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What Happens When You Stop Working Out




There is one very popular myth about weight gaining after ending exercising. If you are a bodybuilder then you have heard it for sure, and, what is more interesting, it is usually said by those who do not exercises at all. They warn you that you risk to gain weight once you cease training, since muscles turn into fat. This is not true, and never believe those who say, whatever they pretend to be. About this myth and others consecvenses of training breaking we will talk in this article.

If you are an active person, who use to train for two or three times a week than you have been probably advised to never interrupt your workout routine since you will get fat few times later after this. There are people who are very reluctant to addict to a more serious  exercise program namely for this reason-to gain more weight than they have before. You have to know what changes occur in your body when you switch to another regimen. Only this way you be able to minimize unwanted effects, get control on your body and keep it in the best form.

You have to know that muscles never turn into fat. This is impossible since muscular tissue and fat tissue are absolutely different, with different composition and different task. The misconception is based on visual changes that happens in a athlete who stop training for a while. They lose a percentage of lean muscle mass and gain body fat. This is because even they are not working out longer, they continue to eat as they do before. Body do not burn already the same amount of calorie as before, and they just turn into fat deposits. Also, metabolism is slower down, favoring fat storage.

That’s why is properly to talk about gaining fat as results of many factors, but not because muscles turn in fat. Being aware of the importance of diet after breaking your training you will have to adopt it to your needs to keep the body weight under control. Here is the most important causes of gaining weight after you top exercising:

-You belong to endomorph body type. This category of man have a natural tendency to gain weight, which was kept under control due to physical activities and active life.  Once you stop act this way, your body return to your natural stage, storing fat. This means that through exercising you hold your body in a good form. This is what you have to do to stay fit all the time.

-You eat too much. When you workout, your appetite increase as well. If you used to eat a bit more for adding muscle mass, than you are probably accustomed to big meals frequently thought the days. The things when you are off training, and you have to adopt your calorie intake to your actual needs. Especially, if you are reduced dramatically the amount exercising you used to do. If you do to less motion, but follow a rich diet then inevitably you will gain extra weight quickly. So, eat less if you want to keep shape.

-Aging. The older you are, the slower is metabolism and you begin to gain weight. Thereby, if you are not young already and complain about gaining weight after ceasing your exercises program then this is because of age. Having a nice physique should not be a goal only when we are young, but one we older we should stick to this idea too.

What other body indicators are affected when taking a layoff

Regardless of causes for staying out of the gym, the truth is that your body characteristics will suffer changes too. Strength losses are not visible, and this will not affect you too much. But when next time come in the gym and will try the weights you used to work, then probably you feel disappointed.  Instead, the decline of body endurance will be observed after a few time of being off. It becomes quite uncommon for you to take a pause when running up the stairs, since you did all the time with no problem. But this is a common sign that you body stamina goes lower than before.

A low body endurance means also an decrease in blood volume, making the heart to pump less blood with each stroke. However,  this can not be associated with any cardiovascular dysfunctionalities.

The worst thing is when you are out of the gym because of serious injuries that require to stay on bed. It was proved that bed rest for long time has are more harmful than good for anyone. There may occur cardiovascular problems, loss of muscle and bone mass, loss of strength and oxygen consumption.

How to reduce weight gaining during detraining

First of all reduce the food intake. Calculate your actual calorie intake according to your situation and forget about big portions you used to eat. This is the first point every bodybuilder should stop on when are not working out for a prolonged time. The more muscle mass you have and the higher was the intensity of your workouts the less you will have to eat. This is because you body is accustomed to get big loads and use more nutrients for this, and if you stop it just turn it in fat.

Slow walking or fidgeting are things that people who are injured can do to try to keep body active. Walking from one point to another is not as difficult, and despite it may seem to less compare to what you used to do, it has good effect on your body. Any other minor physical effort has benefits for your body, even if you do not observe them.

As you see, gaining weight when stop training is the main risk that occur in almost all cases. Especially if you tend to gain fat, eat as much as you did before this and do not any minor physique effort. Keep in mind that muscles never turn in fat when you stop training. This is not possible, since they are different tissues and different composition. The appearance of getting fat is caused by a slow decrease of lean muscle mass and gaining of weight.

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