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Are you Repeating These Dieting Mistakes?




The triangle of successful muscle building consists of diet, workouts, and recovery. Each of them has to be treated with maximum attention since there is no muscle growth with enough recovery of rich diet. We struggle to do the best for achieving our goals. Searching for information on the internet and looking for others opinions are common actions for someone who wants to get educated about proper dieting when building muscle. But strain to us erroneous information and in our head raise wrong perceptions about dieting.

These perceptions lead to mistakes in dieting that keep us away from noticeable gains in muscle mass. Identifying the most common dieting mistakes and finding the solutions is what I offer you further in this post. So, keep reading and be step by step closure to a proper diet routine.

-Just cut off fats and you will not gain weight. If a bodybuilder consumes more calories than he or she is burning out through training than obviously, these surplus get into fat. Even eating a few fats you can still add weight. Why? Because our body has an interesting feature to use only as much as it needs. All that is above this limit -carbs, proteins, fats - are simply not assimilated in the body and turn into fat.

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Muscle cells need protein to grow. To do so, many bodybuilders eat immense doses of protein source products in order to fill the body with big amounts of material for growth. The truth is that the body is able to assimilate only 30-40 gr of protein during which meal. So, everything that goes above the accepted threshold is not assimilated and might even damage your health.

-Fats are good. Our body needs it but take it moderately. Fat percentage in the daily calorie intake should be no more than 10%-15%. This way, you do not only stay fit but also keep your heart healthy. There are only a few types of bad fats. Omega 3, 6 are the best fats sources that have to be included in every diet plan.

Fats are the building material for anabolic hormone testosterone. You need them to keep the fat metabolism up. This is the main reason for saying that we need fat to burn fat. Also, good fats help you to have a high immunity system. Their omission from your daily diet put at risk your immune system.

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-Eat carbs to build muscle. Carbs are not directly used for building muscle mass. They the main source of energy. Since for building you need to train intensively, having no energy means no productivity. How much? 4-5 gr of carbs for each body weight is enough for getting energy.

-Protein supplements are only for professional. Even your goal is not to like Swarchenegger, you are not right saying that you do not protein at all. Our body consumes protein not only for muscle building process but also for blood and hormone synthesis. If you feed your body with less than 2 gr of protein for each body weight pounds than it will begin to eat muscle mass. Regardless of training type, always consider adding some protein supplements to your diet.

-Three meals per day are enough for building muscle. Eating big portions have two main drawbacks:

-They are poorly digested. Just a part of ingested food gets enough gastric juice, bile and digestive enzymes to be assimilated. The other goes straight to the intestines causing you increased flatulence and symptoms of food poisoning toxins: lethargy and weakness.

- The amount of food not digested just turn into fat. hence, the bigger are the portion size, the greater chance to increase your wait size with several centimeters of fat.

What to do? Keep these 3 meals per day as basic, eating small sized foods. But, make a rule to eat between them some healthy snacks like fresh fruits or vegetables.

-Chicken meat is the best source of protein. Far to be so, beef tenderloin, sirloin, and back parts are as low fat as chicken breasts but contain more iron and B vitamins than this one. Avoid frying meat. Instead, bake it on the grill or in the oven with lemon juice and herbal seasonings. This way any type of meat can be considered a good source of protein.

-Since I ate too much today, tomorrow I’m gonna starve all day. If it happens to eat much more than you need, it doesn’ means that you have to starve tomorrow. Despite it might seem like burning calories added today, following such a path is not recommended. A low-calorie diet decreases the metabolic rate, hence you get no energy needed for being active and feeling good. Generally, avoid extremes. But if happens, just return to your previous diet.

-If you feel thirsty drink juice. Keep in mind that juice is food, it needs time to digest it. Drink water every time you feel thirsty. Aside from this, juices contain a lot of sugar, increasing the insulin level in the blood, hence you feel hungry. That’s is why after a glass of juice you want to eat something.

Healthy foods, fresh vegetables, and fruits are base of each diet. Avoid bad fats, eat small-sized meals 5-6 times per day, drink a lot of water and get some protein supplements are just main pieces of advice given to everyone who wants to build muscle mass. “You are what you eat” - remember it every time you are tempted with bad foods.


Building muscle mass is what I like to talk about. If your aim is to build a solid body, then my posts would be very beneficial to you. I always want to know your opinion, so don't hesitate to drop a line below or contact me.

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