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Best Time To Workout: It Is There Or Just A Myth?




Aside from workout routine and diet, training time is a factor that seems to worry many people. Morning, afternoon or evening training: which best time to workout can bring you the best results and makes you most effective? Is it really a magic frame of time which reward your efforts in a much complex way, and if it is, how to detect it?

The very fast answer to this question is - No. The more important than the time of the day for training is the training itself. In the crossword of the muscle building process, it occupies almost an invisible place. And as long as you get it done things will go in the right direction.

Instead, a more detailed answer tells you that the time of the day when you exercise influence the way you are building muscle mass. A proper manipulation of this may lead to better gains and more satisfaction for you.

How to Detect what is the Specific Time for Working Out?

HPTA and Endogenous Testosterone Production Side Effects

Along with some biological facts, there are some technical aspects that directly influence what we are calling the best time to workout. From the biological point of view, we all are guided by rhythms which are changed but such factors as sleep cycles, energy level, body temperature.

It was proved in a research made by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research that such variable as circadian rhythm doesn’t affect your best time to workout in a high degree. Circadian rhythm is a biological clock that works on external stimuli like a light. Due to the invention of electric light, it becomes easier to manipulate, so that morning and evening are not already natural signs that trigger it.

A more important role as the body temperature. A warmed body is able to perform exercise better, with a lower risk of injury. Well, the same research revealed that the core temperature is lower in the morning than in the evening. This means that people who use to train in the evening benefits more than those who use to train early in the morning.

Another interesting fact was established by this research and refer to competitive athletes. If you training for competition, then the best time of training is the one that corresponds to the time the competition will be held. Being a morning athlete can decrease your chance if you are going to compete in the evening.

Technical Factors that Sway your Best Time to Workout



The best time for training is .... when you have it. In vain talk about biological facts, when you simply are too busy to get your exercises in the evening or morning. So, try to fulfill your daily window with a workout, and no matter at what o'clock it is. It can even differ from one day to another, the great part being that you are consistent.

This is the number one answer for all people around. A full schedule should not be an excuse and if you manage to fill it with at least two times a week training then you already did the best you can.

The Gym


Do you like when you have to wait for minutes to take a place in a gym machine? Well, nobody like it, but it really happens. In every gym, there is a time when it gets overcrowded and this is really annoying. A crowded gym may cause you to spend more time to finish your workout and may reduce its effectiveness.

So, you can choose the best time to workout carefully, taking in consideration this aspect too. And so, the best time for training is delayed or urgent by the way you like to train in the gym.

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A Coach

A Coach

Do you use to train with a coach or have a preferred person that you like to assist you? It is a quite serious factor to consider when deciding on the best time for training for you. To return to our question, then there really is the best time to train. You decide which it is for you, taking into consideration the above mentioned biological and technical factors.

And if there is a myth then it is about fasted workouts! Training on empty stomach is not proved to bring noticeable benefits. As long as you feel working out this way than it could be good for you. The truth is that our body is very smart and adapt to the environment you create. Just get involved in a training routine. Very soon you will observe that it becomes your best time for exercising.

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