzenegger Became the World’s Best Bodybuilder

When most people think of bodybuilding the most common image that comes to mind is that of Arnold Schwarzenegger. His presence in the bodybuilding world and transition into other public arenas are unparalleled. Because of Schwarzenegger’s grand stature in the world of fitness, he was able to shine great light upon bodybuilding and has been greatly appreciated and respected by bodybuilders since.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has made great accomplishments in the world of bodybuilding making him and his practices idolized by those looking to push their bodies to the max. Because of this notoriety we’ve decided to honor his bodybuilding career and accomplishments to really understand what it takes to become the world’s best bodybuilder.

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From Humble Beginnings:

From Humble Beginnings:Arnold Schwarzenegger was born July 30, 1947, in Thal, Austria to a working-class family. Schwarzenegger grew up as a very active child playing a multitude of sports but mainly soccer.

He has personally stated that he was the thing and fairly small in stature growing up.  Money was often a problem for his family and he has publicly talked about how he was a victim of child abuse at the hands of the father.

Because of this background, he is the ultimate proof in bodybuilding that it doesn’t matter where you come from; as long as you want it enough you’ll find greatness within you.

Getting His Foot in The Door:

Getting His Foot in the Door:

Schwarzenegger claims he got his start at the age of 14 when his soccer coach took his team on a tour of a local gym. He continued a full and extensive training regimen from that age onwards. He would even go so far as to break into the local gym during it’s off hours so as to never skip a workout.

He had a great sense of dedication and self-control from the start, allowing him to make such amazing progress for such a novice bodybuilder. Schwarzenegger made such an impression on Mr. Austria of the time that Schwarzenegger got a personal invitation to train with him.

A Winning Streak:

A Winning Streak:

During a required year of service in the Austrian Army in 1965 at the age of 18, Schwarzenegger missed basic training to take part in the Junior Mr. Europe contest. His win was slightly tarnished by a week in jail for his going AWOL (absent without leave). Shortly after, he was named the “Best Built Man of Europe” which skyrocketed him into fame across the European continent and abroad.

In 1966 he competed in the Mr. Universe competition coming in second under American bodybuilder Chester Yorton. One of the judges was so impressed he offered to train Schwarzenegger up for better muscle definition, which is what cost him the ’66, Mr. Universe.

The training proved successful when Schwarzenegger went on to take the 1967 Mr. Universe title. His win made him the youngest Mr. Universe at only 20 years old and a household name. He then went on to win the title three more times (in 1968, 1969, and 1970 respectively).

Taking America By Storm:

Taking America By Storm

In September of 1968, Schwarzenegger materialized his lifelong dream of moving to America where he trained at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, California. He came in 2nd in New York’s Mr. Olympia and came back to win in 1970. He went on to sweep Mr. Olympia for the next 5 years (1971-1975) along with another win in 1980.

Schwarzenegger on Steroids:

Taking America by Storm:

Arnold Schwarzenegger is another bodybuilder in a long line to admit to anabolic steroid use during their legal years. He has stated that steroids had a positive effect and influence on his bodybuilding career and that they helped him regulate his muscle growth and stamina.

The Diet and Workout Plans of Arnold Schwarzenegger:

The Diet and Workout Plans of Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Because Arnold Schwarzenegger was and is such an astounding figure in bodybuilding, his diet and exercise routines have long been repeated with wonderful success.

- Diet: Schwarzenegger was known for a no-holds-barred workout and fueled them with plenty of food and calories to keep him going. He ate 3 solid meals a day and made sure to supplement with hearty snacks in between. His caloric intake regularly reached 5,000 calories and he made sure to get in at least 300 grams of protein each day with a carb binge post workout.

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- Exercise Routine: His exercise routine has been widely published as aggressive but successful. Any beginner bodybuilder looking to try this routine should make adjustments and build up to his suggestions as it’s the best way to get the most out of your muscles and avoid injury.

o   Day 1 – Chest and Back:

For Chest: Dumbbell pullovers (3-4 sets with 10 reps), Bench Press (3-4 sets with 10 reps), and Incline Bench Press (3-4 sets with 10 reps)

For Abs: Crunches (5 sets of 25 reps)

For Back: Deadlift (3-4 sets of 10 reps), Chin Up (3-4 sets with 10 reps), Bent Over Row (3-4 sets with 10 reps)

o   Day 2 – Shoulders and Arms:

For Arms: Standing Barbell Triceps Extension (3-4 sets with 10 reps), Close Grip Bench Press (3-4 sets with 10 reps), Seated Dumbbell Curl (3-4 sets with 10 reps), Standing Barbell Curl (3-4 sets with 10 reps)

For Forearms: Wrist Curl (3-4 sets with 10 reps), Reverse Wrist Curl (3-4 sets with 10 reps)

For Shoulders: Dumbbell Lateral Press (3-4 sets with 10 reps), Military Press (3-4 sets with 10 reps), Barbell Clean and Press (3-4 sets with 10 reps), Upright Row (3-4 sets with 10 reps)

o   Day 3 – Legs and Lower Back:

For Legs: Lunge (3-4 sets with 10 reps), Leg Curl (3-4 sets with 10 reps), Squat (3-4 sets with 10 reps)

For Calves: Standing Calf Raise (3-4 sets with 10 reps)

For Low Back: Good Mornings (3-4 sets with 10 reps), Stiff Leg Deadlift (3-4 sets with 10 reps)

For Abs: Crunches (5 sets of 10 reps)

o   Day 4 – Chest and Back (repeat cycle from Day 1):)

o   Day 5 – Shoulders and Arms (repeat cycle from Day 2):

o   Day 6 – Legs and Lower Back (repeat cycle from Day 3):

o   Day 7 – Rest:

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has made many accomplishments throughout his career and over the last few decades has put a face, character, and humor to the world of bodybuilding. He’s not only used his dedication and passion for bodybuilding but shown the world how determined to succeed bodybuilders can be in all facets of life.

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