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4 Best Multivitamins for Athletes



4 Best Multivitamins for Athletes

To supply the body with the continuous and proper amount of vitamins and minerals with the enhanced intensity of the workouts is not an easy task. Bodybuilders and athletes may do this with the help of multivitamins. These multivitamins add to the protein synthesis, provide protection against the free radicals, and boost up the energy levels.

Facts About the Multivitamins :

Multivitamins are indeed ideal for everyone. It is because they take care of a plethora of deficiencies that are not fulfilled by the food. When adult athletes or bodybuilders take these multivitamins, they act like Flintstones chewable that almost all of us have taken in our childhood.

The difference between the two is that these multivitamins for athletes are composed of the nutrients at higher concentrations along with the added minerals and vitamins facilitating the body in every possible manner.

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Multivitamins for athletes are not only recommended for the individuals who suffer from minerals and vitamin deficiency. But they are also meant for all those who are willing to develop their muscles. No doubt, a healthy balanced diet already constitutes the required nutrients; but additional benefits are offered by these multivitamins. It makes them be a significant part of the day to day routine of athletes and bodybuilders following a proper muscle building plan.

Supplementing via Vitamins :

Multivitamins are chosen to pick up the loose ends when it comes to certain vitamins and nutrients that the body is not getting. Or maybe the body is not getting enough of these multivitamins from the food. At times, it is actually the case to eat incredible amounts of foods in order to get the recommended dosage on daily basis and this is where vitamins are required. There can be other things where you may not be lacking.

Therefore, if you think that your body is low at something then it is indeed a good idea to get your blood tested in order to know which vitamin is needed and so on, for instance, most of the times we see the deficiency of vitamin D in people. They fail to absorb enough vitamin D from the sun and hence the intake of multivitamins becomes the essential part of their daily food.

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Let us now talk about 4 best multivitamins for the athletes:

1. XPI Vitaripped :

This multivitamin is considered to be a push in order to maintain the peak health of men athletes as well as to strengthen them physically with the growing age. The decrease in the testosterone level may cause the loss of ability to muscle building and proper functioning of body parts. This multivitamin is well aware of all the issues that athletic men come across and hence is a perfect option needed.

It has been designed with the safe and most effective ingredients for the athletes. It facilitates in boosting the testosterone levels. As it has all the nutrients that the body needs, therefore, it will enhance the levels of antioxidants in the body to fight against the free radicals in the body.

With the passage of time, repair, growth, and enhancement of your performance to achieve a higher level of workouts and training on daily basis, the body will demand more nutrients. Vitaripped is the perfect solution for all the men athletes with the 20 essential vitamins and minerals to maintain the health of an active man. Price of this wonderful multivitamin supplement is $39.95.

Features of Vitaripped :         

Salient features of this wonderful multivitamins are as follows:

  • It has 20 vital vitamins and minerals
  • It has the capability to promote the level of testosterone
  • It supports the virility and libido
  • These multivitamins offer the nutrients that are required by the body.

Get XPI Vitaripped at Best Price

2. Opti- Men by Optimum Nutrition :

No doubt men have different nutritional needs as compared to the women and when it is about athletic men then these requirements are higher than the sedentary men. For all those active men looking forward to meeting their needs as an athlete, this multivitamin serves the purpose. It has been designed in a way where it optimizes each and every facet of the manhood.

It is a complete nutrition optimization system that provides 75+ ingredients that are blended particularly to support the needs of nutrients for the men. All of these are high potency minerals and vitamins offered in easy to swallow tablet. These are some of the features that make it the top choice of most of the athlete men looking forward to getting the most out of the multivitamins.

It facilitates muscle growth with the help of indispensable BCAAs. This includes the leucine, which is an amino acid fueling the synthesis of proteins as well as muscle hypertrophy. In addition to this, it also protects the body from damage caused by free radicals and the exercise stress. Other components like kale and garlic powder protect the body against cancer, heart disease, infections, oxidative damage, and muscle breakdown.

Do not just fuel your body, but protect it from all the disintegration and damage it comes across on daily basis. It can be bought by paying $26.99.

Features :

This multivitamin has been designed with/to:

  • 75+ active ingredients
  • 4 explicit blends
  • Meet the nutrients needs and requirements of men.

Get Opti- Men by Optimum Nutrition at Best Price

3. Optimum Nutrition – Opti Women :

Requirements of the women’s body are different as compared to the needs of men. Therefore, they are not supposed to take the same multivitamin. It has been specifically designed to meet the particular needs of women who are always willing to enjoy best of the health and body.

It has been well adorned with more than 40 ingredients. These constituents include minerals, botanical, antioxidants, and gender-specific herbs. It is a high potency supplement that goes beyond the everyday usage of the multivitamin.

To be more specific, this multivitamin offers essential nutrients for the functions of body, improved vitality as a whole with higher energy levels. Its use lowers the risk of cancer, and other chronic diseases like osteoporosis, arthritis, and dementia. It also supplies enough doses of antioxidants which include lycopene.

Opti women are so far the only multivitamin that is gender specific and has been designed to meet the particular needs of women for optimal women healthcare. Price of this multivitamin means for women is $21.99.

Features of Opti Women :

Salient features of this multivitamin include the following:

  • It has more than 40 ingredients
  • Opti women is a high potency supplement
  • It provides women with all the necessary nutrients

Get Optimum Nutrition – Opti Women at Best Price

4. Universal Nutrition Animal Pak :

For athletes and bodybuilders, stacking is one of the significant parts. This multivitamin has been well equipped with several vitamins and nutrients for the people waiting for a kick to boost up their muscle size.

Being an athlete under training and dieting for certain competition, the first thing that usually happens is the beginning of the nutritional gaps. After some time, deficiencies start to grow. Under these circumstances, the body ceases to function properly. It is this point where this multivitamin helps the people.

The Animal Pak includes four complexes. One is amino acid complex adorned with powerhouse aminos responsible to boost up the hormones level particularly the levels of testosterone. Performance complex facilitates in enhancing your training sessions such as Uni-liver. Antioxidant complex prevents the body from harmful and free radicals that cause damage to muscle tissues. Last but not the least is the digestive enzyme complex that provides protection to the digestive system. Animal Pak can be possessed after paying $21.97.

Features of Animal Pak :

This incredible multivitamin has the following salient features:

  • It is an ultimate multivitamin for all those undergoing training packs
  • It facilitates rigorous training
  • It gets the body rid of the micronutrient deficiency
  • One of the most effective multivitamins

Get Universal Nutrition Animal Pak at Best Price


All the multivitamins that have been mentioned above have been designed to ensure positive health benefits for the users. These supplements result in an enhanced feeling of well being along with the enhanced productivity. However, one cannot and should not rely on the multivitamin supplementation all the times.

Also, conditions vary from person to person. It is highly suggested to consult the physician in case of chronic allergies. They will be in a better position to guide you if you should be using the certain multivitamin supplement or not. After all, these supplements are meant to add to your health and not to deteriorate that.

As their name suggests, they are just supplements and they must remain so. Therefore, it is highly suggested to eat healthy food as a source of a larger percentage of the essential nutrients that are there in the food. Keep these supplementation's as a second or last resort in case the food is not giving the proper nutrients or in case the body needs a larger amount of a nutrient. Take good care of you and your loved ones.


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