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Five Tips for Getting a 6 Pack Fast




A six-pack is the first sign of a guy who’s well on his way to having stacked muscles. Not only is this a sign of strength and manliness, but also one of great determination. Six packs will naturally fall into place for anyone who’s into bodybuilding and obtain sheer toned muscles mass, but what about for people who are looking to start there and see some serious results quickly?

For those who are looking for that kind of quick success you’ve definitely come to the right place. Perfect washboard abs in as little time as possible can become a reality with just five simple tips. While none of the tips listed have to be completed in conjunction with each other, and can all be effective on their own, the more tips you choose to follow the greater your results will be.

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1)      More Variety, Less Reps:

More Variety, Less Reps:

One of the most common misconceptions about getting toned abs is to do as many crunches as possible. While crunches are truly a great method of exercising the abdominal muscles, crunches alone aren’t the best way to go for a six-pack. There’s a reason so many dancers and gymnasts have six packs and that’s because they’re constantly in motion, giving their abdominal muscles a variety of tension and exercise.

Best quick abdominal exercises (that aren’t crunches):

-Squat thrust with a twist: Stand with a firm footing that is shoulder width apart, and place your arms directly out in front of you at shoulder height. Then, squat down so your knees are at a 90-degree angle while also twisting your torso to the right.

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Hold this squat for a few seconds then stand back up and repeat while twisting to the other side. To avoid any back injuries make sure to try this slowly several times to ensure you have proper form.

-Climb up: This exercise requires that you have a strong beach or bath towel to start. Begin by lying down with both knees bent and your knees on the ground. Then roll up your towel and place the middle of it under one foot while holding the towel at either end to create tension in your leg.

Straighten your leg upwards in the air and slowly climb each hand upwards towards your extended foot. Then you can lower yourself back down and repeat with the other leg.

2)      Get Enough Cardio:

Get Enough Cardio

In most cases for bodybuilding, bodybuilders will avoid prolonged periods of cardio exercises because even though it can tone muscle, it doesn’t necessarily build muscles as well as other workouts can. However, a six pack is less about building muscle (which will happen with all basic ab exercises) and more about toning it. This is why getting enough cardio is key.

Making sure you get several blocks of jogging or running into your weekly routine is vital for diminishing belly fat and getting those perfect abs you crave. Make sure to focus on your core as you run, you can even tense your core muscles on and off each block or every so minutes so that your abs are getting toned even as you run.

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3)      Restructure Your Workout Routine:

Restructure Your Workout Routine

Abdominal workouts can be tricky in the everyday routine because most exercise regimens end with ab exercises. A great way to get the most out your abdominal workout every single time is to start your workout with ab exercises. This will make sure you aren’t too tired by the end of your workout to really push your muscles as much as possible.

Starting with your abdominal exercises will really give you the push you need to moving along on your fast track to a six-pack. Putting your goal first and making it your primary target is a key way of thinking throughout the world of bodybuilding and health alike. However, by positioning ab exercises at the beginning of your workout you also increase your chances of abdominal injuries; avoid this by getting a good stretch in beforehand.

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4)      Lift More Weights More Often:

Lift More Weights More Often

Though cardio is on our list of do’s for building up your six-pack, you need to make sure you’re still hitting the weight room more times each week than the treadmill. This is because overtime cardio will wear down your ability to gain muscle mass.

You should also make sure you’re pushing your muscles and up your weight load as your muscles become stronger. You should up your load enough so that you’re able to do a few reps, but don’t need to do much more than that.

You want your goal to be good quality lifts over quantity when it comes to building muscle mass. Lifting heavier weights will increase your abdominal muscle tension as you lift.

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5)      Make Your Abs Your Primary Focus:

Make Your Abs Your Primary Focus:

It’s important to remember as you work towards your six pack goal that a six pack doesn’t start and end with abdominal muscles. A six-pack doesn’t simply mean that you have a ripped chest and torso, but it also means you have the ultimate of core health.

Core health includes your back muscles as well, that help you hold up your spine and your body. Most people don’t realize that all movement from the body first stems from the core, it protects your spine as you move, so the stronger your core is, the stronger your movements can be.

Consider these core muscles in and out of the gym by making sure that you’re sitting up straight and not putting too much strain on your back. If you find your back is sore after a workout, chances are your core isn’t as strong as it should be. Correct this by tensing your abdomen frequently throughout the day and holding it for minutes at a time as you go about your day.

It can be easy to also tense your breathing, but mastering this requires that you breathe normally as you tense. This is a very simple way you can improve your core health and ultimately your six-pack without even having to break a sweat.

Getting the perfectly toned six pack you’ve always dreamed of has never been made easier. All of the tips and tricks mentioned above may not seem “cutting edge”, but they’re tried and trust and are proven effective.

Remember that you can lose your six pack as quickly as you gain it so it’s important to maintain your abs through regular exercise and a healthy diet. By taking on as many of the tips possible into your daily routine you’re sure to see clear results with every passing week.

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