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Simple Bodybuilding Mistakes You’re Probably Making




Bodybuilders are extreme athletes pushing their bodies to maximum potential. It’s easy to spot someone who has been able to get their muscles to peak, but it’s difficult to tell what it really takes to get these masters of muscles to those points of success. Expert bodybuilders typically have very exact routines which they follow from day to day to help them get the most out of their muscles both in and out of the gym.

What a lot of bodybuilders fail to realize though is that their routine is most likely based on their own perceived expectations instead of reality. It’s important as a bodybuilder to constantly think about ways to improve your regimen and see even better results.

To help you focus and get the most out of your body we’ve put together a list of the most common mistakes bodybuilders make and how to get yourself back on track.

The Mistakes You’re Making:

·         You aren’t eating Enough:

You aren’t eating enough

Maybe you’re afraid of putting too many calories into your body that you’ll only have to work off later. Or maybe you find that you’re suddenly sluggish for no explained reason. Bodybuilders require their body to do great amounts of output in the weight room by being able to lift, push, and carry as much as possible. Therefore, you need to make sure you’re getting enough input to help your body accomplish your goals.

Diet plays a huge role in how your body responds in the gym and throughout the day. So long as you’re balancing out your diet with enough protein, good fats, and carbs you shouldn’t worry too much about having to work off the calories later- because if you’re dedicated in the weight room, you’re already doing more than enough!

To make sure you have enough fuel in the tank as you start a workout eat a quick carb dish, or drink a protein shake before you enter the gym. This will give you the boost you need to keep yourself full and focused.

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·         You’re Spending too much Time Working Out:

Spending too much time Working Out

Bodybuilders can be described in one word, “intense”. This intensity is a great thing in the weight room but can sometimes get in your way by making you a little too one track minded. Constant overwork of the muscles can actually cause nerve damage and make it difficult for your muscles to properly repair and come back stronger.

This nerve and muscle damage can mean greater injuries later and little to no muscle growth. If you aren’t giving yourself at least one day of downtime (preferably 2) and some lighter lift days, you’re putting yourself at risk for losing focus and steam.

Cultivate some extra hobbies that you can look forward to on your off-days so that you can get both a physical break and a mental change of place to keep yourself charged.

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·         You aren’t Getting Restful Sleep:

 Restful Sleep

If you’re feeling the constant strain of sleeplessness, like you’re lagging all day and just can’t keep up with your day, you probably aren’t getting sound sleep. This can happen with bodybuilders because they have so many endorphins running through their system that it can be difficult for the body to totally shut itself down and relax at night.

Some people find they can get a good workout in at the end of the day, but because a workout can give you an “exercise high” you may find you have a hard time winding down. If this is the case, try working out earlier in the day so your exercise high peaks earlier and makes it easier for you to rest at night.

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·         You Never Mix it Up:

You never Mix it Up

If you’re eating enough and giving your body its due downtime and still finding that you’re lacking focus in the gym, you should probably change what you’re doing. This is one of the most common mistakes bodybuilders can make.

When we find a great routine that does wonders for us it can feel natural to stick with it and repeat it as much as possible, however, this means that you’re not pushing yourself. You can fix this by acknowledging any problem areas or weak muscle groups you may have and shifting your focus to strengthening those areas.

You can also increase your weight load during lifts to keep pressure and give yourself a welcome challenge to meet. Set new goals for yourself and every time you meet one, start a new one, this keeps you always moving forward with a focus.

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·         You aren’t Tracking your Progress:

You aren’t tracking your Progress

This mistake is common and overlooked. If you aren’t keeping a log of your progress, your routine, your food intake, sleep cycle, stress levels, etc. then you’re making a big mistake. Bodybuilding is a sports science and if you aren’t taking an academic approach you’ll have no exact way to know how you’re really doing in the gym other than looking in the mirror.

If you aren’t good remembering to track progress print out a data sheet (columns with the date, food, workout, sleep, other, etc.) and put it in your way. You can tape the sheet to your mirror so you see it as you wake up and get ready for bed, or even put it on your fridge so you check in every time you grab a bite to eat. Even attach a pen so you’ll have no excuse to not write down the latest updates.

Take your log seriously and make sure you write down all important information. You can use your log to help your doctor as well if you notice any medical or problematic conditions and the more detailed you are the quicker you’ll get back in the weight room.

With a log, you’ll be able to notice any plateaus, failings, and make the right corrections. The better you get at keeping and reading your log, the more you’ll be able to notice patterns and prevent anything dramatic or repeat what works.

All of the above mistakes are natural blunders that most bodybuilders will fall into at point or another along their journey. The important thing is to not waste time by making the same mistake over and over again and instead correct your mistakes as quickly as possible to avoid costing yourself time down the road this way you can spend the most time moving forward.

Use your drive and intensity that carries you in the weight room to be methodical in periodically checking your routines for mistakes and you’ll always stay on track.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Brenda

    July 24, 2021 at 4:29 pm

    There’s no doubt that almost every person do some mistakes when building themselves and these are one of those mistakes. I’ve recently started working out and this article will help me a lot.
    After reading this article, I would definitely avoid doing these bodybuilding mistakes.

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