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Top 6 Tips To Increase Your Workout Return




The speed you are packing on muscle mass depends not only on the amount of time you spend on the gym, but also on how effective you are within it. There are many individuals who claim to train for hours, but the results are quite unsatisfied. All this happens because the time factor is overestimated, while productivity aspect if less neglected.

Just coming in the gym and getting some exercise done will not help you to achieve the wanted results. You need to focus on how to increase your workout efficiency and get the most from those 45 minutes of training. By increasing your workout output you not only gain some extra time, but melt away fat faster and improve the overall workout randament.

The big attention you pay on what you eat and what exercises you perform, same attention have to be paid to moments able to make your workout a piece of success every time. Whether you did already some research on this topic or know nothing about it, the further top rules gonna help you be efficient in your workout.

Make a plan
When you come in the gym is quite easy to make a difference between a newbie and an experienced athlete. Old trainee do a workout plan a week before getting in the gym and have carefully outlined all the things to follow there. Contrary to this, a new trainee comes in the gym totally unprepared and the question what workout plan to follow may arise only by the moment of stepping in the gym.

It is much easier to concentrate yourself when you know exactly what you have to do. Minute after minute you go through the established exercises and in the end of those 45 minutes of training you feel like you did the best of yourself. Digressing from your exercise schedule or wasting your time on unscheduled breaks more often occurs when you train aleatory, paying to less attention on the quality of what you do.

Use opposite movements
This is a very effective method to increase the return of your workout. It looks pretty simple: alternate exercises that call on another group of muscles then the on your already work on. Barbell bench presses are one of the main exercises included in every workout. You do flat barbell bench press, than incline, decline and end up the sequence of exercise with dumbbell presses.The idea is to change this order by infiltrating between them a set of rows, for example.
It is a practice that perfectly fit exercises performed with a high number of reps. They makes you heart beat faster but on the long run you will notice that you manage to finish your workout faster and with better results.

Not suitable for heavy exercises as taking a sufficient break before stepping to next one exercise is mandatory. But just you finished with this part of your training and go to assistance exercise you can surely make use opposite technique.

Choose exercise that benefit you
Please note that it is not said the exercise you like, but the one who brings to you maximum results. You may be tempted to follow an exercise program that someone described to you as being the most successful. Don’t do it. Every workout have to be strictly individualised to your needs and abilities. Call the opinion of a coach in this matter and let him write down your workout plan.

As you gain experience you should be able to select the exercise that work best for you. Is not about feeling comfortable when performing them, but have the great conviction that they serves at the highest level. Still workouts have to be enjoyable, it doesn’t mean that you have to be lazy. Give the most of you during every workout and the muscles will grow far easy than you expected.

Have a bottle of water next to you all the time
Going to another side of gym to drink water may not only divert you, but also take far more time than you predicted. Also, by walking around the room you may get involve in some conversation and then your all your workout is messed up. Take care of this aspect and make sure they are always around you. The less things distracted you, the more efficient you are.

Do the buddy system
The numerous research have shown that individuals coming in the gym with a friend or a partner are going to push harder and feel more excited about exercising. Competition is good and it always arise when you work in group. You tend to be the first and definitely this will cause more gains than you will experience training alone.

Of course this is not available for everybody. Some people feel great by training alone. It is all about finding what makes you more productive and use it for reaching your daily goals.

Quality, not only quantity
By being short in time, doesn’t mean that you may make a compromise on quality. When you are pressed by time, you may not pay the same attention to proper technique of execution. This is one of the worst thing that have never happens to you. Wrong executed movements not only put you at risk to get injured, but they are almost inefficient. Muscles are not worked, so no breakdowns and in result no muscle gains.

Set an achievable number of sets and reps for each exercises with quality factor in mind. Your goal is not to as many exercises as possible, but to do such number that benefits you the most from all point of view.

If you lift weights and spend a decent amount in the gym but the results are not visible yet, is time to weigh you training efficiency. Use the above consideration for maximizing your results and get your body to a next level.


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