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How to Get Shredded For Bodybuilding Contest




       Need to look kind of an event or want to become eligible for a contest but don’t know how to do so? Worry not because we have just the right tips for you to Get Shredded for a bodybuilding contest. Before starting on our dream body goal, we often ask ourselves the following question: what is my working out routine will be?

       What is a suitable diet for me? How can I get a fantastic shredded body? How much I need to achieve for a specific contest? When I’m done what my outlook will look like? We have all asked these questions and are in desperate need for answers.

       The answer to these entire questions, in summary, is to work hard and be determined. Working hard can be the key, but it alone is not enough, there is a list of things that you should do to achieve your goals.

5 Monster Tips "How to Get Shredded for Bodybuilding Contest":

1. Track Each and Everything:

Track Each and Everything

       Keep a check on everything that is going in your body, be it food, or be it supplements. You should be in charge of your diet and not the other way around. You should be able to control 100% of your diet. So that you can get to your body goals in the prescribed time.

      Eat only the things that will help you on your journey. Control and cut down your sodium intake, take protein from chicken, whey, tunas, and beef, take carbohydrates from sweet potatoes, oatmeals, vegetables, and brown rice, take good fats from flaxseed oils and fish oils.

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      You need these three nutrients in a diet because; proteins: in a hypocaloric state protein is anabolic, and muscle-sparing and you should increase its intake to almost 40%.

     Carbohydrates: take half carbs before working out and the rest of them after you are done, in this way the carbohydrates will help you in containing your energy throughout the sessions and even after that.

     Fats: Fats are essential for your body to keep it out of the starting zone, it is needed to keep your testosterone level regular and to preserve your muscle mass; also it will help you in losing excess weight.

2. Take Good and Quality Supplements:

Best Supplements for Hardgainers:

        Before any competition or any event; you need to change your supplements a bit from the ones you usually use, but it won’t be that considerable change.  You need an excellent fat burner supplement for quick results. Also, you can choose from MAN Scorch, Ephedrine caffeine stack, Nutrex Lipo 6 or San Tight (all of these are to be used before working out).

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         There are 2 things that you can include in your after work out diet: Sesathin and Green Tea. These 2 things are suitable for your metabolism.

       Sesathin will remove the extra calories without harming your muscles but you should discontinue its use after some time, and Green Tea is good for burning fat and your immunity system, as it is natural you don’t have to stop using it unless you want to.

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3. Make Training Your Priority:

What Kind of Workout can Give us such Results?

        To get in your shape, you need to focus entirely on your training. But your needs to be throttle lifting with high gear and low intensity, why? Because you need to play safe as your competition is just around the corner and you don’t want to be injured with a wrong body in that.

         Add the following things in your sessions: a high repetition drop set in your workout, stomach vacuum at the end of every set and posing between sets.

         Do not over-exercise and keep at least 2 days of the week in which you exercise less than the other days. Because your body needs rest time as well, but don’t leave the exercise altogether because at this point you don’t have time to experiment and may lead you to a disturbing schedule.

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4. Focus on Winning:

Focus on Winning:

        It can be tough to focus on the prize of your competition, which is so near. You have to put all the other things on pause to achieve a lead in your contest.

         You will have to face all this hard time for making your name in the end, people will cheer for you and girls will drool over your muscles, and you will feel like a star but if you want all this, and it is essential for you then you will need to sacrifice a little at present and focus on your diet and your exercises. Prepare yourself in every way you can, and you will get the reward for your hard work.

5. Prepare Yourself Inside Out:

For prepping yourself ultimately, you need to:

  • Don’t go hardcore on cardio your excitement for the contest is understandable, but being harsh on cardio will lead you to lose muscle rather than achieving them.
  • Always stay anabolic, never skip a meal and never let yourself feel starved, I repeat NEVER it happens because your deficit of caloric is low or you are working more than you are eating.
  • Never compromise on your sleep because sleep is a time when your body is healing the small injuries that happened during your workouts; sleep will keep you healthy and help you in building mass and fat burning.
  • Try to be tan; tanning will give your muscular and attractive body good looks for the competition. You can use tanning products like pro tan or dream tan, which are somewhat accepted products worldwide.
  • Keep your workouts interesting so that you keep focused on the goal and not lose all the interest in it. Play music or some video while your sessions to be engaging.
  • Practice in front of or with someone whom you know will appreciate your efforts. It can be a friend, boyfriend/ girlfriend, mother, father, or anyone whom you want. Their appreciations and critical analysis will make you more focused on your goal and easy for you to achieve.


       If you follow these tips, you are sure to achieve your goal and get shredded easily. After following these, cross your fingers and hope for the best as you win the contest and become the star hero that you dream of becoming.

       Hope you Like our Article on How to Get Shredded for Bodybuilding Contest. If you like this article and the information provided in How to Get Shredded for Bodybuilding Contest? Feel free to hare your thoughts in the comment box below

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