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Why Bodybuilders Should Do High-Intensity Interval Training




             We mentioned High-Intensity Interval Training several times in our posts, like How to train when you have not too much time for this & Increase your workout effectiveness with these tips. But we must not stop paying attention to detail regarding HIIT. Not because it is not so important, but maybe because we thought it is already a primarily known subject.

             For those who already know what HIIT is about, take the chance to discover some new facts about it. But if you have summary knowledge about HIIT, then you are in the right place to fulfill this gap with the correct information. What is HIIT, why do you need and how to do it- find answers by reading this post.

What is High-Intensity Interval Training?

What is HIIT?

            High-Intensity Interval Training is a cardio workout characterized by speedy exercise intervals alternating with slow or moderate exercise intervals. You give the maximum effort during the short part of the physical activity, not less than 90%. You can execute the second part at a lower rate, with at least 60% of your maximum effort.

How to understand what maximum and minimum effort are?

          It is equal to heart rates. The maximum heart rate will be 220 minus your age. Let’s assume you are a young man, 23 years old. So, the max heart rate is 220 - 23 years= 197 bpm. Therefore, 90% of your maximum heart rate will be 177 bpm, while 60% will be 118 bpm.

Five benefits HIIT has on your body.

As a natural bodybuilder, HIIT is tremendously essential for you. Those who use anabolics may not find HIIT indispensable, but it still can bring great results when properly applied.

           HIIT helps to avoid catabolism. HIIT length is no longer than 20 minutes. Due to this body doesn’t enter the catabolic where muscles disappear. All bodybuilders know that after 45-60 minutes of training body begins to break down muscle tissue into smaller units to release energy.

          The worst frame of time that everybody who wants to build muscle has to avoid. Using the HIIT method, you are risk-free to get your strength destroyed. You get the best you can out of your workout in those 20 minutes of alternated cardio activities with no harmful effects on your muscles.

HIIT increases Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

         Muscle grows due to HGH. It has powerful anabolic features after you turn into IGF-1. The higher the HGH level in the body, the faster you pack on muscle mass. Getting it increased naturally is a big deal; many bodybuilders resort to synthetic HGH.

          HIIT helps to burn fat. HIIT can burn much more fat than moderate or low cardio training. The same is not available when it comes to regular cardio training. What matters here is what traditional cardio and HIIT training have on metabolism. In the case of the first one, its consequences end once you are off the machine.

          You burn fat as long as you train. Once you finish, the burning effects disappear. By doing HIIT, your metabolism will be active several hours after the physical activity ends, using fat for energy and elevating your HGH level. So, you lose fat while training and during the next few hours when you will be out of the gym and enjoying your activities.

HIIT Helps to Oxygenate Better The Body:

HIIT Helps to Oxygenate Better the Body

           Have you heard about VO2max? It is directly responsible for the way your body has oxygen. Should I say that the more oxygen body has, the higher capacity to work out more complex, or do you already know the importance of oxygen when exercising?

HIIT Elevates Lactic Acid Limit:

HIIT Elevates lactic Acid Limit

            Any training you do, the lactic acid accumulates in the body and gets you that ugly soreness you feel after. HIIT is not an exception, but it somewhat manages to manipulate the lactic acid levels in a good way. It raises it to class so you can train harder without pain when the workout ends.

High-Intensity Interval Training is Short:

          Twenty minutes of HIIT is enough to speed up your metabolism, increase your HGH level and cause a robust fat-burning process. If you are short on time, then it’s perfect for you. You can do it in the morning or after 30-45 minutes of weightlifting training. The main advantage is that you will never risk getting too deep into the catabolic stage and risk getting your muscle damaged.

How to Perform HIIT?

How to Perform High Intensity Interval Training

             You can perform HIIT on machines or sprint in the street. Whatever you choose, follow the rule of 1:1 or 1:2. 20, 30 seconds of physical activity of 90 % of your maximum. The other part of 60% of your max with a length no longer than 30 seconds.

             All bodybuilders should make use of HIIT with confidence. But if you have a health condition is better to advise your doctor before running into it. Take it slowly and increase the time gradually. The same is available if you are back after a break.


             Want a more enjoyable and fast way to lose fat while keeping the muscle mass you already have? Do you want to get your HGH level pretty high and get your metabolism active several hours after leaving the gym? If you know the benefits of HIIT - continue doing it! If not, give it a try and discover that gym work can be fun and productive!


Building muscle mass is what I like to talk about. If your aim is to build a solid body, then my posts would be very beneficial to you. I always want to know your opinion, so don't hesitate to drop a line below or contact me.

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