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How To Build Muscle Mass For Hardgainers



How To Build Muscle Mass For Hardgainers

Some people work hard to add some pounds and fail. They eat a lot but still do not gain weight. The main reason is that they have too much cortisol, a substance that causes tissue decomposition. Fast metabolism uses energy and does not let the body gain muscle mass or fat. Hard gainers are people with whom nature was not very generous, and they have to do things differently to pack some pounds.

Nutrition For Hard Gainers:

Nutrition for Hard Gainers

In the case of hard gainers, the critical factor in building muscle mass is nutrition. Hardgainers have thin bodies, and to gain weight, they must focus on what they eat and frequency. You need to help the body deal with the catabolic process(muscle tissue disintegration) and start the anabolic one( building muscle mass). Hard gainers must eat every two or three hours throughout the day, having a bite between these meals.

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Your body needs energy and material to build muscle mass. Thereby, power has to be ensured by enough intake of carbs, while fats are necessary for gaining weight. You have to eat all the time and never feel hungry. Even when you are not hungry, you have to eat if you want to gain weight.

After carbs intake, ensure you eat some rich fat food like cream. Follow this food routine only when your goal is to add pounds; after this, you will have to forget about it. Protein is what you need as a building material for muscle mass. Please take it in specific amounts since the body cannot assimilate extra protein.

The system wastes additional energy to process and eliminates extra proteins; you must keep it for other goals. Milk, meat, fish, cottage cheese, eggs, and nuts are excellent protein sources. You have to eat at least 2 gr of protein for each pound you weigh, so adding some protein supplements to your diet is a good decision.

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Fruits and vegetables are a must in a hard gainers diet since they help avoid issues with the function of the gastrointestinal tract and ensure better processing of other ingested food. Fruits are great to eat between meals and avoid fresh fruits. You can consider taking some vitamins right after eating to enhance your body's ability to gain weight.

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Being very well-hydrated is what you need to observe. Drink a minimum of 2 litres of water per day and avoid salt as much as possible. It only makes your system retain moisture and puts more load on the heart. To increase muscle mass, you must be very careful with post-workout nutrition.

Taking a protein shake and carbs bars right after training is highly recommended. But do not limit this; one hour later, take an ordinary meal rich in protein and carbs too. Never miss this rule, since only this way does you get your muscle growing.

Training Routine:

Training Routine

If you are a hard gainer, you must visit the gym twice or three times per week. Focus on basic exercises, which involve in work all significant muscle groups. Activities for a maximum of an hour, gradually increasing intensity. During the first month, learn the proper technique of exercise execution, letting your body get accustomed to the new routine.

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Do ten reps for each set, and if possible, have the trainer assist you in ensuring you do them correctly. Do not wait for muscle gains during the first month; this will happen beginning with the second. It is when you will slowly increase the weight you work with every week and train until you get exhausted.

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Change the workout program once in four weeks, do not let your body reach plateaus. Avoid long cardio training, as you need to save energy for loads of workouts. Instead, you can do some cardio exercises to warm up. With such a training routine, eating a lot, and resting enough, you have to gain muscle mass within weeks.

If the results are not visible, you must revise your diet and eat more. Six months are enough to see noticeable gains in muscle growth, up to 30 pounds. You can stop on this or go further for more significant improvements. In the case of the second option, you will have to modify your workout routine and diet.

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Best Muscle Mass Supplements For Hardgainers:

Best Supplements for Hardgainers:

Supplementing your body with more nutrients is what a hard gainer needs more than other body types. Gainer, protein, and creatine are what you need for your muscle-building purpose as a hard gainer.

Protein is composed of concentrated protein. It stimulates the protein synthesis process and is for building muscle mass. Use it moderately since taking it in high doses doesn't lead to significant gains. The protein surplus will be just eliminated from the system with no benefit for you. You lose your money.

Gainers. Choose a quality gainer that not contains not only whey protein but also reasonable amounts of carbs, fats, and calories. Each gainer for packing on mass must include these three components to help you quickly restore energy and promote muscle growth. Gainers must be administered twice a day before and after the workout.

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Creatine is necessary for increasing body endurance and strength and, as a result, muscle growth. It is because the more you train, the bigger you become. Creatine also helps to get through plateaus. Hence it is excellent for use when you seem that no gains come.

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Multivitamins. Since a hard gainer diet is full of carbs, protein, and fats, he has not always had the time and possibility to eat fruits for vitamins. Also, as an athlete, your body has more enormous needs than ordinary people. Thus, adding a set of multivitamins while working on building muscle is an intelligent decision.

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Essential fatty acids have to be taken for making muscle growth. They are found in unsaturated fats and increase testosterone levels, consequently leading to muscle gains. Despite hard gainers being disadvantaged by nature, they still can build impressive muscle mass within several months.


Proper diet, workout planning, and supplementation are what a hard gainer should stop attention on. The diet has to be rich in carbs, fats, and protein. Use load periodisation training for increasing muscle mass, allowing yourself the first month to learn the proper technique of execution.

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Working out three times a week for one hour, with no cardio training, is what you are recommended to follow. Hardgainers need more than others to supplement their body with different stacks to help the body build muscle faster.

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