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How Bobby Cut His Body Fat in HALF in Just 90 Days




           How was Bobby able to cut his body fats half in just ninety days? That’s supposedly an impossible goal to achieve. Bobby Samuel was actually a graduate of 90-day transformation coaching service. This has really helped him lose twenty-seven pounds. In addition to that, he made it his goal to get abs through the coaching service. The best thing about the coaching service is that it allowed him to fix his body and add 130 pounds to his lifts.

      Even before meeting Mathews (the person who introduced the coaching service to him), he had already been working out for almost a decade. He also even tried everything from bodybuilding magazine, running.

        Crossfit, and personal trainers. It was only then that this magic formula had been introduced to him and successfully managed his goal of losing weight.

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Read And Liked The Food Mentioned In The Cookbook Entitled “The Shredded Chef” The very first thing that helped him succeed in his goal of losing his body weight is in reading the cookbook entitled The Shredded Chef. This presents a lot of foods that he liked the most and that he ate up. He noticed the results and he realized that Mike Matthews may be of help to him.

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Read the Book Entitled “Bigger Leaner Stronger”

        losing-weight  After he read on the cookbook, he also found the book entitled Bigger Leaner Stronger. He hesitated at first because he thought that it won’t work. The information presented in the book was just too simple. But then, he decided to give it a try since there was nothing to lose.

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Tried The Coaching Service Offered By Mike Matthews

Tried the Coaching Service Offered by Mike Matthews        The good thing is that he discovered the coaching service offered by Mike Matthews. He figured that it will help him if he tried it. Also, he gave the best chances for it and for its success. He thought that if it is a scam, he would just have his money refunded.

       The entire team of Mike Matthews had put Bobby in a program that is consisted of exercise and custom diet. This is intended for his goals. The impressive thing is that it succeeded and it exceeded his expectations. He completely transformed into a new version of Bobby. He changed his physique composition and he built his body perfectly.

Bobby Sharing His Big Lessons In Life

           In the interview conducted with him by the staff of Mike Matthews, Bobby shared his big lessons in life. He shared something about how he cut his body fat in half in just 90 days. He also did make an effort as a dad of 2 kids. Also, he was always on the road traveling every week. He was in the middle of his transformation. He made a good impression on people who lost their hopes of losing weight.

Watch The Interview With Bobby

         It will be necessary to watch the interview with Bobby. It highlights the efforts he made on how to change his body with the program. In addition to that, you will learn the answers to several questions that are as follows:

    • What had got him into fitness?
    • How did the program help change his body?
    • What are the obstacles that he did overcome?
    • How did he make it possible for the program to work while traveling for work?
    • How did he manage to eat at restaurants while traveling?
    • What is his goal for the coming year?

All about Mike Matthews

           Mike Matthews is famed as the creator of the Legion Athletics and Muscle for Life. He believed in one thing that everybody can achieve the perfect body. The best thing about him is that he is willing to provide awesome fitness tips and science-based tips. In addition to that, there are motivational musings, diet-friendly recipes and a whole lot more than he is willing to share with you.

 Hundreds To Thousands Of People Have Been Trusting Following His Books

             If you want to become Bob, follow his books that have become a step-by-step blueprint of a lot of people. These have been designed to help readers achieve the goal to a lean, strong and muscular body. He had the bestselling books that also gain recognition from people.

Things To Learn From The Books

       There are a lot of things that you can learn from the books of Mike Matthews that include the following:

  • The Seven Myths and Mistakes of Muscle Building
  • How to Create Meal Plans Allowing People to Lose Fats, Build Muscle and Get Healthy without feeling deprived and starved
  • The Five Biggest Myths and Mistakes on Fat Loss of Women
  • Training System which brings in maximum results
  • And More!

Achieve The Hollywood Body like Bob!

         It is possible to achieve the Hollywood body just like Bob. The good thing is that there is no need to revolve yourself around it. There is no need to spend more tiring hours in the gym. You will not starve yourself and you will not exhibit grueling cardio exercise. This will only turn your stomach upset.

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Get Books Today!

          What else are you waiting for? Get all the books created by Mike Matthews. There are lots of them to choose from that will help you build your body that you can truly be amazed and proud of! Tell your friends also of what these books can help them achieve in just a few months!


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