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Drink More Water If You Want To Lose Weight And Build Muscle Fast



Drink More Water If You Want To Lose Weight And Build Muscle Fast

           As you know water is the source of life and our body is constituted 75% of water. All metabolic processes, including protein synthesis, requires water. The easiest and meantime most important thing you can do for your body is to drink plenty of water during the workout. Do you think that soda or coffee beverages can replace water? No, they can’t.

         Be aware of the fact that these drinks are not liquids, as using caffeine or soda increase fluid loss through the formation and excretion of urine. At the same time, the body starts storing water. In ordinary life, a person should drink 6-8 glasses of water a day.

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          In the case of people practicing sport the amount of water intake have to be doubled at least. Of course, it depends on the intensity of exercising.

Water Eliminates Toxins:

Water Eliminates Toxins

         Water helps clean the body of toxins and is especially useful if you are on a diet rich in protein. It helps to remove excess of nitrogen, toxic substances. If you want to gain weight while eating large amounts of food, then the water will help to assimilate all the products in the body.

         Bodybuilders like no one else need to maintain their body well hydrated as in case of less water intake body takes water from other organs, and this can damage your health. Besides this water improves digestion, which is pretty good, when using more than 4,000 calories a day. Water is absolutely necessary for those who love salty foods. The more salt you eat, the more your body tries to hold water to reduce the concentration. So either you eat less salt or increase intake of water.

More Water If You Take Supplements

More Water if you Take Supplements

           If you are taking supplements such as creatine, then be aware they retain water in the body, especially in muscle cells, resulting in increased protein synthesis required for their growth. To make this process work as it should, always keep a high level of hydration in your body.

            In addition, if you training intensely and take water-soluble mega-vitamins, you need to drink plenty of water too.

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Best Water To Drink:

Best Water to Drink

           Another question that appears usually to bodybuilders when it comes to water intake is about the best type of water recommended for them.  Raw, boiled or distilled water is best for bodybuilders? You have to know that boiled and distilled water is very different in their structure. Boiled water is quite easy to obtain, while distilled water is obtained by the distillation of raw water in a special device.

            Distilled water in the process of getting it is fully exempted from minerals. Later it was found that taking large doses of distilled water leads to a malfunction of the kidneys, and cause problems in the cardiovascular and excretory systems.

           Distilled water due to low salinity has no taste and most importantly has a very adverse effect on fluid and electrolyte balance. If we are talking about the use of distilled water in bodybuilding. After that the violation of the water-salt metabolism can lead to seizures, disruption of the heart, as well as the accumulation of such "water" under the skin.

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         Boiled water is not an alternative. Things are even worse here. The main point is that this water molecule is different from the normal water molecules by its huge size, and thus water can’t penetrate into the cell, as result,t it goes under the skin, and visibly weakening the visibility of muscle relief.

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          Now you know which water is bad or less helpful for our bodies. But which kind of water is full of minerals and necessary for good health? Mineral water -natural spring water or artesian- is the best water to drink. It has the best combination of trace elements and is perfectly absorbed by the body of those engaged in bodybuilding or anything else.

Here are some important tips that every bodybuilder should pay attention to:

  • Never consume tap water.
  • Drink water at every 15-20 minutes.
  • Drink water 1-2 hours before the workout.
  • Try to drink warm water.
  • Pour in water some lemon juice. It greatly helps to burn fat and improves metabolism. Make a routine to drinks such a mix every morning after you wake up, with at least 30 minutes before the breakfast.

        Hydration is crucial for bodybuilding. If you want to give the most in the gym and stay healthy you need to carry a close eye on your water intake. The more water you drink, the higher performance will be achieved.


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