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Bodybuilding Diet Myths for Beginners






            In the 90's it was fashionable in certain circles to claim that whole grains are healthy and enhance body composition. Which is indeed at least partially true. Bodybuilding Diet Myths are very popular. Owing to their high micronutrient and fiber content and their low glycemic index on average. A modern food movement claims that grains are in fact responsible in large part for the obesity epidemic.

             In reality, inactivity (due to industrial mechanization) and overeating (due to the falling price of an ever-growing variety of foods designed to be as delicious as the consumer demands) that actually blame for the obesity epidemic, and grains have no magical role in making people fatter. This has been confirmed in numerous investigations and is quite evident simply from the observation of vegetarians (who eat lots of grains but are some of the smallest and leanest people around).


Gluten (a protein most notably found in wheat) has received some blame as of late as an agent of body composition destruction. However, gluten only negatively affects those with allergies and sensitivities to it. Which is a fraction of the population that very charitably makes up less than 5% of all people in the United States?

         Included in this group are those with Celiac Disease. Can cause symptoms including seizures, skin rash, vomiting, and extreme fatigue. Those with this condition are absolutely in great need of reducing gluten intake. Those without Celiac Disease but with possible sensitivities or allergies to gluten may actually have trouble digesting gluten, which may cause bloating and GI distress.

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          This effect actually doesn't allow some of the calories of gluten to be absorbed. If anything can lead to less body fat accumulation, not more as is often claimed. As long as calories and macronutrient amounts are set properly, grains (especially whole grains) are an absolutely fine ingredient in a diet designed to enhance body composition.


      The resistance to consuming genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is perhaps the most straightforward presentation of the naturalistic fallacy imaginable. All sorts of problems propose with GM foods. And of course, a propensity to add body fat and strip away lean mass has been mentioned.

This particular fallacy is interesting, as those in vehement support of it seem to be of the opinion that plants and animals, in no way looking out for human health, safety, or performance, can be expected tolerance all of those just by the sheer semi-directed processes of evolution.

While conversely, scientists working for years on altering a plant or animal in such a way as to make it safe. Effective for human consumption, motivated by wealth, fame, and career security (and on the other end by lack of wealth, mass demonetization, and possible legal action), while using all the best modern tools of science including formal logic itself, are likely to design poisons and foods that otherwise interfere with beneficial body functions.

But philosophy aside, direct testing over decades has revealed that GM foods are safe for human use. In fact, in no way interfere with the quest for optimal body composition.

Anti-Hormone/ Antibiotic

Conventionally farmed cattle often receive doses of anabolic steroids and growth hormones in order that they produce leaner meat and more of it. Those interested in eating for body composition have at times been reluctant to consume beef that had been conventionally farmed for this reason. There are two Bodybuilding Diet Myths that make this view unlikely to be justified.

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1.) Hormones are not orally bioavailable if not specially modified for oral consumption. All of the hormones present in cow meat digest in the GI tract and liver. Like any other proteins and fats and are not detectable in human blood after consumption. Certainly not in any medically relevant amounts.

2.) If by some miracle these hormones did pass the human gut and enter the bloodstream. They would ENHANCE body composition, not detract from it. The same hormones that make the cow leaner and more muscular do the same thing in humans. It is why elite strength athletes inject the very same hormones on a regular basis.

But... They inject them... Drinking vials of growth hormone and trenbolone would be one of the most simple and effective ways to waste money ever devised, short of burning it.


Some fear that the presence of these medicines in their consumed meat products will result in deleterious effects. The evidence is quite to the contrary, as no negative effects have been established. Antibiotics degrade over time, and in addition, they found in absurdly tiny amounts in the meat itself. With no demonstrated consequence to the meat-eater so far, and certainly not in regards to body composition and Bodybuilding Diet Myths.

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